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Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 1) 432

I disagree completely. Primitive simple weapons are the only dangerous ones. Who cares if technical documents for a hundred billion dollar rocket that takes a team of 500 scientists and engineers to produce and will break down in 5 minutes without a staff of the mostly highly skilled operators and maintainers running 24/7. Now give out technical specifications some naked jungle man can actually use to upgrade his pointy stick to a AK47 and you have something that is actually going to make a difference to national security.

That said, allowing citizens to make fun of Putin online is a far bigger threat to national security than any weapons specs becoming public knowledge.

Comment Secret? (Score 1) 138

Wait, so it is a big secret which publicly facing pages a country has registered? What is the point of making name servers black boxes and not having any way of know which names are registered other than to try them and see if they exist?

Comment Re:Too bad they're not up on the current studies (Score 3, Informative) 429

I really do not think there is a solution that involves not killing them. If you stopped killing rats for 4 months there would literally be something like a hundred times as many rats as there were before. They would explode out of the sewers and eat small children and babies in their cribs. Their ability to reproduce exponentially would mean that every edible morsel of food in the area, whether human, pet, or more generic foodstuff, would necessarily be converted into more rats within a few years time.

Comment How? (Score 5, Insightful) 133

I don't understand how anyone can have trouble with Apple updates. They lock down their hardware and software so much that there are probably only three-five different devises this update will propagate to. It is not like Microsoft where their are literally trillions of combinations of hardware that every update must support.

Comment Tower's Power Light (Score 1) 294

My last tower's power light was just insane. I used to put multiple layers of tape over it as one layer of opaque tape was not nearly enough. Even during the day, if pointed in your general direction it was painful, and even when pointed away at night it would raise the ambient light level of the room enough to be annoying to sleep with. You could read by it, it must of been equivalent to a ~5 watt light bulb of something in that category. Probably something like 20 times brighter than any other indicator light I have seen before or since.

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