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Comment Re:Ageing reporters? (Score 1) 153

available when you were born is boring

Not really. I'm having quite a bit of fun with my 35 year old atari computer. It can't do crap, but the nerd in me is like - wow I never fully understood how most of this worked when I was a kid, but now I do and it is very clever what those people did with what they had.

Comment Re:Thanks. Mr. Obvious (Score 1) 213

I think it goes far beyond that. I worked in human factors engineering for a decade so TMI for a public message board. It is a very well studied field and puts limits on what a human, even a well trained one, can do and how they can be expected to behave in certain situations.

When glass cockpits first came out, flight crews had problems because they were expected to sit there for 6-8 with absolutely nothing to do(*), but be expected to take over in an emergency. And plane emergencies unfold over the course of tens of seconds to minutes. Life and death reaction time in an automobile can be measured in milliseconds.

*Old joke: Why do planes have pilots. To feed the dog
Well why do planes need dogs? To bite the pilot if they touch anything

Comment Re:I am, and should be, liable. Also implied warra (Score 1) 213

It's a question of expectations. No one buys a toy airplane (I've been flying these for 30+ years) with the expectation that someone's life depends upon it (and yes I know they kill about 1 person a year). When you buy a car there is the expectation that it will do what it says it will do and not explode and kill off a small neighborhood.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 213

The National Transportation Safety Board conducted an independent investigation into the accident. In July 2015, the NTSB released a report which cited inadequate design safeguards, poor pilot training, lack of rigorous federal oversight and a potentially anxious co-pilot without recent flight experience as important factors in the 2014 crash. While the co-pilot was faulted for prematurely deploying the ship's feathering mechanism, the ship's designers were also faulted for not creating a fail-safe system that could have guarded against such premature deployment

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