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Comment Re:Overages? (Score 1) 71

My wife and I dropped our 160/month and now pay roughly 64/month on a group plan with a bunch of family and friends. We take half of the savings and put it away for new phones/phone repair etc. The other 1/2 goes into monthly savings account.
Works well for us and we save about 1100 or so each year. Works very well for us and it seems like it is fairly inexpensive for what we do.
Glad ATT is dropping rates... now maybe we can say a bit more.

Comment Re:Overages? (Score 1) 71

I had Tmobile for about 12 years. It was great and my wife's verizon would conk out all of the time while we were traveling. I even seemed to get reception where nobody else did.

Alas we moved to an area where TMobile works, but didn't have a presence so I couldn't seem to figure out how to get my messages.
Now we are on AT&T. Works well and have a cheap group plan for about 32 bucks a line with data currently... soon to be less.

I suppose now that they are dropping further we will have to figure out how to lower everyones bill to our advantage again.

Gotta love competition.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 1017


All humans think and reason using the same models of brain that evolved for our species.
Thus we all have the same general types of brains and thinking.
None of that has to do with 2D, 3D, 4D or Infinite D if you will

"Actually, no, we live in a 4D world... if you prefer, you think in 3D while Trump thinks in 4D."

Or maybe 5D if you consider space/time... so whatever. The point is all human brains are constrained by the same limitations of our evolution in the universe.
Trump thinks using the same limited brain we all have evolved on this earth.
What each of us thinks varies quite a bit based upon our experiences.
What you seem to be suggesting is that Trump somehow thinks beyond the capacity of mere mortals such as myself.
Would you say that Trump is a genius of unfathomable intellect? What might be evidence for such an assertion.

"Of course you do, because you're a simpleton, thus you can only see the simple view of such things..."

Ah... resorting to turning back a statement upon itself. I am referring to Trump and his vast lack of experience, history, political savvy, diplomacy, or any sort of metric that would make him anything other than a simpleton in such affairs.
You resort to generalized labelling of someone you know zero about.
Reflexive labelling of me in response to my opinion does little to lend any heft to what you say you must realize.

"Trump is where he is and you're where you're at because he is better at this than you are..."
And where is Trump at exactly?
How does one measure better?
What fundamental metrics are you drawing upon exactly.
Since you don't know me I would have to conclude that your statement is founded upon pure ignorance and fanciful thinking.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 1017

Your mistake is that you think in 2D, Trump thinks in 3D...

Not even sure what this really means. I know of zero 2D thinking in our 3D universe.
We are all 3-D thinkers since that is what we live in. a 3D world.

If you honestly believe he'd just walk away "willy nilly" then you simply don't understand the situation...

He is placing an opening position in a negotiation, you never open with the "reasonable middle option", because you'll be forced to move from that. He starts with a far off position and works towards the middle.

Perhaps you could be correct, but I think it is either very transparent bluster on the part of Trump that will soon be found out for what it is... nonsense. Either that or it is in fact Trumps expression of wanting to move in a more isolationist manner with the US. To me it seems that neither is actually all that effective behavior for a Superpower. We must keep our big boy pants on and man up to our role in the world. Superpower adults don't whine and throw fits.... 3 year olds like North Korea do.

Is it I who don't understand the situation? Or is it you? I'm not sure you are privy to Trumps thoughts any more than anyone else... but if you think you have a bead on the situation or are able to divine what Trumps thoughts truly are, then go ahead an believe what you will. I am just dubious. He spends a lot of time saying what people want to hear in many contradictory directions. He is a man of the moment and a man of fluctuating mood. He will say what is on his mind now and may say something entirely different when his mood changes.

I view Trump as a simpleton in the matters of nations.
Being a businessman does not make a person de facto good at governance of a Nation. A nation and a business are not equivalent entities. A business can be run much more top down than can a republic. In a business, the vision and guidance of the owner of said business determines the direction the business goes.

Anyhow... you apparently like Trump from your lauding of his amazing 3D thought process. From my perspective, I suspect he would be a horrible leader. Never has someone with so little understanding of the governance of a Nation been on the cusp of being elected to a post he is so ill equipped for. The US has never elected a president with no experience in the political arena. Franklin would likely be appalled.

However, if Trump is elected which he could easily be, it will make for some interesting times. He will likely be displeased with constantly having to tussle with an unruly legislative body that is likely to give him nothing but grief. I'm sure he will revel in how powerless the president really is. He will have to rely on a lot of people to get things done because he really won't understand much of it. But empty vessels such as him will get filled up by someone. The nation will move forward no matter who is elected.

Hopefully, will Trumps election be of benefit to our Republic and for the betterment of the lives of all of our citizens. Or will he like all elites push for laws which benefit primarily those like him? I think his is likely to push for things that benefit him the most and the debt of our nation will soar. It will certainly be an interesting roll of the dice.

