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Submission + - Amazon Turns Off In App Purchases In iOS Comixology (

whisper_jeff writes: Under the bold assumption that, since they were able to do it with books, they must be able to do it with comics, Amazon has decided to avoid Apple's 30% cut of in app purchases by removing the option from iOS users. It will be interesting to see if digital comic readers leap through the extra hoops to read digital comics on their iOS device or if Amazon has just signed the death knell for their new purchase as readers decide that buying a book and buying a comic aren't the same thing — that the extra hoops they're being forced to leap through simply aren't worth it for a comic that takes five minutes to read.

Submission + - Autoplay is Vile

whisper_jeff writes: For some odd reason, Facebook has decided to burn user's bandwidth with autoplay video clips rather than leaving the user to make a choice whether or not to click should they wish to watch a video (because one click must be hard...). Not wishing to be outdone, Slashdot has decided to jump on the autoplay bandwagon with possibly the most useless autoplay ever — audio clips that robotically read the content of the page you're reading. Now, it may just be an April Fools joke but, if not, short of disabling the "feature" or providing an easy way for users to turn it off, this will be the straw that breaks this camel's back and will be the end of me being a regular Slashdot reader. And, if it's an April Fools joke, it's moronic because, for the remainder of the day, I won't be reading Slashdot because, quite frankly, autoplay media is just that annoying. And we all know driving away readers is good for business...

Submission + - "Market research" firm, Strategy Analytics, basically admits to lying (

whisper_jeff writes: "Market research" firm, Strategy Analytics, often the source for questionable tech industry headlines that portray Apple as a beleaguered company on the verge of failing, essentially admits to doctoring data to manipulate markets. As described on their website, they offer their clients a wide range of services including "influencing consumer behavior and buying preferences". The question of course becomes, with such an outright admission that they are attempting to manipulate the markets for their clients, why would any news agency relying on their "data".

Submission + - Samsung Found to be Boosting their Benchmark Scores (

whisper_jeff writes: AnandTech has discovered that Samsung has code that intentionally speeds up their Galaxy S 4, equipped with the first generation Exynos 5 Octa (5410) SoC from 480MHz up to a zippier 533MHz but only when the device is being benchmarked. The faster clock speeds do not accurately reflect the actual speed of the device since they cannot be accessed unless the device is being benchmarked which forces one to assume that Samsung is intentionally padding the numbers in an effort to look better in a highly competitive market. Presumably they've realized that running at the increased clock speed will devour battery life and heat the device up, two unfavorable results, but they want the prestige of the high benchmark results and figured speeding the device up only for benchmark tests was acceptable.

Submission + - Apple Did Not Ban Saga #12 ( 1

whisper_jeff writes: After a day of nerd rage over assumed homophobia, it turns out that Apple did not, in fact, ban Saga #12. It turns out Comixology did not make the comic available on their own.

Submission + - Some Apple iMac's "Assembled in America" ( 1

whisper_jeff writes: A number of newly-purchased standard units are showing an "Assembled in America" notation. While the markings don't necessarily mean that Apple is in the midst of transferring its entire assembly operation from China to the U.S., it does indicate that at least a few of the new iMacs were substantially assembled domestically.

Submission + - Kim Dotcom search warrants "invalid," mansion raid "illegal" (

whisper_jeff writes: The New Zealand police who were working on behalf of the FBI who were working on behalf of the MPAA and RIAA executed an illegal search warrant and unlawfully shared material with the FBI. I suspect the MPAA and RIAA will use this as an example of why search warrants need to be done away with so that pesky due process doesn't get in the way of their law enforcement efforts. You know, since the MPAA and RIAA are law enforcement agencies and all...

Submission + - Posner Dismisses Apple/Motorola Case, With Prejudice (

whisper_jeff writes: Judge Posner has dismissed the case between Apple and Motorola, with prejudice (meaning they can't refile), putting an end to this patent dispute between the two companies. Adding my personal opinion, I know many on Slashdot will be happy to hear Apple's lawsuit failed, I am happier to hear that Motorola has been prevented from abusing FRAND patents, a situation I feel could set a very bad, very dangerous precedent for the entire industry.

Submission + - Motorola Seeks 2.25% of Apple's Sales to Cover Essential Patent License (

whisper_jeff writes: AppleInsider reports that "Recently uncovered court documents from Motorola's legal complaints against Apple have revealed that the handset maker is seeking 2.25 percent of Apple's sales of wireless devices in exchange for a patent license covering its standard-essential intellectual property." Now, I'm no legal expert but I'd think that 2.25% to one company is the very definition of NOT Fair nor Reasonable when it comes to a FRAND patent.

Submission + - Adobe Rumoured to Abandon Flash Mobile (

whisper_jeff writes: Adobe has briefed its employees on the company's plans to abandon development of Flash player for mobile browsers. "Our future work with Flash on mobile devices will be focused on enabling Flash developers to package native apps with Adobe AIR for all the major app stores. We will no longer adapt Flash Player for mobile devices to new browser, OS version or device configurations. Some of our source code licensees may opt to continue working on and releasing their own implementations. We will continue to support the current Android and PlayBook configurations with critical bug fixes and security updates."

Submission + - Google's Patent Complaints, Microsoft's Response (

whisper_jeff writes: Endgadget has a story about how Google's Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond, made bold complaints about what he calls a "hostile, organized campaign against Android by Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and other companies, waged through bogus patents." He further claims those efforts amount to a "tax" that makes Android devices more expensive for consumers and manufacturers alike, and that "instead of competing by building new features or devices, they are fighting through litigation." Brad Smith, Microsoft's General Counsel, however has responded, tweeting "Google says we bought Novell patents to keep them from Google. Really? We asked them to bid jointly with us. They said no."Relatedly, as blogger John Gruber notes, if Google wanted to use the patents defensively, as they claim, what exactly does Google need to defend against, if not actual patents Android actually violates?

Submission + - Jailbreaking iPhone now Legal (

whisper_jeff writes: "The U.S. government on Monday announced new rules make it officially legal for iPhone owners to "jailbreak" their device and run unauthorized third-party applications, as well as the ability to unlock any cell phone for use on multiple carriers."

I would imagine this news will hasten the (official) arrival of the iPhone on rival networks in the US.

Submission + - Canadian Copyright Lobby Astroturfs C-32 (

whisper_jeff writes: Michael Geist has an article bringing to light an astroturfing campaign by Canada's copyright lobby groups. "The copyright lobby, almost certainly led by the Canadian Recording Industry Association, has launched a major astroturf campaign in which it hopes to enlist company employees to register their support for Bill C-32 and to criticize articles or comments that take issue with elements of the proposed legislation." Needless to say, I think this encourages a letter to one's MP to make them aware of the astroturfing (and what it means) so that politicians won't be fooled by the fake groundswell of support for Bill C-32.

Submission + - Android Fragmentation/Obsolescence (

whisper_jeff writes: Engadget has an interesting article up discussing whether or not Android is fragmenting. While the article discusses the concept that it may be more about handsets becoming obsolete at a dramatic pace rather than the OS fragmenting, it also begins by noting that there are currently five different versions of Android on the market, which implies there is a notable degree of fragmentation. Regardless of it being fragmentation or handsets becoming obsolete to new feature sets in a terribly short period of time, I believe this development cycle could turn casual consumers away and hurt Android's chances at long term mainstream success.

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