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Comment Re:End-to-end encryption (Score 1) 95

If you look at the math of it, it's not clean that steganography can actually work securely; rather, it can increase the difficulty of detecting your signal.

The lower the proportional bandwidth of your hidden signal to the carrier, the more work it will take someone to spot that. But if you're in a totalitarian state, and so you have to be right every time and the state only has to get lucky once, then it's not so reassuring.

Plus, you have to have a believable reason for the carrier. You have to hide your traffic in some high-bandwidth stream that has a good reason to be there, and that can be hard or risky itself. If it's ever discovered that, say, the YouTube channel you're watching has steganograpic content, the fact that you've been watching it isn't hidden, so that's going to end in tears.

Comment Re:Ok with porn or not, that was genuinely stupid (Score 1) 150

So, if someone secretly photographs you masturbating and posts it online, you're fine with that?

That seems like a non-sequitur, and I'm sure there's a tort in there somewhere, or a copyright claim, but I wouldn't care about being "objectified" or any such nonsense, and if it caused me no actual harm I wouldn't really care.

But someone else may need protection from your mean tweets, and those of others. Cyberbullying has driven many people to suicide.

Children might indeed need such protection. Children have indeed been driven to suicide by cyberbullying. Children need protection from many things adults don't.

The internet is one of the most potent kinds of 'firepower' we have ever seen. It can let someone inflict asymmetric and widespread harm to another's reputation from a device they can hold in their hand.

I think slander and libel laws are good things, but there's a difference between causing someone monetary damage and hurting someone's feelings. When an SJW hate mob costs someone their job, that's real, monetary harm. When someone makes an off-color joke, get over it.

It can be used to inspire people to commit terrible acts.

This is starting to look like a free speech discussion. Look: slander, libel, calling for immediate violence against a specific targets, yeah, fine, that's illegal because of real harm. But speech that hurts someone's feelings? Own your feelings - realize it's your problem if you're offended.

Comment Re:End-to-end encryption (Score 1) 95

No, he's right. Steganography attempts to hide, but it doesn't do it well. TOR has been trying for years to sneak traffic through the great firewall, but it's a losing battle, and China has mostly won at this point. There always seems to be a statistical difference between hidden data and the normal data you're trying to hide in.

Comment Re:GB is doing it, China is doing it (Score 2) 56

Over the last 35 years, China has experienced faster economic growth than any other country in history

Only if ghost cities count as economic growth.

This demonstrates the strength of authoritarianism, as technocrats have been about to manage the country based on sound principles rather than what is democratically popular.

Right - things people actually want, and will buy and use, are democratically popular. Economic "activity" involving makework projects that benefit no one except the technocrats, and those willing to game the system, has grown by leaps and bounds.

It's all bullshit. Outside of some tech companies that are actual capitalist successes, it's all the world's biggest bubble.

Consumers know what they want and need better than any central planner. Thus is ever was, and thus it shall ever be.

Comment Re:You're right (Score 0) 150

You pathetic little red pillars living in your 1 bedroom apartments, driving broke-ass cars thinking being a jackass will get you laid.

Doesn't "taking the red pill" in this context mean "no longer trying to get laid, thus depriving women of all power over you"? I don't understand all the MRA nonsense, but that part seemed clear.

Comment Re:Ok with porn or not, that was genuinely stupid (Score 2) 150

I'm happy to have the US military protecting me from those things I cannot protect myself from. You know, actual threats.

I don't need anyone protecting me from photographs.
I don't need anyone protecting me from mean tweets.
I don't need anyone protecting my feelings.

Do you understand the difference? Everyone needs protection from superior firepower, but mature adults do, in fact, take all of the responsibility for their feelings, for their sense of being offended. If you claim someone needs their feelings protected, then you are, yes, claiming they are a child, or at least not a mature adult. It's not complimentary.

Comment Re: Bad Headline (Score 1) 441

Do you recognize Pepe? The cartoon frog that the Clinton campaign announced was a symbol of white hate? Do you recognize stormtroopers? MAGA hats? Trump-branded concentration camps?

No joke is funny if you have to have it explained, but some people really are afraid of this nonsense, camps and all. This video is for those of us laughing at those people.

Comment Re:Trump on extreme vetting (Score 1) 441

Your IP address. Every other IP address you've had with that browser, Everything else you've browsed from that IP address and/or browser. Any web of connections to other people you demonstrate from social media and email accounts. You have an "identity" with full advertising demographics registered - Facebook might not know your legal name if you've been careful, and no one's tagged a photo of you, but the government knows all the rest from your IP address history.

Comment Re:whew. (Score 2) 56

Trump is too busy starting a war with China by talking to Taiwan.

Yeah, that's the last straw. Taking a congratulatory phone call from a foreign leader is totally going to push China into attacking us. But the Obama administration selling Taiwan billions of dollars worth of sophisticated weapons systems, that's nothing that the Chinese would worry about.

Do you even listen to yourself?

Comment Re: Bad Headline (Score 1) 441

Official policies matter little once guys with guns are in the executive's house. That's the economic part of fascism: the owners may keep the profits, but they do what the government tells them. Both Google and Facebook already have a pretty good database of all the Muslims in the US (along with every other religion, race, income group, and everything else useful for targeted ads).

If you're scared about Trump creating concentration camps for gay Muslim Mexicans, your eyes should be opened about how scary Google and Facebook are.

Comment Re:Bad Headline (Score 1) 441

Very easily recognized - just monitor every detail of their browsing habits, email conversations, and who all their friends and family are, which both Facebook and Google already do. Yes, both Facebook and Google know your religion: it's an important part of targeted advertisement and they're quite good at it.

Facebook and Google already have a "Muslim registry" - oh, it may not be perfect, but it's close enough for government work.

I just don't understand why people don't see how scary these companies are.

Comment Re:Trump on extreme vetting (Score 2) 441

And I don't see how any of these 'tech' companies can make any such lists.

Oh, you're wrong there. Google and Facebook both know every Muslim who's been online in the US (to some imperfect but high degree of precision and accuracy). They already have the "Muslim registry", not to mention, Christian, Jewish, atheist, etc registry. It's their core business.

I spent an hour once chatting with one of Google's professional racists. His job was racial discrimination*: analyze every "signal" from your browsing habits, search history, gmail, etc to determine your race. No different for religion, income, etc. They were quite good at it. Of course, Google has no intent for this more nefarious than targeted advertisement. But the database exists, and it's a US company.

*discrimination - n. The ability or power to see or make fine distinctions; discernment.

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