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Comment Re:All Hail Micros... Google (Score 1) 68

I dropped almost everything google, but occasionally scan gnews, after they changed the interface on maps for no reason. For everything that I used google for, ddg works perfect as does firefox. I missed google and chrome initially, but got over it in about a week. I'm sure I'm not a demographic they care about, good luck to them..

Comment Re:...and this is why you're not engineers (Score 1) 235

This. I do real time code and some of the things I've seen done make you want to ask the person who wrote the code if they thought about how it would be used for more than 5 seconds. Do no pre-optimize is not an excuse to be stupid. You do not need to run a sort routine inside an interrupt handler, even if it is only 5 elements.

Comment Re:Wonder why (Score 2) 207

I have a very rural house, nearest neighbor is 1km away. I get most everything from amazon 2 day delivery, grow my own food, off grid utilities except internet have a very nice house, dogs, various farm animals. And if I were really bored, I could blow up a stick of dynamite inside an old tree and nobody would complain. But I have enough space for my own shops (wood, metal, mechanical, art studio), rvs, boats and planes. And it all cost less than three years of salary at minimum wage.

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