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Comment Re:Discourage, don't ban (Score 2) 70

This won't fix the problem. I have this problem now where my employer expects to on every other weekend be "available for on call" where I get paid per hour worked where someone calls me. The downside of this is that I have to be A: Somewhere I have cell phone reception. B: Within 30 mins of a computer I can VPN to the office with at any given time. Those two restrictions mean that I must restrict my movements during on call hours so I don't feel like it's actually time off but most of the time I am not compensated for that. It is an ongoing point of disagreement with my employer.

Comment Re:Pretty cool (Score 1) 173

A few points: 1. My new TV box puts itself to sleep when I'm not using it (It detects via the HDMI channel when the TV turns off and sleeps). 2. It has no moving parts to break and my last one lasted two years and is still going strong (gave it away). 3. The whole thing total cost me CDN $49.99 so I don't get your replacement parts cost at all.

Comment Re:Even bad its good (Score 1) 86

The only way to do power saving with modern TV's is to use ARC, and ARC support is just not very widespread yet.

Two of the tree devices plugged in to my TV support ARC. Both my Chromecast and my Android box support it. Only my seldom used Blu Ray (I rip my blu rays and toss them on a fileshare for my android box to play) does not support it.

Comment Re:This is my shocked face (Score 5, Insightful) 275

This is exactly it. I find when I negotiate with Chinese companies that they tend to be very accommodating and they try to give me whatever I ask for. If you want a feature, they will add it. In fact, I once had a DSLAM company add protection circuit (protect against DC polarity reversal to avoid fireworks) to their equipment just for me along with some software changes. The trouble happens when you tell them you want it cheap. They will cut every corner and give you the cheapest piece of trash you've ever seen..

Its the same with outsourcing: When you go cheap, you get all of the people who couldn't get jobs elsewhere.

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