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Comment F(U) ^ 2 (Score -1) 23

Fabric is "a modular mobile platform" designed to help app developers improve the "stability, distribution, revenue and identity"

- what would Twitter know about improving revenue exactly? If they do know something about it how come they didn't do that for themselves?

the ability to natively embed tweets in other apps to signing in with your Twitter credentials were made possible by Fabric.

- I guess that's their definition of 'everything'.

You can sign in and you can tweet. The 2 things that Tweeter does.

"We quickly realized that our missions are the same -- helping mobile teams build better apps, understand their users, and grow their businesses," the Fabric team wrote in its announcement.

- right, the actual mission being tracking everything anybody does on their phone and using the phone platform to push advertising to users.

"Fabric and Firebase operate mobile platforms with unique strengths in the market today."

- the F U squared.

And if you're an existing Fabric customer, don't worry, the platform will continue to function.

- ooookaaaay, I guess if you are known for randomly shutting down projects you have to put out statements like that...

You'll just need to agree to the new terms of service, which will be available once the deal is completed.

- right, so if you are a developer who uses that stuff make sure to grow an extra kidney, because they are coming for yours.

Comment Re:Trump and Putin sitting in a tree... (Score 1) 220

Snowden != Assange; NSA != CIA

Snowden, unlike Assange, did nothing for Trump in the election: in fact, he tried to debunk Trump's claim that it was impossible for the FBI to go through all those Wiener laptop Clinton emails. So Trump has no reason to do anything for him. What does surprise me is if Obama could commute the sentence of Manning, why not pardon Snowden as well? Both are traitors, so why should one get preferential treatment over the others?

Trump's lack of trust is for the CIA, which brought out the 'dossier' on him. He accepted the NSA's claims/findings when they told him the extent to which Russia was involved in this election

Comment Re:Give him a US cabinet position (Score 1) 220

Snowden != Assange

One person in this election already talked about giving Snowden a cabinet position, and no, it wasn't Trump. It was Jill Stein. While Assange timed his leaks to hurt Clinton every way possible, Snowden was actually supportive of the Dems, like when he debunked Trump's claim that those Wiener laptop emails couldn't have all been scanned in 1 week

Comment Re: Did you know (Score 1) 68

By 'a certain platform', I meant not locked to just one of Android, iOS or Windows. Amazon is available on all 3, and Kindle is an Android platform, not something unique. If you get a book on Amazon, you can read it from any of these. I'm not sure that that's the case if you buy a Microsoft E-Book or something from iTunes

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