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Comment Suing the governments for interfering in my life (Score 0) 101

I want to sue all the governments for interfering in my life. This of-course means I want to sue all of you for interfering in my life. Of-course my resources are vastly inadequate for this, but I would love to do just that. I do not want this government 'protection' (read interference and oppression) to exist. But I do feel this is probably going to happen anyway. Need a new planet / new world of some sort without all this in it.

Comment Re:"Researchers" (Score 1) 66

Colleges are no longer 'in loco parentis'. They should just end 'campus living' and let the kids get on with growing up. No more dorms, no more on campus greeks. They're 18 or older, let them 'play adult' in an apartment.

Too much effort into making colleges 'halfway houses' for children. Costs a fortune for the school and gets them mixed up in things they aren't qualified or have the authority to handle.

Comment Re:Left and right (Score 1) 137

Between the 1980s and about 2010 the 'bible thumpers' just owned the Rs structure in many states. They _are_ dumb as rocks, but they show up. 'Showing up' is 50% of anything.

The 'nature hippies' never controlled the Ds when the Ds were having a winning year. They don't now either. Sure they get a nominee, once in while, but that nominee is unelectable. They don't show up consistently. Thank dog for all the drugs they are on.

Comment Re:Left and right (Score 1) 137

The _actual_ scientists studying climate change will win in the end. The ones that want to shutdown modern society (nature hippies) will continue to be ignored, the world will not end. Climate models/datasets being advanced today are better than those being advanced 15 years ago. The most extreme of which have since been laughed out of the room (and edited out of the history by those who used to be claiming them as true).

Science is data driven. Lies can only be maintained for so long without just blowing off science and going full 'religious nuts' like creationists.

That said there is a large body of non data driven 'sciencish' work. Almost all sociology, psychology etc. That just needs to be ignored as the theology it is. The humanities attempts to wrap themselves in 'science' are a threat to it. But just like phrenology, it too will pass into 'bad joke' status.

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