I don't think either of the current candidates is very good and would rather vote no confidence. That way we could get some better options.
Gary Johnson for me is the most interesting candidate although he is also a bit of a question mark as to what he would do. I am interested in hearing more of what he has to say as the campaign wears on.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 1017

Certainly Europe could pay for more of its defense. Japan should as well. I would certainly say our allies need a bigger stake in the game.
However,the idea of willy nilly backing out of arrangements which have had a stabilizing effect on the entire globe would be exceedingly foolish is such a thing were to come to pass.

How would doing so bring our own people healthcare or food?
Our society has such vast wealth that nobody really would need to be hungry or lack healthcare and yet they do.
We simply have set up society in such a way where this is allowed to be.
We have a free enterprise system where people are allowed to fall through the cracks.
We say it is up to the individual and not the government to secure their way in the world and as a consequence some will be cast aside.
The individual has responsibilities to manage their lives.

Pulling back from our alliances is to invite further chaos into the world and seems a poor way to have economic prosperity.
Chaos would put even more of our citizens under pressure perhaps. Less economic prosperity would lead to greater uncertainty for individuals and likely result in greater hunger and lack of healthcare.

Allowing aggressive players to resurge in the world to and be unchallenged would amount to capitulation.
We have seen such foolishness before.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 1017

Wait wasn't trump the one who said NATO needs to be dismantled or something?
If Trump kicks NATO to the curb is he going to just make a deal with Russia so they don't invade Europe in the power vacuum that happens?
Sounds like the Naiveté of a certain Neville Chamberlain person from the not terribly long ago past.

Comment Re:Without Steve Jobs (Score 1) 284

What kind of project are you compiling that would take a week or even a few days?
Most project compiles would not take long at all on even my old beater iMac from 3 years ago.

I don't even remember fresh compiles of Gentoo OS from source taking close to a week long.
You must be working on some serious projects.
What are you programming that might take such long compiles?
Do you have a project up on Github or anything?

I was not a programmer but I did a lot of compiling of software from source for my systems.
That is why when I was busy messing with machines I always had a few computers to work from.
They all were pretty fast systems that I custom built.
So it is nice to have a fast system when your primary work/entertainment is computing.
Kind of like having the best and a wide array of tools for carpentry makes it quicker and easier to build things depending on the carpenter.

But I don't do that sort of thing any longer and I don't have the time to site for days playing games either so I don't really need a screaming system custom like you do.
Not many people do, but lots of people on slashdot are computer geeks and do need such systems.

Comment Re:'Murican values (Score 2) 26

Yep. You are right on.
My nephew's team competed and got into the finals where their team's alliance was crushed by a superior alliance.

But they spent the year helping lots of other teams with building and programming their bots.
They were always busy helping others.

And they always made the point of bringing on a much lesser team as a point of principle even when that ended up disqualifying them from their last competition.
Still they had a great run and a great year all the while helping as many as they could along the way.
Memories to last a lifetime!!!!

Comment Re:Without Steve Jobs (Score 1) 284

Not really, but I suppose when someone is already underwater in De Nile that makes sense. hahahaha

Sorry I missed our continuing conversation.
I was away and traveling for the weekend.

Anyhow... you never answered my questions about what exactly you do.
You mentioned needing a speedy system, but what ... other than for gaming is the water cooling for?

Comment Re:Without Steve Jobs (Score 1) 284

And you couldn't understand it.
I can't really account for how other people wrongly skim what I say.

You keep saying a bunch of stuff about what I said and what I meant which has nothing to do with what my actual words said. Then you tell me how I should have phrased it better.

Perhaps I could have phrased it better, but in the end if other people put meaning into it that isn't there, then that is on them.

Yes... I made the statement.
Yes iMacs work for me.
Yes People choose the machines which suit their needs.

Those are just the facts and those are what the words in the phrase you quoted mean. Sorry you feel I am the nitwit.
But then again you seem to have a penchant for not understanding things and then accusing others or saying what they didn't actually say.
Perhaps a simple mistake, but you don't simply admit you made a mistake either because you have gone too far down the rabbit hole or because you truly don't understand.

Either way.... not my problem.

Comment Re:Without Steve Jobs (Score 1) 284

Oh btw... my reference to the Ben Franklin was not about holding myself up as a genius. I was talking about you.
But since you seem to have difficulty with understanding things Bionic Lemming I will try and guide you once more.

By putting that rather apt quote in there, I was trying to point out the fact that you are too hurried and need more patience so that you can comprehend things before you jump on what people say without solid understanding of what you read.
Your genius will be allowed to flourish if you have more patience and don't act in such haste my friend.

If not, you will continue to bury yourself in repeated cycles of misunderstanding.

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