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Comment Re:That is correct (Score 1) 90

There's no fundamental law against a giant flying reptile that breathes fire either, but that doesn't mean it's actually gonna happen.

Doesn't mean it's not.

so why can't flying firebreathing dragons exist?

There's no fundamental reason they can't. There are very good reasons why the hitherto only mechanism available to produce them, evolution, has failed to do so, but it's not literally impossible.

Some things from science fiction are doomed to remain just that, fiction. That's my opinion.

Then don't state it as fact as you literally just did.

Of course your assertion that true AI will happen is also just an opinion.

a) It can't be both an assertion and just an opinion.
b) I didn't make any such assertion. You've mistakenly assumed, as is so often the way, that I'm taking the diametrically opposite position because I've taken issue with yours.

(although every day that passes with AI continuing to be lame just adds to my side of the argument)

No it doesn't. I could just as blithely claim that every day that passes without self-aware AI is a day closer to self-aware AI coming into existence, if it is ever going to do so. AI is certainly improving every day. We're certainly not getting any further away from having true AI.

If true AI happens, it only has to happen once to prove your guess wrong. To prove your guess right, it'll have to stay fiction for the rest of time.

I would also refer you to this AC comment which you may not have seen:

Comment Obtain the password? (Score 1) 37

Levison had custody of his service's SSL encryption key that could help the government obtain Snowden's password.

If they could have obtained the password, Lavabit must have been doing things really wrong, no? Salting and hashing and all that...

Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 1) 161

Perhaps you should wise up to the fact that not everyone is like you, wants to be like you, or should aspire to be like you. People listen to radios in their cars in their millions. Complaining that it's "not the 90s" any more won't do anything to change that fact. Other people have different opinions about things to you. Sounds like you have a problem with that, for some reason.

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