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Comment Re:doh! (Score 2, Informative) 528

Obama didn't release his birth certificate for one very good reason, he is very clever and Trump is very stupid.

The fact is that the Republicans will always invent some crazy idiotic 'scandal' that they obsess about and endlessly throw up smoke. The birther conspiracy was mind numbingly ridiculous. It would require someone to go back in time to plant the birth notice in the papers. Or for some group of conspirators to go to an enormous amount of trouble in order to make a particular black kid president.

So rather than release the birth certificate and let the Republicans invent a new scandal, Obama held onto it and let them obsess about a scandal nobody else thought made the slightest sense, knowing that he could knock their house of cards down any time he chose. Which of course he did a week before the Bin Laden raid which was guaranteed to end the story.

George W. Bush opened torture chambers across the world and collected photographs for a sick sexual thrill. Yet nobody ever talks about that. None of the people complaining about Hilary ever complained about GWB refusing to comply with Congressional investigation or the deletion of 5 million emails.

So here is what is going to happen. Trump is going to go down to the biggest defeat since Carter and he is going to drag the rest of his party down with him. And afterwards there is going to be a new civil rights act that prohibits Republican voter suppression tactics and the gerrymandering that give them a 5% advantage in elections. And by the time it is all done the Republican party will have two choices, either boot the racist conspiracy theorists and Trumpists out or face two decades in the wilderness.

Comment Capital is king (Score 1) 1145

The problem with this old-fashioned notion of capitalism is that it works only if value-creation comes from labor: you buy leather and make shoes, then sell them. You have a profit motive to make shoes, and if you work hard making shoes, you get money.

The problem is that the economy has been shifting for a long time away from that. If I have capital, I can buy a robot to make the shoes for me. If robot maintenance is cheap, then I can create value for almost nothing. Then I earn a lot of money, for doing nothing other than investing my capital. So, my ex-employees starve. (And then I have no one to sell shoes to! Oh no! Recession!)

Large pots of capital are growing larger, which centralizes wealth. We need a way of spreading this wealth around so that everyone can live. There are lots of ways to do the taking (capital gains, inheritance taxes, etc etc) and lots of ways of spreading it around (food stamps, social security, etc etc). UBI proposal is one of the latter, but it's important in the magnitude that it suggest is neccessary.

Comment Re:wrong premise (Score 1) 200

White: 19,809
Black: 628
Asian: 9,924
Hispanic: 1,428
Hawaiian/Pacific: 61
American Indian: 41

You see, this is the funny bit. If you wanted to make it representative of the general population, you'd need to hire about 5,000 MORE whites and fire about 8,000 asians. But of course, facts are wildly unpopular when people just want to play identity politics and hate on the majority.

Comment Re:Huffman alternative (Score 4, Insightful) 135

Look, they clearly state that the operate at the level of JPEG-files. So, where is the confusion coming from? They are analyzing JPEG files and using features of that format to compress the already compressed files further.

Which I, honestly, find very impressive.

The reproduce JPEG files in a bit-by-bit faithful fashion. And the have tested in on 16 million (or was it billion) files where it worked without problems plus they don't replace user files unless they have checked that it decodes correctly. I presume that the process is actually transparent to the Dropbox user.

I don't see the problem that you have with this, sorry.

Good work lads!

Comment Author living on another planet? (Score 1) 729

Did the person who wrote TFA even look for consistency in their article? Who the fuck says you need to build your own? There are tons of options for buying pre-built gaming PCs, so getting into PCs is no more difficult than knowing how to order shit online. And did he just seriously mention gaming and Apple computers in the same paragraph? Just casually browsing newegg I managed to configure a custom pre-built PC in 5 minutes that would absolutely skull fuck anything currently sold by Apple at twice the price in gaming performance.

Comment Re:Apples-Oranges (Score 1) 760

This debate isn't relevant.

The new law simply stipulates:
  - If you have capital gains, you can pay taxes at the full income tax rate, OR
  - you can get drug tested. If you pass, you can have the lower rate.

Low capital gains taxes require others to make up their share of your taxes (or suffer the reduced services). We simply choose not to offer such benefits to someone undeserving... using exactly the same criteria as for poverty benefits.

Of course it won't happen in reality, but I think ti's sound.

Comment Re:Sun alumnis (Score 1) 43

The question is: will Samsung integrate those pearls? Or would this Solaris platform be shelved?

Shelving the Illumos core of SmartOS (Joyent's cloud OS platform) would essentially completely destroy all value in Joyent. Its distinctive cloud technology is intimately tied to Zones.

Comment Yes - 2500 F (Score 1) 1144

A very interesting technology choice is a this: get a very large, very hot ceramic container and put all the guns in it. Then melt them.

Responses to the inevitable:
- Of course you can't get rid of all guns, but you can make them much harder to obtain.. and make it so people can be arrested simply for attempting to obtain them or cary them.
    - This is proven by other countries, which have much lower rates of gun ownership, and fewer deaths in both single murders and multiple murders.
    - There are more privately-owned guns in the US than any other country in the world.
- Of course there are other ways to kill people. Yet automatic weapons remain the choice of tool for mass killings. Probably because it's the best.
- No, guns do not reduce crime
- No, you will never be a hero with your gun.

One source, amongst many:

Comment Re:drone vs autopilot (Score 1) 59

The FMS doesn't navigate, it assists pilots in navigating. Yeah, it's cute while flying on the pretty magenta line, but if you've ever flown in real life, you'd know that things rarely go exactly according to plan each time. Diversions, directs, holdings, offsets, vectors, changes in approaches, go-arounds, terrain avoidance, all ultimately end up as decisions by pilots. The FMS is a helpful automation tool, but it's a tool for the pilots. It is in no sense autonomous.
And give me a break on "handle emergencies". The best I've ever seen an FMS do is give you an engine-out SID or max cruise performance adjustment. It won't fly the aircraft for you, it won't solve the problem for you and ultimately it won't decide for you. It is a means, not an end.

Comment Re:drone vs autopilot (Score 1) 59

An autopilot is a relatively straightforward and simple system. It has a small handful of fixed modes and is programmed, adjusted and continuously monitored by a human pilot in flight. If an autopilot starts messing things up (and this happens more often than you'd think), the human pilot takes over and stabilizes things. If an emergency occurs, the human takes over. If a helicopter loses its engine, the pilot judges a safe landing spot and executes an autorotation landing. An autonomous drone is way past these. Besides doing the whole flight without human intervention or oversight, it needs to be able to make decisions when shit starts hitting the fan.

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