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Submission + - Hacker Guccifer Arrested in Romania (

DavidGilbert99 writes: The hacker who leaked nude self-portraits of former US president George W. Bush and accused former US secretary of state Colin Powell of having an affair with a Romanian politician has been arrested in Romania. Local media reports that 40-year-old Marcel Lazr Lehel was arrested by Romanian authorities working in conjunction with US authorities.

Submission + - RIM Facing $147.2 Million Patent verdict (

An anonymous reader writes: Reuters reports that beleaguered wireless device maker Research In Motion is on the losing end of a patent suit that will cost them $147.2 million. The jury arrived at that number by assigning an $8 royalty for every BlackBerry connected to RIM's enterprise server software. Unsurprisingly, RIM intends to appeal the decision. 'Mformation sued RIM in 2008, bringing claims on a patent for a process that remotely manages a wireless device over a wireless network, a court filing says. According to its web site, Mformation helps corporations manage their smart phone inventory. The company also says it helps telecoms operators, such as AT&T and Sprint, with remote fixes and upgrades for users' gadgets. RIM argued that Mformation's patent claims are invalid because the processes were already being used when Mformation filed its patent application.'

Submission + - 10/GUI - Computer Interface Concept (

Naznarreb writes: R. Clayton Miller has an extremely impressive GUI concept he's calling 10/GUI. Essentially, it combines the high-bandwidth input possibilities of multi-touch interfaces with the ease and immediacy of a mouse. The video is quite impressive and for me at least, pretty jaw dropping. This is a dramatic re-vision of the current mouse/screen schema, one that I think significant potential.

Submission + - SPAM: Hydrogen fuel cell to charge your mobile phone

dreemteem writes: "Taiwanese researchers have built a new mobile-phone recharger based on fuel cell technology they say will cost little once manufacturing partners are on board.
The handset rechargers, which contains the fuel cell, will cost around £20, while the fuel itself will come in small blue plastic tubes for about 20p each, said Jerry Ku, a researcher at the Industrial Technology Research Institute, a government funded lab in Taiwan.
"The fuel canisters are inexpensive and small. They could be sold at 7-Eleven," he said."

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Submission + - Senators against Net Neutrality ( 3

opencity writes: "Led by Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison a group of Senators have introduced a bill to prevent the FCC from getting funding for any initiative to uphold Net neutrality. This is after FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski stated the Obama administrations plan to enforce Net neutrality."

Submission + - The world's first four-screen laptop ( 1

Barence writes: "Intel has stunned visitors at IDF by showing off the world's first four-screen laptop. The oddly-named "Tangent Bay" has three miniature touchscreens set horizontally into the case below the main, full-sized panel. It is a fully functional prototype: delegates were able to scroll photos around the touchscreens by swiping with a finger. The idea smacked a little too much of the ill-fated Vista SideShow."

Submission + - A journalist to pay 3500 euros for helping in a se (

An anonymous reader writes: Damien Bancal, a welll known security reporter, webmaster of, has been condamned by a French court for helping the company Forever living products, to solve a security issu on one of their ftp server. Damien Bancal was told by a reader of the security issue, checked it, then told the company immediatly. The company secure their server, send an email to Damien to thank him. Zataz published the story without publishing the material or reveal the exact method that allowed access. Then Forever living products assigned him to justice. And yesterday a French court decided that Zataz's webmaster was guilty, for introducing himself on the ftp server and diffaming the company. He has to pay 3500 euros to Forever living products, and destroyed all the "evidences". That decision has all the French community of journalists and bloggers raise in protests. But since it's not the first time that Damien Bancal is taken to court by a company he helped, the reporter is considering closing his website.

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