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Comment Its not the Number of "Attacks" (Score 1) 128

It's not the number, in any system as large as the American electrical grid some percentage will always be down. The threat is some incredibly inconvenient parts of the grid going down at inconvenient times. Squirrels might cause thousands of "attacks", but they will never randomly knock out three levels of backups at key installations spread across the continent at the same time that China just happens to launch a nuclear attack.

Comment Re:Self-fulfilling Prophecy (Score 1) 306

But most people go to college to get some Art degree what will ultimately hurt their earning ability. Going a hundred thousand dollar into debt, to come out the other side only qualified for a minimum wage job is not practical. That only makes sense for the well off and the 1% of people who want to become engineers or a small handful of other careers who start with higher education.

Comment Outlyers (Score 1) 153

Far more interesting than how good it is at spotting the average patient, is how close it was on its wrong results. How many people did it give a life expectancy of 30 years that croaked the next week? BMI is a decent measurement, when used on an average human, but is laughably retarded when used on anyone outside of normal. Using a AI, to decide when and how to do treatment might seem like a good idea when you look at the averages, but could be pretty bad for individuals.

Take for example the BMI again. I could program a AI, put it in a black box, and have it decide which patients need a stomach stapling. It would be right 99% of the time, but would send Arnold Schwarzenegger and pretty much every professional football player to get their stomach stapled along with honey boo boo.

Comment Re:Hey look everybody! (Score 1) 139

The point of Uber is not just a relabeled Taxi. Uber exists because Taxi's have a horrible tract record and are synonymous with shitty service, Uber exists because we want something diametrically opposite. It's shitty cabbies cannot compete on a level playing field, but they should campaign to fix their situation, not to drag others down.

Comment Re:So much Wrong with This (Score 1) 483

> Did you also have a helpdesk? YES
> Did you respond to user requests like data recovery, programming help, custom computer build requests, and so forth? YES
> Did you set up, maintain, and fix printers and copiers? YES
> What about software licensing administration and deployment? YES
> What about responding to custom programming requests? YES
> What about implementing CMS, or were you also the webmasters?
Read the summery on Wikipedia, still not sure exactly what this is. The head honcho did a lot of web stuff, and managed a lot of web resources, like the system that allowed profs to post web surveys, but I am not sure if the actual web servers were under his control or not, I suspect that was managed centrally.
> What about user training for things like productivity software, website design or CMS use, homework systems, and grade submission systems? YES
Anything that the thousands of users had trouble with, they brought us in. At no time while I was employed their did they get some new software system, and set out to teach everyone how to use it. But, any trouble anyone had any trouble with software, programming, computers sent for us (for example: "I am writing HTML and I cannot get the '%' symbol to appear").

> What about setting up and maintaining the homework and grading systems used for classes?
Probably managed centrally.
> What about network engineering and wiring? YES
> What about ISP contracts and maintenance?
Probably managed centrally.
> What about local and remote backup systems?
This might of been managed centrally. We managed the battery backups that every single computer had.
> What about e-mail systems or contracts?
Probably managed centrally.
> What about wireless network design, deployment, and maintenance?
I never worked with any of that, Not sure if we even had a department wireless, or how much the departments would be in charge of their slice of the campus wireless network.
> What about A/V conference rooms? YES
> What about multimedia classroom installation and daily problem response? YES
> What about conference and event A/V set up and tear-down? YES
> What about responding to security problems?
No idea.

A lot of things were heavily automated. Most of the job was running shell scripts to automagically solve your problem. And it seemed like the boss had had a long time to educate users to be self sufficient, there were not a lot of requests for help. There was this one instance, where some proffs had hired this student to setup a survey for them, he had no idea what he was doing and tried to get us to do everything. The boss made sure that that was not likely to happen again before we did it for them.

Comment So much Wrong with This (Score 3, Informative) 483

Why is their budget bigger than most countries?
They will save 60 million dollars by outsourced 20% of the workforce? I have worked in IT in one of the highest internationally acclaimed universities, it was just 2 full time guys with 2 student helpers for 1/5th of the university. I really doubt that the total yearly salaries exceeded 200K.

Keeping a few thousand computers and a few server rooms running is really not that big of a job.

Comment Re:Melodrama (Score 1) 397

That is the weirdest way to write.
Not only does Leah Rowe talk about Leah Rowe in the third person, but she has companies talk in the first person.

"Libreboot witnessed this when it left GNU. The GNU project resisted it. Had libreboot stayed and integrated with GNU even more, then it would have been very difficult to leave."

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