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Comment Re:You know what that means. (Score 1) 109

What I mean is roughly the third quartet of UV which ionizes some but not all atoms. Nonetheless, it qualifies as what a hypochondriac typically refers to as "dangerous" radiation, even though it's anything but. (Then again, your typical hypochondriac probably thinks all radiation is bad, neverminding that without radiation they'd be unable to see...hell, they'd be unable to exist. That can also be filed under the same category as health food nuts that shun chemicals.)

Comment Re:Oracle employees, show yourself (Score 2) 78

Can you tap the shoulder of somebody in the UX department and tell them to do a better job please? For all of our sakes. Virtually every oracle program I've ever used is extremely annoying to work with, and it has more to do with a crappy UI than anything else (well that and overall slowness with some applications.)

Comment Re:You know what that means. (Score 2) 109

It really depends on the radiation (lower UV range ionizing radiation is less dangerous than being in the sun for a long time,) and the fact that you're moving through it quickly reduces the chance that it will be bad. It just depends a lot of things.

And if an AI is checking you, then you're probably not going to get your dick and ass grabbed by this guy:

Comment Re:will they pay for that? even if there are high (Score 1) 118

Only time I've ever been charged for a text was when it was an international text, which was retarded and I complained and got the fees waived.

As for the crime, I think if I was planning on breaking the law I'd want to create an alibi, and I would leave my cell phone wherever I intend to claim that I was, maybe even plant a burner phone somewhere else, call it, and keep the line active for a set time period while I go and bury Nina on the side of a hill between Redwood Regional Park and the Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve.

Comment Re: Hmm (Score 1) 1007

It's not a nitpick by any stretch of the imagination. The web is just an application that runs on top of the internet. What you're doing is the same as saying that TV and radio are the same thing. TV is the content delivered over the radio waves, much as the web is just an application that runs on top of the internet. GP may as well claim that Philo Farnsworth invented radio and it would be just as educated (and yes, television was originally broadcast over AM in its early mechanical days, with FM coming later with electronic televisions, followed by today's digital modulation being one of 8-VSB, COFDM, or QAM.)

Comment Re:Saw this coming years ago. (Score 1) 202

Without having any internal numbers, I suspect that the TV side of things is killing them. They probably anticipated that they'd get lots of double-play subscribers given existing industry politics, but it quickly turned out that most of those who wanted it were part of the cord cutter generation.

Comment Re: Hmm (Score 3, Informative) 1007

If you're running a current generation Intel CPU, then its silicon was fabricated in either Chandler, Arizona, USA or Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. There are no other semiconductor fabrication plants in the world capable of creating wafers with 10nm lithography.

It would have been designed in Santa Clara, California, USA, which is where Intel's engineers reside.

As for your product code, that tells where it was packaged (and no, I don't mean sticking it in a retail box.) Wherever that CPU is packaged is where it is officially "made" for tax/tariff/embargo considerations, but in reality very little of the production happens in that location.

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