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Comment Re:The devil needed an escape route (Score 4, Insightful) 259

This is nonsense. Trump is a populous president. Like him or hate him that is his thing. His thing is turning the will of his base into reality.

Clinton has evolved on some minor issues, but her thing is being establishment which brings with it some internalized power. She does not have to agree with the public, she does not have to do what they want. Do you think the public actually wanted a war with Russia? No, that was just the politicians.

If Trump had been a politician for any amount of time we would of seen that as well, his base simply has not changed any of their opinions. Their were multiple times throughout the run where he tried changing his message and went back because of the feedback. That was actually one of the most common insults used on him throughout the early and middle of the race, that his policies changed every time you spoke to him.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 151

The problem with this is that their is no good side to this. Maybe loads of people will be now be charged and jailed over what amounts to whiplash. Some injury that cannot be proven, but easily alleged.

And you know right now he is being bombarded on all sides with hundreds of similar tweets. The first forum I read about this on started immediately to send similar images to him in retaliation. Someone in Somalia will never have to worry about the FBI arresting them for an "assault Tweet", so will not think twice about sending one.

Comment The Peter Principle (Score 1) 299

The Peter Principle is an observation that the tendency in most organizational hierarchies, such as that of a corporation, is for every employee to rise in the hierarchy through promotion until they reach the levels of their respective incompetence.

It is real and it causes a lot of problems. People expect promotions, meaning if you are even just slightly interested in your career you expect your boss to promote you at least a few times. And you expect a raise, probably once a year. You expect to make 4-40 times more by retirement than when you started, even if your responsibilities have stayed the same. In general people are either unhappy about being passed over, or end up making more then they are worth and/or with responsibilities they cannot fulfill. Its why a lot of jobs have become temporary or moved overseas. Perhaps Western corporations could hire Western talent, but when 80% of the talent expect to be running the factory by retirement age, and they all expect to be making 10% more in 1-2 years it becomes a lot harder. You hire a Somalian and they pray every night that they can keep their job for the rest of their life, that their salary will not be slashed, and possibly have the ability to hand it off to their son when they die.

This worked when America was still a developing nation, and demand doubled year in and year out. But expectation has continued to rise year after year as growth has stagnated.

Comment I have Altered the Deal. Pray I do not ... (Score 1) 283

I have Altered the Deal. Pray I do not .alter it further.

The health issues of space travel are well documented. He agreed to the salary and benefits in exchange for the work and risk involved. If he wants medical care, when he can give back the percentage of his salary that would of went towards that.

Comment Russian Fingerprints (Score 0, Flamebait) 308

So far the most interesting part seems to be how they have studied foreign governments and entities, such that they can leave the fingerprints of a hack that can be traced back to whoever they want. Want to Blame Russia for a Hack? The CIA knows exactly how to do this.

Comment Re:Worth it (Score 1) 102

You cannot really give Yahoo a reasonable evaluation. Just last year Yahoo's core business was evaluated to be worth around -$8 billion. That is how much the market valued Marissa Mayer. Yahoo, all through MM's stewardship was universally considered a black hole. They owned stocks worth a lot, they own buildings and a name worth money, but the business itself was not only worthless but a strain on the worth of everything around it.

Comment Re:So ~4% of Fat Man nuclear bomb (Score 2) 274

So ~4% of Fat Man nuclear bomb

I am not really sure. From what I was reading, Hiroshima was incredibly inefficient. On the order of 1%. And next to the "15 kilotons of TNT", they seem to be indicating that that is just the theoretical number based on the mass of the payload. Implying that the Hiroshima explosion was just 1% of the number given (15 kt).

So it might actually be something closer to 400% of Fat Man. As for Little Boy (aka Hiroshima) it is either .7% or if I am reading this right 70% of the actual explosion of Hiroshima (minus the dirty bomb aspect).

Something else that makes it seem like even 70% is grossly underestimating it. I am reading that an interview with someone who I am guessing must know something about it, stated that only seven-tenths of a gram of uranium did anything at Hiroshima. And Wolfram alpha stated that this 100 MW hrs was equivalent to 4.4 grams of uranium. So by that comparison we get 630% of Hiroshima.

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