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Comment Re:it will never happen (Score 3, Informative) 192

Check out the lastest 8.x version by going to http://simplytest.me/project/drupal and choosing 8.x. The site will install 8.x-dev for you and you can play with it.

Some things to look at:

- In place editing
- CKeditor in core
- Responsive out of the box (check the new admin menu)
- Views in core

There's a heap of scary awesome changes going on in the backend though

- replacing lots of sub systems with Symfony components
- RESTFUL services by checking a checkbox.
- TWIG as a templating engine
- Configuration management initiative
- HTML5 and mobile
- Far better multilingual support than previous versions.

check out http://groups.drupal.org/drupal-initiatives for more info.

Comment Re:Drupal vs WordPress (Score 3, Interesting) 192

There's been a lot of discussion in the Drupal community recently about making major updates easier by offering backwards compatability, the consensus (best as I could tell) was that web technology is moving so fast that we need to be able to refactor quickly, though maybe in a few releases (6 years or so) Drupal will have completed the move to Symfony / OO and it will be worth looking at then.

I love Drupal & its community - I've been working with it professionally for 8 years or so, and the constant improvement in the tools keeps things interesting for me. I spend most of my time working on edge cases where modules don't quite work together and I submit a lot of small patches to improve them. I've got a lot better at grokking other peoples code - a talent I think is more valuable than 'writing my own cms from scratch', though I've done that before too. I also dabble in various other techs after hours to keep up with new languages, and run my blog on Wordpress. Wordpress horrifies me from a technical perspective, but I just want to post content, and using it keeps me focused on that, as opposed to tweaking my Drupal install all the time.

I used to freelance for smaller clients, but now i just refer them to Wordpress folks. They get better bang for their buck, and I don't have to deal with annoying budget overruns. Drupal is insanely good for big business who need complex workflows, asset management, community management, service integration and migration. Its really hard to build something that complex in a way that makes sense, stays stable and provides an upgrade path (however difficult that may be) and security support.

I feel your pain though :)


Valve's Steam License Causes Linux Packaging Concerns 163

New submitter skade88 writes "With the Linux Steam beta giving Ubuntu and its large userbase all the love, other Linux gamers understandably want to be let in on the fun. For the beta, Valve has provided Steam as a Debian package. Many hungry Linux gamers have reported that they have Steam running on their favorite distro, but that still leaves the legal debate. What is the legal threshold needed to get Steam in the repos of your preferred flavor of Linux? Will Valve's one-size-fits-every-OS license be flexible to work on Linux or will it delay the dream of a viable gaming world for Linux? We are so close to bridging the last major hurdle in finally realizing the year of the Linux desktop: Gaming. Lets hope the FOSS community and Valve can play together so we all win."

Comment Re:Savvy study author ... (Score 2) 471

Buddhism by itself is an athiest religion - there is no such thing as God in a purely Buddhist worldview.

Often Buddhism is joined with another religion to meet that need for people. A couple of examples of this would be Bon in Tibetian Buddhism, and Shinto in the Japanese version.

Comment Re:What is Drupal? (Score 1) 85

For managing lots of Drupal sites (even across multiple servers) try the Aegir project, its close to a 1.0 release but is stable enough for production use now.


Kind of related, check out Drush, which lets you manage drupal sites from a linux command line & drush_make which lets you create make files for drupal sites.

Drupal is very powerful, but its not for the faint-hearted.

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