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Comment the moral of the story is: don't hire Americans (Score -1) 147

The moral of the story is clear: don't hire Americans, don't hire anybody in the West. They actually believe they are owed a job by a business, that's very interesting but also not something a business wants to deal with.

By the way, discrimination is a human right. You don't lose your right to discriminate just because you run a business, but the way the Western laws are structured: you DO lose your right to discriminate and then you can be a target for various lawsuits based on this oppression of the individual rights by the collectivist system.

So make sure not to hire in the countries that have these types of oppressive regimes and laws in place.

Comment Re:There's one way (Score 1) 141

If China takes over the moon, that will bring it in conflict w/ the Muslim world.

The US needs to take over the moon like it needs to take over Syria. Let the Chinese conquer the moon, and then have Shezuan Pork there. Feed that info the the Muslims, and watch their heads explode in places like Lahore, Qum, Raqqa, Riyadh, Gaza, Cairo, Benghazi, et al

Comment Re:Sooo Gamefly and/or Steam? (Score 1) 131

Exactly, why don't they just get Steam on? SteamOS hasn't, to the best of my knowledge, taken off: most of their games are still best on Windows. So MS should just partner w/ Steam and get their platform completely supported on Xbox, so that one can play any Steam game on their Xbox. I'd actually buy an Xbox if they do that.

Comment Re:bloat (Score 1) 53

I've stayed away from it. I have iTunes for only 1 reason: to get music videos I must have to play in my car, since my Lumia can't trick the car into thinking that it's an iPod. Otherwise, most of the almost 100 songs I've collected are mp4s downloaded directly from YouTube. And if I wanted a one stop shop, Vevo is the best - although somehow, the option of buying songs from there, available to download to any of your media, has disappeared

Comment Re:What's the immigration status of these families (Score 1) 164

What's the immigration status of these families? Are any of them in the country illegally?

Lets start by checking your friends and relatives, Anonymous Coward. Illegal immigrants are just regular people, so you may know some of them without realizing.

Are any of them cases where the parents are here illegally, but the child is an "anchor baby"?

Are we talking about children who were born here and are legal residents of the country? Or some bizarre cult that tattoos anchors on their children's forehead?

Is this one more of those 'You are here illegally b'cos your ancestors didn't get visas from the Red Indians, er, Native Americans?

Comment Re:I can understand (Score 1) 185

There are basically 3 kinds of CompSci programs, they can be identified by what school they are taught out of: Engineering, Math or Business (in general, in decreasing order of their quality).

CompSci people that graduated out of a business based CS programs are about as useful as MBAs.

Math based can be good if you're looking for a theoretician, but cut out the middleman and just get an applied math PhD. Go to the nearest university and shake a tree, watch out they don't hit you when they fall out.

Comment Re:lol (Score 1) 185

Are you still making that?

First professional jobs suck, so what? I know a kid right now who's literally _wiping old person ass_ for a first job. It can be a lot worse than coding.

Anybody who's been in the workforce, coding, for 5-10 years and only makes 60k, sucks. (exceptions might exist in deepest BFE or people slinging code for the 'Young Hot Nymphomaniacs Institute'.)

Comment Re:There's a fine line between helping and enablin (Score 1) 164

That first sentence is code for: 'For the _crazy_ homeless who split their time between parks, ERs and jails...'

Note the mention of 'retained in housing'. That's someone who's batshit, a problem with no good solutions. Give the government the ability to lock up loonies and they have historically used it to lock up dissidents.

This discussion is about families with kids though, usually much shorter term housing. A group of homeless that are actually fairly motivated (as such populations go, they do need an occasional 'boot to the head' or three).

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