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Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 145

Also, that is simply not how prostitution works. The Internet may have changed how I order many products; I might order a hard drive directly from China. But no one is ordering prostitutes non-locally, and having them shipped over seas.

Before the internet, more commerce occurred locally -- customers knew their merchants or service providers and went back to them repeatedly.

Comment Grading (Score 2) 17

I am not sure what these courses do, if anything, to at least let you know if you are failing or succeeding at learning the material. But a lot of the computer science courses I took had automatic grading. They had an online script capable of testing the correctness of submitted executables.

Comment Re:option for surrender (Score 1) 983

I really do not see how that could reasonably be assumed to be possible. These are people who make near minimum wage and face death every day, but when they screw up on the job, like everyone does, they should face jail time? Everyone makes huge colossal, bone headed mistakes in their careers. It is impossible to avoid all accidents, particularly in such tense scenarios. If the media can only point to 1-5 obvious mistakes a year, that is 1-5 out of millions and millions of incidents and altercations with criminals and other citizens. At the end of the day, as a police officer, you have far far far more danger of murder hanging over your head every day than the danger that Black men have of being killed by police (research seems to show a ration of significantly over 10:1).

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