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Comment Re:Why can't (Score 1) 349

Don't be coy. You pay for water and electricity because those are finite resources. Bandwidth is not a resource. You aren't "using it up" because you don't have a limit to how much can be used. People can overload the pipes but they can't use all the bandwidth up and force the ISP to generate more. It's the equivalent of your water system simply being the pipes (A SERIES OF TUBES) and not actually having to send any water.

Comment Not quite (Score 1) 250

What he's describing is something that works with their POS without allowing the computer to actually process the transaction or see card data. We have that product at my company as well. I don't do that stuff anymore, but I did help with that project originally and it was a cool idea. ECRi was where the thing plugging into the register is the entire credit card machine and it simply passes back an approval to the POS without any actual card data making it there. It's a hell of a lot more secure than using a PIN pad.

If you think about it, there's basically no reason at all they need to process the actual card with their computers. The POS exists to ring up totals and keep track of things. It does not need to take any part in the actual authorization of the card...that's how shit like THIS happens.

Comment Re:Stupid media bait (Score 1) 397

If they can deliver to a majority of their customers in big cities, do you really think they care about people living in the middle of nowhere? I mean, I'm in Phoenix right now and a 10 mile radius around the warehouse they have here would cover a fairly significant portion of city. If they built one on the opposite side of the valley, they would really have something...or if they just had longer range copters eventually. My main point here though is that this service isn't for people that live way the hell away from this stuff. It's for big cities where lots of people live in a smaller area.

Comment Re:Microsoft can do whatever they want to it... (Score 1) 157

The only reason anyone uses Windows is to run Windows apps. If I want tablet stuff, Android does it better. They've taken a Windows OS, removed the ability to run Windows programs, and tried to force everyone to get stuff from their store so that they can get a cut and so that they can control what is allowed to be in said store. Why on Earth would I want to encourage that? If they let me side load, that would be one thing and I could simply opt out of the store, but you can't. On top of that, they barely have shit in that store anyway. So now I'm getting a "Windows" tablet that can't do shit because no one develops for RT. Everyone develops for Android and iOS. If they TRULY wanted to move the platform forward, they would allow side loading and they would continue compatibility with Win32.

If I can't install programs the way I always have (without any input from Microsoft), then they can take their OS and shove it up their asses.

Comment Re:That's great and all... (Score 1) 509

Just as a side note (I'm a PC gamer mainly), there is no game you can buy on PS4 that doesn't also have DRM all over it on PC except maybe some of those indie titles. They're either Steamworks, Origin, or U-Play. The big guys rarely put out a game that is DRM free. Now if you're talking about only buying DRM free games, rock on, PC is the place for that for sure.

Comment Re:Sure, they promise all this now. (Score 1) 509

Not to be a Sony cheerleader or anything but you realize that game is NOT made by Sony? So maybe the firmware update was leveraging a feature that wasn't available on older versions? I mean I could be wrong but why else would a 3rd party put PS3 firmware updates on disc?

And for the guy that had his PS3 updated by a Bluray...all bluray players require updates to continue functioning with newer movies don't they (I have no idea why)? Sony should have been nicer about it and made the bluray updates separate though.

Comment Re:Damage control (Score 1) 611

I always see people here complain about Steam always running and I wonder what the hell kind of machines they're running. If you have a gaming rig at this point you have at the VERY least, 4gb of memory. Most of us have 8gb of more. That piddly little
Personally I like as much Steam integration as I can get. Using Steam as a backend for multiplayer is awesome. Steam achievements too. It's like its own little console that allows me to still run mods and shit. They have outrageous sales constantly and if I really need to, I can use offline mode. It's not perfect but I generally don't HAVE to use it if I don't want to. Steam is something I WANT to use because it adds value for me.

Comment Re:Vote with your dollars, complain with your mout (Score 1) 369

Thank you. Hit the nail on the head. Just because I've "voted with my dollars" doesn't mean I'm going to sit here silently while you continue doing this shit even after I've tried to show you with money.

I'm going to complain and I'll keep doing it and I'll be especially pissed when you do shit like what they did with Mass Effect 3 and pulled a character out of the game, claimed it was DLC that they worked on later (despite there being references to him all throughout the game's code), and then proceeded to tell us that potentially one of the most important characters in the game wasn't really important and you could just play without him. This is called shitting on your fanbase. I was not happy about that and I'm still not. Yeah, I could have done without it, but after I'd invested over 100 bucks in the 3 Mass Effect games, I think they could give me a fucking $5 character for free. That was a pretty dickish thing to do, in my opinion and it's a pretty good example of doing shitty things with DLC.

Oh and apparently the 90s didn't exist? At some point quarter munchers stopped and we just had games and then expansions. No $100 in DLC that looks like they ripped it from the finished product and launched it on day 1 (or in Capcom's case IT WAS ON THE DISC WHEN THEY SHIPPED IT).

Comment Re:complain (Score 3, Insightful) 347

Except that, again, you have to specifically opt into it. So you're not a user...good for you? No one is forced to use the service at all. I don't understand what the point of these comments are.

I'm not a user either, but I don't care that the feature EXISTS. I just don't use it. Why would anyone care about that thing if they have to turn it on to use it?

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