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Comment Isn't that the One with 20 Gazillion Brackets? (Score 1) 416

I have never understood why the language is not considered a parody like the whitespace language. You cannot debug or change code when it is 90% brackets, and more than two to three ")))" brackets in a row and editing the nesting of something becomes really hard and error prone.
A proper language tries to evenly distribute the character usage evenly over a wide array of characters, such that the code is easily readable.

I have only seen a few examples in Scala, which replaced Java in my university the year after my class. But they were the least readable code snippets I have ever seen. It looked like they had replaced all the white space with brackets.

Comment Re:yeah (Score 2) 173

But should that matter? If the website is publicly facing. why should you not be able to archive it (irregardless of their wishes)? I can take pictures of houses I see from the street. The law seems fairly straightforward here, and it is easy to build any sort of wall around your website you wish to keep the public and archivers out.

Comment Hardly the tutorials fault (Score 2) 96

Hardly the tutorials fault. A tutorial will not cover every edge case of your specific example. It will not spend 90% of its length teaching about only partially related topics. I read the same SQL and HTML GET tutorials as everyone else, and a basic understanding of programming I learned in the first month of grade 9 prepared me for sanitizing the input. SQL, isn't special, and GET is no different than CIN, it's not rocket science.

Comment Statistical error only Applies to Statistics (Score 1) 97

Yes, but this is not really statistics. The author took the entire population, and made a graph out of it. Since not even a single user was left out, it is impossible for errors to creep in because of sampling problems. Therefor all results are significant.

now it sort of becomes statistics when we try to infer things from these graphs, but then the problem is are SL users representative of general programmers, not that the results non-significant.

Comment The only Reasonable Solution. (Score 3, Insightful) 267

This Todd Kuiken is an idiot. What it implies is that this kid is like any other, the responsibility of his parents. And the unique nature of this screwup meant that he was not strictly the responsibility of the couple, at the same time the original donor should not be held responsible for what was done with his sperm without his consent. So the one responsible was ordered to share part of the responsibility for this child, they are just lucky that the court ordered the responsibility be split three ways, and not half for using the wrong sperm, or if they got really vindictive, it would not have been completely unreasonable to have ordered them to pay all of the expenses for this unwanted child.

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