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Comment That's capitalism (Score 1) 354

Netflix is not in business to provide movie streaming or DVD delivery service. They are in business for one thing and one thing only: Separate the punter (you) from his money. And like every other capitalist, they do it by providing the worst, most expensive service they possibly can. Simply put, profit = what you pay - what you get, and the more you get, the less profit they make.

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Comment Re:Fix It Again, Tony (Score 1) 462

As for General Motors, I can't really think of anything worse than being called "General Motors".

GMC = Garage Man's Companion, Got (a) Mechanic Cumming, Garbage Motors Corporation, Genuine Monkey Crap.

Mopar = Many Old Parts Assembled Recklessly, Slowpar.

No, I'm not a big fan of anything Detroit made, but I find GM and Chrysler especially galling. Their entire business model has been to mass produce loads and loads of shoddily-made, unreliable crap with 1920s technology that they sell at huge markups (Hummers anyone?) And when American car buyers got wise to their scam, and when they could no longer afford the gas for their seven litre engines, the companies pleaded for a bailout from the taxpayers. At least Ford got religion about actually producing a quality product that was designed to last more than 100k miles.

Comment Re:I dont understand (Score 1) 483

Making someone unconscious for major surgery seems to be a solved problem.

Making someone unconscious for major surgery by medical professionals with years of training in a hospital setting seems to be a solved problem.

There, I fixed it for you.

Expecting the same of a bunch of unskilled hick Roscoe P. Coltrane-types with no medical training who were probably working at Wal-Mart last week? Different matter entirely. Don't forget, medical professionals are ethically bound not to participate in the execution in any way except to pronounce death.

Comment Re:Use confiscated drugs (Score 1) 483

Why not bring back hanging? Simple and effective and used in the US for many years.

Lots of botched hangings. Think of human beings hanging by their necks doing the funky chicken for 20 minutes before expiring. In fact, most of the hangings of Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg were badly botched.

If not that, how about the guillotine?

No can do. Execution methods that involve mutilating the body constitute cruel and unusual punishment. That's why the electric chair isn't used anymore.

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