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Comment Re:But remember, basic income is an unfair handout (Score 2) 258

Eminent domain is supposed to be a process to consolidate property for a purpose that serves the public good. It almost never works out that way. Usually a state or local government use the laws to rip people's homes away from them and hand it over to some special interest.

Indeed, I know I don't own my house or the land it sits on. Not only can someone file some paperwork and take it away from me. If I stopped paying my property tax for long enough, I would be removed and my house auctioned off. Private property is an illusion.

Comment This is going to be a train wreck (Score 1) 258

Americans are against getting financial assistance or any other kind of "hand outs", so it will be interesting to see how we adapt to this.

I think it will be a mess, because we're not likely to plug the legal loop hole around robots. You don't have to pay wages to a robot, they don't pay income taxes, they don't spend their earnings in the local community, and the employer doesn't have to buy robots healthcare. The way public companies are legally required to operate in the interests of their shareholders (profit) will probably make it difficult for corporations to not buy robots. If it saves them money on the books and increases productivity, they don't have a choice, it's just good business.

Comment Re:"glass of wine has heathful benefits" (Score 1) 122

A small glass of grape juice has health benefits too. Most of the time fruits and vegetables with dark pigments are powerful antioxidants. While I'm not sure if those antioxidants help with heart disease, it would be interesting to see if non-alcoholic options prove to be beneficial.

Briefly there was a grape juice on the market made with wine grape varieties and it was really good. It's the variety of grape that stands out the most in the flavor of wine, so the juice tasted basically like wine. Maybe not as complex and nuanced as a properly aged cabernet sauvignon or merlot. But it little glass of it with breakfast was a nice treat and I prefer it over orange juice.

Comment Re:What about beer? (Score 1) 122

Dark beers are made by toasting malt, the Maillard reaction. Which at high temperatures can produce carcinogens (acrylamide) that are soluble in ethanol.

I seriously doubt it's in high enough quantities to matter, but it should exist if I understand it correctly. And likely there are beneficial things in a pint of Guinness worthy of research.

Comment Re: Hmm (Score 2) 137

She's either smart to have figured that out or is now very confused about how dads work. Like when your grandma calls your grandad "grandad." What, he's your grandad too? What the hell went on in this family?!

It would have been extra adorable if she'd tried to impersonate your voice when she was talking to the phone.

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