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Comment iOS 10.1 bug (Score 1) 147

"uncharacteristically fast battery drainage, applications freezing, and phones crashing completely"

This has been an much under-reported problem with the latest upgrade to iOS 10.1.
Likely a bug in the upgrade is responsible at least in iOS....
It seems like there is very little posted on it.

Here is the section in apple discussions:

Forbes reported on the issue and then has reported again about the latest 10.2 upgrade making the problem worse.
Here is a report in Forbes:

Little acknowledgement from Apple thus far.

Comment Re:Slashdot is officially worse than breitbart now (Score 1) 191

But that is just the point.
Interesting comments get modded down for not conforming to this or that zealots liking
Has nothing to do with actual content or quality of the post so much as perception of content in many cases.

Some are just hunkered down in ideologic bunkers sniping whenever anything they don't think they approve of passes their way.

Comment Re:"Make American Great (for a few) again!" (Score 1) 191

I agree... more of a veneer of anti-globalism was what I was meaning. The appearance of anti-globalism... but meanwhile going gang-busters like kids in a candy store.
Little restraint.... under the very thin veneer.

Of course everything will be for the benefit of the citizens as always.

Comment Re:Jesus fucking christ NO ONE CARES (Score 1) 191

"Your team lost. Deal with it, and shut the fuck up about who Trump appoints...."

Huh? That makes zero sense.
Any citizen or non citizen can comment on anything about what Trump does or doesn't do.....
Right now he is lining up appointments.... people will say stuff about that.

Get used to it. We will have 4-8 years of heavy heavy commentary on everything Trump does... just like their was for Obama and Bush before him and Clinton before him... ....
Each an every day there will be hundreds of news pieces on Trump and his future administration. There will be millions of comments about those stories ...
Prepare your brain for the endless commentary.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 2) 191

Yep.... more of the revolving door we have always had.
So far it seems like Trump is doing much of the same as everyone else who gets into higher office. Surround himself with the establishment and those who have monied interests in things going their way.

So much for draining the swamp... he will make the biggest swamp every in America.... Its going to be HUGE!

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