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Comment Re:Need this refined before I need a knee replacem (Score 1) 50

Actually what you want is a new meniscus, not the whole shebang. And that is certainly a possibility. Again, it's fairly 'simple' - 'just' cartilage. The big issue is going to be testing. It's going to be years before the FDA approves this. They're going to have to find an animal model, run that for a while and then do human trials. And obviously, one of the primary things to look for is longevity. I doubt they will find a mouse model to work with. Need a bigger, slower growing critter.

Probably will show up along with holographic storage and fusion power.

Comment Re:Does this include genitalia? (Score 1) 50

Livers are a smart choice because they're relatively simple - for an organ anyway. The overall structure isn't important, just the hepatocytes, a bunch of immune cells and lots of blood vessels.

  Also given the propensity for humans to trash their livers doing at-home toxicity testing (alcohol is the number one reason for liver transplants, acetaminophen is number 2) there is a huuuge market for replacements. Very clever for a startup.

Comment Re:Half way there (Score 3, Interesting) 95

They can't - there's a housing shortage. Giving one group of workers prices the others out of being able to afford a home. Housing quality in many areas is rather grim. There''s not enough space in front of each house for more than one car, roads aren't wide enough for cars to park on either side and have more than a single truck or ambulance get through. Driveways are "shared" between homes so that different garages actually open onto the same driveway. Some homes are only sold as leaseholds (you own the house but lease the land for 99 years, and pay rent each year) rather than freeholds (own both house and land).

In the USA or Canada, the federal government owns all non-developed land, and so they can sell it off as and when needed. In the UK, all the undeveloped land is either owned by private estates or farmers. We have to take land used for food production out of operation in order to build more homes. UK already imports 45% of food. Married couples are being forced to house share with a room each because of the shortage in the South East. There's now the problem of beds-in-sheds-to-rent in back gardens and communal rooms in London.

Comment Re:How about we worry where all the white males ar (Score 2) 273

Probably, they have retired or left California and moved to Colorado or Texas. They saw the H1B replacement program in progress 20 years ago. Housing became so expensive, employers were unwilling to pay jumbo salaries for jumbo rents and mortgages so they figured it's cheaper to hire people who are willing to house-share.

Comment Re:Childbirth? (Score 1) 273

Maybe it varies from region to region, but in some areas, a software engineer/programmer only has a lifespan of six years because the competition is so fierce (entry requirements are having a GPA of 7.5+ from a prestigious university and being a team captain on the school competition teams). Everyone is determined to get the most interesting work in order to beef up their portfolio and get onto even bigger more interesting projects or to get a salary large enough to buy a house. Anyone male or female without that determination gets squashed flat, pushed into bug fixing, maintenance, tech writing, sales or marketing or just leaving.

Comment The way you ask it? Yes. (Score 1) 372

The way you ask it, it sounds as if you say: Should I be fired if I used the time the company pays me to do something else, like sitting in a bar or doing my second job.

The answer is "hell yes". There is no reason not to. It is called company time for a reason. Even in socialist Europe you will be fired for that.

I can turn the question around: If you hire me to do some work in your house, would you be ok if I cleaned the next doors swimming pool during that time?

The way it is asked has nothing to do with IT. Just because you add "on the Internet" does not change anything.

Comment Re:I often think dietary "science" is a myth (Score 1) 270

My doctor said in no uncertain terms that I am not allowed to drink fruit juice, because the sugar content is way to high, I can have two pieces of fruit a day. But a glass of fruit juice is like having 6 pieces of fruit in one glass.

Bingo! You've exceeded your five a day at breakfast time, and can concentrate on burgers and pizza for the rest of the day.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 270

Sorry Bozo, it was always true that salt increases blood pressure in a minority of patients with a particular genetic predisposition to that response. The average patient with hypertension has a very very minimal increase in blood pressure from dietary salt intake, and reducing it in those patients does not improve any of their hypertension-related outcomes. The reason that diuretics lower blood pressure is primarily because they alter the level of salt that your body maintains. Most people's bodies are well able to maintain a fairly steady body fluid salt level regardless of dietary intake.

Says the shill for Big Salt!

Comment Re:Common (Score 1) 50

Letters masquerading as subscription renewals for things you haven't actually subscribed to. They're hoping someone in accounting doesn't know you haven't actually subscribed to it, assume it's a renewal so they won't investigate it to see if it's legit, and just pay it. /quote Back in the day "International Fax Directories" were always a popular one. If the scammer had enough chutzpah, they would almost immediately follow up with a "legal letter" demanding payment, on the basis that they hadn't received a cancellation notice. This can be surprisingly effective if you direct it at law-abiding businesses who are paranoid about getting on some sort of credit blacklist.

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