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Comment Re:1984 is not a utopia (Score 1) 95

I'm saying that they have the capability of doing it. And many people are being recorded without knowing it.

Theoretically Google's privacy agreement prevents them from doing it without your permission. But if they went ahead anywhere there would not be any major consequences, and the easiest would be to update the agreement to allow exceptions.

The agreement makes it clear that the recorders do turn into data for Google. Theoretically they took steps to anonymize the recordings, but the next time you see an ad for a retirement home the same month you've been talking about putting your parents into a retirement home you're going to wonder aren't you?

Comment Re:1984 is not a utopia (Score 1) 95

Google -> My Account -> Go to Activity Controls -> Voice & Audio Activity -> Manage Activity

If you have it turned off (PAUSE), then you should have nothing listed (I hope). If you turn it on, you'll start accumulating data there and you can delete stuff. What happens is it normally wants to note activity of you using the "OK Google" service, but it will log a lot of false positives.

I find bits of conversations with wife, meetings at work, other people at the bar, and more. Theoretically I had to agree to turn this on, but I don't remember doing it, I thought it worked on my phone out-of-the-box, but maybe I did turn it on and didn't realize the implication?

At this point I have to trust Google that when I delete things that they actually delete all copies of it.

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