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Comment To What End, This Automation? (Score 1) 327

The continuing push to automate all areas of the workforce will eventually, in the theory, eliminate the need for a workforce.

I don't recall reading anything about what people will be doing after that in terms of self fulfillment and societal structures. The paradigm of go to school, get a good job, raise a family, save for retirement, will be blown up. To be replaced by what?

And don't start with the pie in the sky bullshit. Policy is what will determine the outcome. Is anyone thinking about that?

Comment Re:Security focused (Score 2) 133

I work for one of the largest Defense companies in the nation. In the last year we have had two major network outages. One related to provider issues and the other related to firewall changes gone bad.

This shit happens. Creating/Managing/Upgrading huge networks like this a very complicated and delicate task.

Comment Hijacked! (Score 4, Insightful) 303

Since that was a pretty lame and useless comment, I'm high jacking it to harp on my favorite space exploration related issue.

The future is not in chemical rockets. Period.

The future is in a space SHIP. Not a throw away tin can, or a floating log cabin like ISS.

An actual ship consists of...

1. A very powerful and long lasting power source. Think naval reactors or other self contained, compact reactors. We are talking 80 megawatts of power or more. The more the better.

2. Indefinitely sustainable environmental system. So recycling everything from your breath to last night's dinner you just finished processing.

3. Magnetic Shielding. People poo poo that, but it has been modeled

4. "Artificial" gravity. Actually, a huge centrifuge for the living/working quarters.

5. Lastly...engines. Banks of ion engines, the infamous and yet to be proven EM drive, or who knows what else.

All of these things are within our reach and $23 billion would go a long way towards bringing some to reality.

Once this is achieved, exploration is a matter of packing up the food and drinks and heading out. But we need to think long term (i know, I know) instead of to the latest publicity stunt.

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