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Comment Re:already been reinvented (Score 1) 200

It's really not that complicated. Netflix has prospered by doing away with crap people were forced to endure. That's been done. I suppose you can look to remove MORE things people are forced to endure. Remove all the credits from every show and make them all available to anyone who gives a crap about the name of the associate producer's assistant. Make that available online and spare us. After that, just having a slick interface, exclusive content, and as wide a range of non-exclusive content as possible. Also, provide a catalog of everything ever made even if you're not offering it (perhaps at an additional cost?) so that I can make a master queue of everything I ever want to watch. Throw in IMDB so that I can queue up all of Jim Carrey's movies to my list and I'm a paying customer.

Comment Re:already been reinvented (Score 1) 200

Netflix isn't JUST content. It's a philosophy. Do you know how nice it is to never watch commercials, watch all shows of a NEW season immediately, and all with a model that is dirt cheap? I haven't seen anyone else offer anything like this. Everyone wants to cram ads (hulu) or blur the space of content that requires additional fees and can be enjoyed without paying more money (amazon). That being said, we're all always waiting for a better mouse trap, but so far I haven't seen anything that's superior to Netflix.

Comment not science based (Score 1) 228

We can't even use genetics to predict when someone will get type 2 diabetes, much less predict "leadership" aptitude. So much of this stuff is environmental and even the part that is genetic can be complex and impossible to predict. We know that type 2 diabetes has a strong environmental component, but even the genetic component isn't understood well. Most genes linked to diabetes are unknown, but we know they exist due to inheritance patterns. How in the ever loving hell would we apply genetics to something as complex and environmental as leadership when even type 2 diabetes isn't there yet? I'd like to volunteer my services to screen out junk posts on slashdot that have anything to do with genetics. This is rubbish.

Comment Asshole genius (Score 1) 294

Ok, Linus sounds like a total asshole with no iota of social grace, but the dude is a freaking genius. This more than offsets his negatives. Think of all the assholes walking around out there who don't do jack for society. I actually fear for Linus. If anything ever happened to him, people like Andrew are going to make so that the linux codebase gradually descends into chaos. I can already see the memes (hopefully many years from now) with Linux saying "miss me?" and smiling while beating an inferior programmer with his old man cane.

Comment not being pleased by your CEO is by design (Score 1) 205

Modern corporations operate not to maximize employee satisfaction, but to maximize profit. CEOs have a mandate to appease shareholders and not employees. This often means doing things like freezing bonuses, cutting jobs, salaries that don't keep up with inflation, and cutting benefits. Of course employees would fire their CEOs. This is subjective. What are the goals of the corporation (99 out of 100 times it's to make money folks)? Are they being met thanks to decisions made by the CEO?

Comment Re:I don't get it. (Score 1) 541

Where he got into trouble was when he made the comparison with traits that are known to be different across entire populations/races. There is no evidence that (like blonde hair) certain populations have a higher genetic predisposition for intelligence. This fact, as opposed to adherence to PC, is one of the reasons that we should never claim that there is a difference in intelligence across different racial groups.

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