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Comment Re:As a UNIX head and former MS-hater . . . (Score 1) 264

Y'know, Microsoft has never made any bones about their OS being a proprietary system.

Windows made money selling copies. Apple makes money taking a cut of every sale in their walled garden. Google makes money data mining the shit out of everything. The new Microsoft seems to want to be the old Microsoft + Apple + Google. It used to be pick your poison, now it's all of the above. I hope they choke on it.

Comment Re:Monopolistic abuse (Score 1) 399

The scarifice people have to make is not buying Linux. People buy things all the time. The thing is being able to buy it and people will. They buy Android phones just as they buy Apple or any other type of phone. Why? Because itis pre-installed.

The majrity of people still does not buy or install an OS and they never will. They buy a PC with whatever is on it. They might not even know what an OS is.

Just like people buy a car with the radio it comes in. It is not that hard to replace it. The replacement will be better in almost any way. People still can't be bothered.

So why are there no Linux machines for sales and why does it work with Android devices? Money.

On Windows they pre-install several programs. e.g. an anti-virus program. They in turn pay for the price the factory pays for Windows, so no price fifference anymore and perhaps even a loss.

If anything is going to throw Windows from their throne, it will be Android. Not sure if that is for the better to just replace one Monopoly on the OS on another with absolute power ofer all the data.

Comment Re:Netflix v. Cable? How about Netflix v. HBO (Score 2) 172

The fact that it lacks news or sports is not something I would mind. I do not have cable anymore, so I won't pay for any of it. I live in Europe and what I would get would basically be:
Programs in 7 or more languages. Sounds nice, but is basically all the same in different languages.

What I see when I turn on a tv at my parents in Spain, my sister in Germany or with friends anywhere else is:
NCIS in some form. No idea if they are re-runs or just another spin-off. Some people singing and other judging them. No idea if these are reruns or just another spin-of.
The news. No idea if these are ... OK with that I know they are re-runs.

Once at night on German TV they had news from 30 years ago. Amazing how nothing has really changed. The names have, but it was basically identical to what is going on now.

From that moment on, I decided not to watch news anymore. Just not worth my time.

And no, no Netflix. Now KickAssTorrent is gone, I might not even follow most shows anymore. I have not even looked for a replacement. I might even be tempted to get out of my moms cellar.

Comment Re:5.38 hours per day (Score 1) 172

And from what I've seen of college kids now, while they're not watching television per se - they do seem to spend an inordinate amount of time watching stuff like YouTube and swapping SnapChat videos (they don't seem to actually chat much on SnapChat, which seems weird but them I'm old). It wouldn't surprise me if the total amount of time they spend on new media rivals what their parents and grandparents spend in front of the boob tube.

Meet the new boob tube, same as the old boob tube. Except more boobs.

Comment Re:One unsaid goal is to ease confiscation (Score 1) 128

It is higly regulated, because they can. Transfering money takes 2 working days when you transfer from or to a business account, because 9/11. Just before that date, they already had the direct payment between people in place. The US cried wolf and obviously the banks are not complaining.

Getting a credit gets harder. Not because people earl less, but because there are more rules. And why? Because it is possible. No other reason. Well, the reason is mostly money laundering and yes there will obviously be more money maundering, because they catch more people, because they get better at it.

More drugs? Not in Europe.

That said, it is extremely easy to move money from one account to another. I do it all the time. Just when it is more than 10.000EUR you will have to do it twice or take some extra time, because that is the tresh hold for the bank to start a separate investigation. They do not like to do that, so they just do not allow it by standard, but will when you ask them.

The restrictiveness in the banking workd I seer (in Belgium) is mostly to protect the individual from taking so much credit he can't pay anymore, so to protect them from themselves or an extention from what already existed. e.g. the definition of what is illegal. e.g. legal money for illegal activities is now illegal. That did not used to be the case.

Comment Re: Er (Score 4, Insightful) 566

No. We honestly need to expect a certain level of competency from ENGINEERS. People are allowed to be stupid.

People can be as stupid or drunk or tired or half-blind as they like, LICENSED DRIVERS who operate two tons of metal travelling at 70+ mph need to take some damn responsibility for that. Thankfully he only won a Darwin award but if he'd killed somebody I'd call that a clear case of vehicular manslaughter which can land you in prison for a very long time. Drivers that can't do their part should hand in their license and wait for the real self-driving cars.

