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Comment Idiotic Summary (Score 4, Insightful) 417

That is easily one of the most negative and idiotic summaries I've ever seen. When you write a summary that focuses on the smaller number of people, it clearly denotes your bias. After all, most intelligent people would focus on the positive numbers. Let's see:

The five features owners most commonly report that they "never use" are:
in-vehicle concierge (43%) - that means that 57% do use it
mobile routers (38%) - that means that 62% do use it
automatic parking systems (35%) - that means that 65% do use it
heads-up display (33%) - that means that 67% do use it
and built-in apps (32%) - and 68% do use it

In other words, in all instances, a majority of people _DO_ use the feature.

And next:
Additionally, there are 14 technology features that 20% or more of owners don't even want in their next vehicle. - alternatively, it can be viewed as approximately 80% of owners want it in their next vehicle

Focus on the smaller (to say the least) number of people with the negative stance rather than the (significantly) higher number of people who have a positive view. But, hey, those larger numbers and positive stance doesn't allow someone to paint a negative picture. After all, positive facts aren't negative.

Comment On Its Way Out (Score 2, Interesting) 221

Flash was on its way out when Steve Jobs decided that Apple wouldn't permit Flash to operate on iPod Touches and iPhones and iPads. Lots of people disagreed with him back then, most vocally anyone connected to Adobe, but he knew what the future held and boldly took that first step.

While it's nice that other companies have finally clued in and are following suit, let's not attribute the insight to them - they wanted almost a decade before finally following Jobs' insightful decision.

Comment Re:Wow.... you drank gallons of the kool-aid..... (Score 1) 308

Could you point out where I said "If we keep up at the rate we're going, we're going to cause a global wipeout of ALL HUMANITY...."

I bet you can't. You added words to alter a point and changed text to all caps to alter the intensity of the message and ignored significant portions of the sentence to facilitate a fabricated point you're attempting to make.

How about you reply to what I actually said and not misquote me to facilitate a rant. If you're going to quote someone, use copy paste or don't bother with the quotes.

Comment Re:Yeah, well .... (Score 2) 308

Look, "climate change" may be the hot discussion topic right now - but it's crazy thinking we can put a serious dent in it and "turn it around" simply by shutting down a bunch of our nation's power generation plants!

That's the most infuriating, idiotic thing that is continually said in this sort of discussion.

Here, let me spell it out for you - why do you think the global temperature has _DRAMATICALLY_ spiked in recent years? Explain to me, in an intelligent way, how and why the temperature of the entire planet has increased faster and more radically than it normally does.

If you need some help, here, let me help you: It's because of us.

We are releasing so much garbage into the air that we are causing the temperature of the entire planet to radically increase at an alarming and dangerous rate.

And here's the important part that nimrods like you fail to understand (or possibly chose to ignore because it goes against your profession) - if we don't change and change radically, soon, the temperature is going to continue to rise, ice caps are going to melt, water levels are going to rise, plants and animals are going to undergo massive and dangerous changes, and we're going to put the lives of every person on the planet, even you, in serious, serious, serious danger. Most likely, if we keep up at the rate we're going, we're going to cause a global wipeout of humanity that will kill a massive majority of the human population (along with a lot of other races along the way).

So, yes, shutting down the power plants responsible for the temperature _increase_ will help slow things down or possibly even set things back to a normal rate if we're radical but I know we won't be.

Or we could do nothing and the majority of us die as you suggest.

Take your pick.

Comment Re:Many small solutions through a day (Score 1) 174

I don;t mind if they say they don't like it and back it with intelligent commentary. It does happen and I'm fine with that. I may disagree with a great deal of it but it's an opinion based on intelligent information.

I just find it idiotic when they voice their dislike of it and back it with nothing of value other than insulting and idiotic commentary.

And, for the record, that opinion applies to pretty much any item, not just an Apple item. If you like something, back it with an informative post. If you dislike something, do the same thing. Otherwise, expect to be ignored.

Comment Re:Hi speed chase, hum? (Score 1) 443

Wouldn't it be much better to deploy a helicopter, drone...

And, as soon as they deploy a drone, you'll be raging about the police flying big brother over your head.

No. Seriously. Do you honestly think people's reaction would be "hey, that's a smart idea" or do you think people would lose their shit? I know which one I would expect.

Comment Re:Creativity (Score 2) 209

But the founding and initial success of Apple would not have happened without Wozniak.

And you never, ever would have heard of Wozniak without Jobs.


Wozniak needed what Jobs brought to the table as much as Jobs needed what Woz brought. Each, without the other, would have been nothing.

Comment Re:Please make it a mental one (Score 0) 625

Said like someone who has absolutely no understanding of what addiction is and how it might come about and a complete lack of compassion for those that suffer it.

You're addicted to something? Hey, just stop being addicted! See, problem solved!


You make it sound like these people just need to make a choice and change their diets and the way they live. You fail to understand that, in their heads, they don't have a choice. For a whole myriad and complex collection of possible reasons, they eat and live the way they do because that's what they believe is their only choice.

That is addiction - a compulsion to act a certain way or do a certain thing with no sense of choice of being able to stop.

Sorry, but we don't live in your simplistic world.

Comment Re:Share of warehouse inventory not good metric (Score 1) 179

I'm surprised that no law firm nor the SEC has taken action against Samsung for lying to their investors. I don't know for certain but I would assume that lying to one's shareholders is both illegal and worthy of a class action lawsuit. When I first saw the news that they'd lied - let's call it "misreported" - to shareholders, I assumed that was going to quickly lead to very bad things for them. So far, nothing. I'm surprised about that.

Comment Strategy Analytics? (Score 3, Informative) 179

People still put any trust in what Strategy Analytics has to say? Seriously?

Their numbers are routinely discredited, in the extreme. They aren't making slight errors - they are overtly fabricating numbers seemingly out of thin air all with an eye on, as they say on their own website, "improving competitive positioning" for their clients. They aren't a market analyst firm. They have clients and they serve the interest of those clients, up to and including creating the impression that their clients are performing in the market better than they actually are.

Even when confronted with hard numbers that show their figures are off by several million, they stand firm and do not correct their data. We're not talking about being off by slight degrees - we're talking about figures large enough to engulf the entire reported sales figures of major manufacturers. We're talking about things like figures including phantom product categories that nobody - nobody - can verify.

They are making shit up.

Come on - they aren't reliable even as one set of data points to be viewed alongside other analysts firms' data. I could make up numbers and be as reliable as they are. If we want to be taken seriously as knowledgable nerds, we have to stop putting any stock into anything that comes out of companies like Strategy Analytics.

Comment Re:Are they allowed to do that? (Score 5, Informative) 244

In app purchases pay a 30% fee to Apple to payment processing, etc. Purchases made outside the app (ie: at a developer's website such as do not incur the 30% fee.

It's up to each developer to decide if the 30% fee is worth the ease of use and Apple handling all the payment processing or not. The vast, vast, vast majority of developers happily pay that fee. Amazon is the one high profile developer to buck that trend, first with Kindle and now with Comixology.

Submission + - Amazon Turns Off In App Purchases In iOS Comixology (

whisper_jeff writes: Under the bold assumption that, since they were able to do it with books, they must be able to do it with comics, Amazon has decided to avoid Apple's 30% cut of in app purchases by removing the option from iOS users. It will be interesting to see if digital comic readers leap through the extra hoops to read digital comics on their iOS device or if Amazon has just signed the death knell for their new purchase as readers decide that buying a book and buying a comic aren't the same thing — that the extra hoops they're being forced to leap through simply aren't worth it for a comic that takes five minutes to read.

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