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Comment Re:"Ignored Again" (Score 1) 13


Also why not introduce a new keyboard with a touch bar for all other desktop macs so every user who wants to use the touch capabilities would do so on the millions of desktop macs out there.
This would transform how people do things rather abruptly and make it so that older hardware can get access to the newer features of software and newer services like Apple Pay.

And why not intro a new bigger track pad with the newer tech.

Both of those things would show a certain amount of understanding of what their customers would want and need.
Hopefully in time those things will become available.

Comment Trusting? (Score 1) 229

It seems to me that the primary reason to look at strangers you pass is if you feel insecure and scared of assault of theft from them.
Their is probably also a large correlation to mating behavior.

Most likely this just shows that Rich people are more likely happily in a relationship and trusting of strangers.

Anyone trying to correlate staring at strangers you pass in the street with caring about these strangers is doing so with no evidence or theory.

Comment Gaetan Dugas (Score 2) 330

The claim was not that he created the virus. It was that the virus survived in one or two hosts for years, until it got to someone who had sex with thousands to tens of thousands of unprotected sexual partners.

People absolutely should be blamed for spreading viruses when they purposely do so, or when they do so through massive negligence.

Comment Re:That is How the Law is Supposed to Work (Score 1) 430

I believe so, you in general must comply with all directives (in and out of warrant situations). Like how resisting arrest is illegal and can and will be added on to any other charge if you do not comply. The one thing that they cannot force you to do is communicate anything to them.

Comment That is How the Law is Supposed to Work (Score 1) 430

I am fairly certain that you are supposed to comply with a search warrant. When you have a search warrant, they can unlock or get you to unlock a safe, as long as unlocking that safe does not require you to communicate anything, since they cannot force your compliance in anything related to speech/communication.

A fingerprint/finger is a physical object, a key, and not communication.

Comment Re:Why? (Score -1, Troll) 524

I call Bullshit Because I have owned half a dozen windows PCs, and so far have zero tech support cost. I call bullshit because I have worked in tech support and people do not have problems with windows. You get a hard drive failure every so often, they need to be restarted sometimes, but most of the time you just need to teach the user about how to use some program like word or how to insert a % sign in a html document. A big problem with Macs is teaching people how to use them and do basic things that they already know how to do for windows. Try to install a printer driver on a MAC, and suddenly you have your entire IT department crowding around the one computer trying to figure out how to do anything at all. I have worked in two companies where we got a shipment of Macs while I was working there. And each time not everything just worked. And when this happens you had a room full of tech support people staring at a Mac with no idea of how to fix it.

Comment Re:already been reinvented (Score 1) 200

It's really not that complicated. Netflix has prospered by doing away with crap people were forced to endure. That's been done. I suppose you can look to remove MORE things people are forced to endure. Remove all the credits from every show and make them all available to anyone who gives a crap about the name of the associate producer's assistant. Make that available online and spare us. After that, just having a slick interface, exclusive content, and as wide a range of non-exclusive content as possible. Also, provide a catalog of everything ever made even if you're not offering it (perhaps at an additional cost?) so that I can make a master queue of everything I ever want to watch. Throw in IMDB so that I can queue up all of Jim Carrey's movies to my list and I'm a paying customer.

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