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Comment Re:The highest form of troll love? (Score 1) 38

Maybe- after all, trolling against Trump is still *free publicity* and with a warchest 1/40th the size of Hilary's, he needs all the free publicity he can get- even when it is negative.

Both belong in jail, not on the campaign trail, but Americans are idiots who buy into publicity and never do any research themselves.

Comment Re:Erm... (Score 1) 30

It's easy to prove the existence of morality from natural law that human beings did not create, and gravity combined with LSD and high places is a great example. No matter how much the human brain under the influence wants to fly, gravity WILL exert a moral pressure not to- usually quite violently.

Comment Re:The best way to beat Trump... (Score 1) 157


Just because you don't agree with somebody's specific version of reason, does not mean reason does not exist- unless of course they're specifically denying reason and will kill your priests and nuns for you giving the above speech (I think maybe 20 people in Africa and the middle east lost their lives over Pope Benedict using a quote from a 8th century Patriarch of Constantinople in this university lecture on the use of reason in religion).

Comment Re:Cheesy 80's movie excuse (Score 1) 688

I believe "editing" in this context meant "Deciding what emails to publish", not "Changing the content of the published emails", so the DNC releasing the originals wouldn't help.

Wikileaks have made it clear they haven't altered the content of the emails, and the fact real phone numbers and blameless people's names appear in the emails would seem to confirm that (If it turned out they were altered, but Wikileaks left in people's phone numbers, that'd be a spectacular PR own-goal on WL's behalf.)

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Comment Re:Cheesy 80's movie excuse (Score 1) 688

WikiLeaks has shown great interest in anti-US material, and comparatively very little interest in anything that disparages Russia

I agree with much of what you say but this line is just silly. We all know that Putin's Russia is a corrupt, barely democratic regime with a autocratic strongman in charge (an ex-KGB boss no less.)

Leaking evidence that they're terrible would be a waste of time.

Also add to this that Assange is Wikileaks, and Assange has spent the last few years holed up on an embassy in an environment which would be stressful and intimidating even for someone not considered persona-non-Grata by some of the most powerful countries in the world. It's not hard to believe he'd be far more interested in the machinations of a political party whose leadership currently holds the Presidency of the country most likely to lock him in a dungeon for the rest of his life, than memos at a poisoned tip umbrella company owned by Vladimir Putin.

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