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Comment Re:Devil's advocate (Score 1) 202

Yes, you are giving the CIA way too much credit. However, this is exactly what the FSB would do in order to 1) discredit the CIA, and 2) cover their own tracks. The data dump came through a source known to be associated to, and supportive of Russian interests, so we should actually assume that any misdirection is on the part of the FSB, or other Russian interests. Maybe the CIA, or the NSA, or some other U.S. TLA, has capabilities beyond what are exposed in the Wikileaks data dump, but we should assume that the actual action is elsewhere.

That said, we should all be using strong encryption: no need to make things easy for the bastards.

Submission + - IT employees at EmblemHealth fight to save jobs (computerworld.com)

walterbyrd writes: IT employees at EmblemHealth are organizing to stop the New York-based employer from outsourcing their jobs to offshore provider Cognizant.

Employees say the insurer is on the verge of signing a contract with Cognizant, an IT services firm and one of the largest users of H-1B workers. They say the contract may be signed as early as this week.

They fear what a contract with an IT services offshore firm may mean: Humiliation as part of the "knowledge transfer" process, loss of their jobs or a "rebadging" to Cognizant, which they see as little more than temporary employment. Many of the workers, about 200 they estimate, are older, with 15-plus-year tenures. This means a hard job search for them.

The IT employees have decided not go quietly.

Submission + - Utah Governor: 'Porn Is A Public Health Crisis' (cnet.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Utah Governor Gary Herbert said on his Facebook page: "Pornography is a public health crisis. The problem is rampant, yet it thrives in secrecy and silence." He emitted this thought on signing a resolution which says porn is "a public health hazard leading to a broad spectrum of individual and public health impacts and societal harms." In addition, it "perpetuates a sexually toxic environment." The resolution doesn't just stop there. It goes on to say "due to advances in technology and the universal availability of the Internet, young children are exposed to what used to be referred to as hard core, but is now considered mainstream, pornography at an alarming rate." The resolution says pornography "equates violence toward women and children with sex and pain with pleasure, which increases the demand for sex trafficking, prostitution, child sexual abuse images, and child pornography." It requests "the need for education, prevention, research, and policy change at the community and societal level in order to address the pornography epidemic that is harming the people of our state and nation."

Submission + - Court troubled by surveillance excesses at FBI, NSA (politico.com)

schwit1 writes: In a just-released court opinion, a federal court judge overseeing government surveillance programs said he was "extremely concerned" about a series of incidents in which the Federal Bureau of Investigation and National Security Agency deviated from court-approved limits on their snooping activities.

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Judge Thomas Hogan sharply criticized the two agencies over the episodes, referred to by intelligence gatherers as "compliance incidents." He also raised concerns that the government had taken years to bring the NSA-related issues to the court's attention and he said that delay might have run afoul of the government's duty of candor to the court.

Submission + - Warmest March in Global Recordkeeping (wunderground.com)

Layzej writes: March 2016 was by far the planet's warmest March since record keeping began in 1880. In the NOAA database, March 2016 came in a full 1.22C (2.20F) warmer than the 20th-century average for March, as well as 0.32C (0.58F) above the previous record for March, set in 2010. This is a huge margin for breaking a monthly global temperature record, as they are typically broken by just a few hundredths of a degree. Global satellite-measured temperatures also found this March to be the warmest — the sixth consecutive monthly record in the UAH satellite data set. Gavin Schmidt, the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies has estimated that 2016 already has over a 99% chance of being the hottest year on record, based on the first three months alone.

Comment for $9k the specs are horrible (Score 3, Interesting) 109

The low end model has a crappy i5, and the high end only gets you an i7, and the video resolutions are barely adequate for displays half (or a quarter) their size. You can get a 4k monitor (aka a TV) for a tenth the price, and better computers for half the price. The software better kick some royal ass or these things are going to find their way to the dumpster damn quick.

Submission + - NHTSA Gives Green Light to Self-Driving Cars

tyme writes: Reuters reports that the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) told Google that it would recognize the artificial intelligence in a self-driving car as the "driver" rather than any of the occupants. The letter also says that NHTSA will write safety rules for self-driving cars in the next six months, paving the way for deployment of self-driving cars in large numbers.

Comment Let's be fair (Score 4, Interesting) 160

First, it's not 2.2GHz (that's the maximum turbo frequency), it's rated speed is less than 1GHz (0.9GHz, according to TFA). The MacBooks use 1.1GHz and 1.2GHz Broadwell processors (turbo boost to 2.4GHz and 2.6GHz). The Skylake processors are probably both faster and lower power.

Second, it's actually a pretty nice machine (assuming that you can stand Windows): anybody complaining about the new MacBook with only a single USB C port should be pretty happy with this machine, which comes with a full complement of ports. And the price is certainly pretty good (even the high resolution model is about half the price of the new MacBook).

Third, the black finish looks really nice: I wish Apple would make nice black kit like that again.

I wonder if you can get OS X running on this somehow.

Comment Re:Just So I'm Clear (Score 5, Informative) 239

The summary says "online sales" which means that we are probably NOT talking about "shipped" rather than "sold" numbers. However, these are numbers for October, which is all before the new iPads shipped (including the iPad Pro) so we are probably seeing some depression of iPad sales that will catch up in the November numbers (or not: if MS can maintain these sales numbers in November and December, then this would be quite interesting).

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