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Comment Re:The remaining 1/3 will turn off the lights. (Score 1) 147

We spun of HP Incorporated which does the more consumer oriented products that most consumers associated with HP, so that is why they got the original logo.

As an ex-HP from the long ago HP, I still think that the original logo really belongs to what is now Keysight Techonologies.

Comment Re:Gimme an alternative to Gallery2 instead (Score 2) 86

Piwigo. It can import gallery2/gallery3. My ISP supports it via automatic install. At home installing via the .zip/web installer was fine. If you have way too many files you may need to tweak some php params for the import to work. Took me a weekend afternoon to move everything over. The author of Gallery's GreyDragon theme recommends it, moved over his stuff, and recreated his theme, though I actually now use modus instead.

Comment Meanwhile in the rest of the world ... (Score 1) 285

I'm on vacation on a place far away from the RIAA and MPAA tentacles. Walking back from the beach today I walked into a store where I could get any DVD I wanted, in a little plastic wrap with a color photocopy of the original DVD, for the equivalent of about $1.17, any CD I wanted for $1.75 Who needs napster, limewire, etc?

Comment I don't get the rage (Score 2) 722

I'm a long time Netflix costumer. I started with the 2 or 3 DVD at home plan and later moved on to the 1 DVD at home plan.
Sometime along the line they gave me free streaming, but it is Windows (them Mac) only. I didn't ask for it
I mostly run linux at home so I don't bother. I get the DVD, dump stream to my disk, watch it later on demand (no sharing with anyone, delete the file later).
I get 2 to 3 DVDs per week, build a huge backog, suspend my membership, resume it later.
They raised my monthly fee a couple of bucks, now they want to recoup the money for the streaming part, and they're given me my couple of bucks back.
I stopped the streaming immediately and for $9.99/month I get to eventually see 8 to 12 movies a month.
Seems reasonable.

Wireless Networking

Submission + - 21 Mb/s wireless $70/month

barra.ponto writes: Want 21 Mb/s wireless network for $70/month? Move to sunny Lisbon, Portugal now, Finland in August, or most of Europe soon.

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