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Comment Re:Embraer? Bombardier? (Score 1) 170

I guess Qantas wouldn't even need to purchase the overpriced A380, a 777-300ER might do the job just as well for a lot less. A little less capacity, but a lot lower operating costs, with ETOPS no problem operating it over the Pacific anymore and a far easier job finding suitable gates and airports for it. But I suppose if you already have it in your fleet, might as well go ahead and use it.

Comment Re:Ukraine to the rescue (Score 1) 170

The categories aren't without overlaps.

They are without overlap. You can't just swap aircraft types without serious infrastructure changes in an airline. Airplanes aren't cars.

Just what FedEx [] or UPS might want then, right?

No. The Mria is much larger than is often needed or even wanted (airport/handling restrictions), it has terrible fuel economy and doesn't fit within the fleet composition of FedEx or UPS. Again, you can't just switch airplane makes like you do with cars. There are training considerations, certifications, maintenance, parts availability, manufacturer support, etc. etc. Bigger isn't always better. Just ask Airbus about their A380F (total market flop).

Comment Re:Ukraine to the rescue (Score 1) 170

Ukraine to what rescue? The demand being discussed here is for passenger aircraft in the 100-200 seat category for short-to-medium routes. Did I miss a recent Ukrainian aircraft in that category? Mria is basically a 1980s huge empty flying box, a completely different aircraft for a completely different job.

Comment Re:Embraer? Bombardier? (Score 4, Insightful) 170

Aircraft aren't like cars, you can't just hop from one to the next. There are certifications, training, simulators, supply chain, support infrastructure, etc. etc. It's why low-cost carriers are total monocultures in terms of aircraft they use. Ryanair *only* flies the 737NG. Easyjet *only* flies the A320 family.

Comment Re:What happens to ZFS? (Score 1) 127

The source bases between Oracle ZFS and OpenZFS are still probably 90% identical. The disk format has changed recently, but you can still create an old-format pool to facilitate data interchange between the two and it'll work without a hitch (if not, file a bug).

Comment Re:wrong premise (Score 1) 200

White: 19,809
Black: 628
Asian: 9,924
Hispanic: 1,428
Hawaiian/Pacific: 61
American Indian: 41

You see, this is the funny bit. If you wanted to make it representative of the general population, you'd need to hire about 5,000 MORE whites and fire about 8,000 asians. But of course, facts are wildly unpopular when people just want to play identity politics and hate on the majority.

Comment Author living on another planet? (Score 1) 729

Did the person who wrote TFA even look for consistency in their article? Who the fuck says you need to build your own? There are tons of options for buying pre-built gaming PCs, so getting into PCs is no more difficult than knowing how to order shit online. And did he just seriously mention gaming and Apple computers in the same paragraph? Just casually browsing newegg I managed to configure a custom pre-built PC in 5 minutes that would absolutely skull fuck anything currently sold by Apple at twice the price in gaming performance.

Comment Re:Sun alumnis (Score 1) 43

The question is: will Samsung integrate those pearls? Or would this Solaris platform be shelved?

Shelving the Illumos core of SmartOS (Joyent's cloud OS platform) would essentially completely destroy all value in Joyent. Its distinctive cloud technology is intimately tied to Zones.

Comment Re:drone vs autopilot (Score 1) 59

The FMS doesn't navigate, it assists pilots in navigating. Yeah, it's cute while flying on the pretty magenta line, but if you've ever flown in real life, you'd know that things rarely go exactly according to plan each time. Diversions, directs, holdings, offsets, vectors, changes in approaches, go-arounds, terrain avoidance, all ultimately end up as decisions by pilots. The FMS is a helpful automation tool, but it's a tool for the pilots. It is in no sense autonomous.
And give me a break on "handle emergencies". The best I've ever seen an FMS do is give you an engine-out SID or max cruise performance adjustment. It won't fly the aircraft for you, it won't solve the problem for you and ultimately it won't decide for you. It is a means, not an end.

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