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Comment Re:Investment strategies of 20 years ago... (Score 1) 66

Many kids that I talk to say they use it because it auto deletes messages so it is safer, for filters, and because everyone else is using it for their age range. But then I tell or show them how easy it is to recovery deleted messages their faces turn to panic out of fear that what was viewed as a privacy app, now is more real for leaks of what they are up to. I think if most of their user based realized how insecure it is compared to other options, they would shift to this, since it seems like this was the first core reason kids/teens started to use SnapChat, because they do not want things to be public like on other social networks.

Comment Re:Can you completely eradicate ChromeOS? (Score 4, Informative) 187

One can wipe ChromeOS and just install certain Linux flavors.... but ChromeOS is for some and is about to get the Play store on many Chromebooks. And, using Crouton to run full blown Linux side by side is very easy to do. Plus there is a built-in self destruct since the CB needs to be in Developer Mode to run Crouton and thus it is easy to powerwash at start up when in that mode since it tells you press the space bar to leave DevMode which will delete everything for a clean install.

Submission + - Julian Assange can't be allowed to hide behind the skirts of WikiLeaks ( 2

Mark Wilson writes: Like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange is an incredibly divisive character. Just as Snowden is viewed by some as a hero for exposing the activities of the NSA, so Assange is viewed as a hero for exposing — amongst other things — the darker side of the US military through WikiLeaks. But both figures are also viewed as villains by those who believe that their whistleblowing has endangered national security.

While Snowden scampered off to Russia to avoid the US legal system, Assange took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. While it's certainly true that he's a man of interest for the US which ultimately seeks to prosecute him over the activities of WikiLeaks, Assange is actually holed up in the UK to escape extradition to Sweden where he faces questioning over allegations of rape. He has continually used the additional prospect of extradition to the US for WikiLeaks-related questioning as an excuse for not facing the music in Sweden. This is just about as wrong as it's possible to be.

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