Comment Re:You made the bed. Now sleep in it. (Score 2) 349

I don't wonder. I see it as one of the human brain's greatest weaknesses. More and more research shows that once people pick a side, they are highly likely to dig in and contrary evidence actually reinforces their incorrect position. Perhaps this served some evolutionary purpose (you only need to learn fire is hot once)

Probably more local diversity so we don't get wiped out by spurious reasoning, mono-culture or get stuck on some local maximum. Instead of risking the whole tribe jumping on what they think is a good thing we'll divide into camps with the old ways and the new ways like a primitive scientific experiment. Today we don't have that strong evolutionary pressure but back when people would starve and freeze and die from all sorts of injuries and diseases I imagine this could be rather important in a shifting environment with droughts and floods and heat waves and cold waves and packs of animals coming and going could change the optimal choice quite often. Perhaps we had an evolutionary need to have people stick with what's worked in the past even if it doesn't seem to be working right now.

The other part might be that we're used to people having an agenda. The more persistent people are to convince you something is true, the more skeptical we get. There might be a value to having made up your own opinion rather than to take someone else's, even if it's wrong. That one seems even more relevant today, since more and more of what we do is make ourselves familiar with second hand knowledge, things others have found out and put to paper. There's so many tons of it you just have to accept you barely have time to get a tiny glimpse of our collective knowledge. And let's face it, a lot of that has been fantasy and fiction. You can't see AGW, but people say it exists like they used to say dragons exist. It's hard to know what is actually facts.

Comment Re:My Fingers Have An Alternative... (Score 0) 399

Reality check, all non-Windows platforms combined have <5% market share on Steam and falling. Most users couldn't install a new OS if they wanted to and even if they did they'd miss all their other Windows applications. And even assuming they did they'd lose a ton of Windows exclusive games that wouldn't run despite Steam being on Linux and suffer performance/driver issues in many others. Valve would have to do much more to make AAA games support Vulkan well if they want people to even consider a Steam Machine.

Comment Re:Totally unavailable (Score 1) 35

Buy ones that a little behind the cutting edge, ones from a few months ago. 80% of the performance at 30% of the price.

Are you trying to be funny? Even if you said years, almost two years ago I bought the GTX 970 for pretty close to MSRP of $329. If you think you can get 80% of that for 30% or <$100 today you're delusional. Don't get me wrong, today you can get roughly the same DX11 performance in a Radeon RX 480 4GB for $199 so it's lost quite a bit of value but it's not like last year's cards turn to shit anymore. A GTX 980 Ti will still kick a lot of ass simply because it's a 600mm^2 250W truck, sure there's a bigger and more badass truck but it'll still crush a compact car despite being a few generations old and the price reflects that. Sure, if you can get a deal from a gamer just trying to get rid of his card at any price really...

Comment Re:ABM systems equal escalation? (Score 1) 68

We can have enough missiles pointed at you to turn all of your major cities into slag, but we won't do it because you have enough missiles pointed at us to turn all of our major cities into slag. The MAD balance depends on both sides being unable to defend themselves, only retaliate. If one side can nuke the other side's cities and shoot down the retaliation, there is no balance. One side wins, the other loses. How is that hard to understand?

Of course there's such a thing as not wanting war, like why would Americans want to kill Russians or Russians want to kill Americans today? But MAD isn't about that, it's about a power balance where war would doom both sides. While an arms race stalemate might temporarily keep us from destroying each other, I hope that lasting peace will come from a more positive source of inspiration. Because I never really expected MAD to last forever.

Comment Re: TFA is not terribly clear... (Score 1) 229

Probably a bad idea. Any active action to prevent the police from gaining access would probably be considered obstruction of justice, any non-police duress won't stop there. It would also prove the phone in question is programmed to respond to your fingerprints, which by itself is evidence. Perhaps it's your teenage kid's phone that he forgot and you're bringing it to him, possession is not proof of access.

If you do want a panic button and is willing to deal with the consequences it should simply irrecoverably wipe the device. Either way offer only passive resistance. If they have to do paperwork and time runs out, tough. If they try the wrong fingers and run out of attempts, tough. Configure your device any way you want up front but don't help, don't obstruct. But if you're seriously worried I'd just turn it off and use a PIN.

Comment Re:You can stuff it under a mattress.... (Score 2) 149

If you take a bitcoin address and print out the hash, you could put that under your mattress and delete the file.

Pretty sure you meant to say something else, you can print out the private keys associated with the public hashes but if all you have is the hash you got nothing. You can see the Bitcoins are there, but you can't send them to anyone so they're effectively lost.

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