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Comment Re:Responsibilities of a publicly traded company (Score 2) 1041

Well for good or ill, they are a company, and can do anything that does not violate the law as long as their shareholders do not make a fuss.
And Twitter was always going to be a flash in the pan, I think they are just trying anything and everything to not fade into obscurity. I think tumbler has shown that their is demand for safe places on the internet that protect sjws and allow them to say anything they want and harass whoever they want.

Comment Re:Hate speech is pretty well defined (Score 1) 1041

That is some very impressive convoluted ideas you have there. in reality, it has already been tested many times, retweet BLM members, feminists, etc. with the genders/sexuality/race swapped and twitter will ban you for hate speech. Because, the BLM founder tweeting about wanting to kill all white people is fine, but someone else tweeting about wanting to kill all black people is hate speech.

Comment Re:Amazing over-reaction of the left, like 8 years (Score 1) 586

Trump was the only major candidate who has always said that gay couples deserve the same protections and rights as all other couples.
Sanders, wishy-wash in 2000, would not give an opinion.
Hillary, stated with no ambiguity that marriage was between a man and a woman exclusively in 2000.
Trump "I do favor a very strong domestic-partnership law that guarantees gay people the same legal protection and rights as married people. I think it’s important for gay couples who are committed to each other to not be hassled when it comes to inheritance, insurance benefits, and other simple everyday rights.” - 2000

If last year Hillary was against Homosexuals, how are we supposed to know what her opinion is going to be next year?

Comment Why Canada? (Score 4, Informative) 586

We do not have 1/4 the free speech laws as America. In fact right now we are looking at Bill C-16, which may class improper pronoun use as harassment. Making it entirely possibly that every time someone transitions, all archives of their past gender would need to be updated or erased. While I am not positive this one law is a serious threat to The Internet Archive operating in Canada, it shows how tenuous their situation would be if they operated in Canada.

This is as ridiculous as American citizens talking about moving to Canada. You already need id to vote here and we do not allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country. We are the exact thing all these people do not want America to become.

Comment Nonsense (Score 1) 1321

A pro Hillary government, using voting machines owned by pro-Hillary companies, gets rigged by the smallest cheapest campaign in the history of America.

The reason why we should think so? The exit polls, are off by a few percentage points, while the pre-election polls were off by 90 percentage points.

Comment Regardless of What Happened. (Score 1) 1321

Their was outcry before the election from Trump supporters for allowing Soros, someone who spent 10 million, that we know of, trying to get Clinton elected, to supply the voting machines.

Their is no reason to allow this, but the establishment did not care when legitimate concerns like this were raised.

Comment Evaluation Skills (Score 1) 403

The real problem is that many people simply have no inbuilt way to evaluate the truthiness of an article. They do not even know where to start. And so label anything they disagree with as fake, and everything they agree with as truth. Their is as much, if not more, of a problem with real legit news being considered fake as their is fake storied being believed.

Comment Re:So sad that SJWs were the reason (Score 2) 154

But what are you going to do? They already self filter anyways. I have friends online that even with Snopes articles backing me up, and a video of the original interview, still just say that some anti-Hillary article is fake news. Perhaps it actually is better for their mental health to just be allowed to never hear any opposing opinions. They will not change their opinions either way.

Comment Invention (Score 1) 540

No one invents a machine that takes the job of 1000 factory workers away, but requires 1000 engineers to run. The entire point of automation is to require fewer or dumb-er operators/builders/maintainers, to reduce the cost of doing the job, to pay less in total wages. Automation has always hurt the working class. Just because you and everyone you know are descendants of the people who did not starve to death during the industrial revolution, does not mean that life did not get a whole lot worse for the majority.

Comment The Problem is Fake Fact Checking Sites (Score 2) 624

This whole fake news is a made up controversy by the mainstream news sources to give the people something else to blame and try to overshadow the real debate. The real problem as I see it is the proliferation of fake experts. What really caused the news media to go over the deep end this election cycle is fake fact checkers. Snopes is far from perfect and is biased, but Polifact just makes shit up (1)(2). They literally have different people saying the same things, and they award one a rating of "Mostly False" (its way off, 1/3 of the quoted number) and the other "Mostly True".

With access to these fake experts the news can say anything it wants, and provide sources and experts to back up their news. The media creates these "experts" by giving them credibility, while in turn these "fact checkers" lend credibility to the media. It's a cycle of both self delusion and self promotion.

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