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Comment Re:Amber Rudd is dim (Score 1) 345

She's simply the latest of a long line of British ministers who don't really understand the first thing about the Internet and its associated technologies.

Hilariously, in the same interview she claimed that Google was at fault because it was far to easy to find ‘stabbing instructions’ online.

To be fair anything so practical is probably beyond the capabilities of most politicians

Comment Are there alternatives to John Deere? (Score 1) 497

Are there alternatives to John Deere? Is there some lock-in with attachments, trailers, etc. (As a non-farmer I don't know)? I would have thought that the ability to repair would be a key selling point for competitors. If farmers stopped buying John Deere I expect they would review this policy

Comment Re:Stop the hate (Score 1) 202

If we could only use community shame and ostricisation to stop the religious fundamentalist who believe in using violence to overthrow lawfully government we would be going a long way to make the world safe.

You are naive if you think this would work. With all the Islamic community telling them that hatred of non-muslims (particularly Jews) is good and all their religious books teaching them separateness, hatred and violence, do you think that the fact that you support equality, freedom, democracy and other things they oppose will shame them? Hell, they are shaming (and threatening with violence) moderate Muslims to support extremism

Comment Re:Expats? (Score 0) 289

They have been living in the Netherlands for three generations already. Some were born in the Netherlands, of one or even two parents that were also born in the Netherlands. Of course they still speak Turkish, have a Turkish passport (and a Dutch one), serve in the Turkish military (and the Dutch parliament if they want to), watch Turkish TV, eat Turkish food, and go to Turkish supermarkets and Turkish mosques, where they get indoctrinated by Diyanet - the Turkish ministery of religious affairs. And if their government wishes to speak to them, but the evil white oppressors forbid that, they go out and riot throughout the conquered province in the name of Erdogan and allah.

Yet somehow we are all supposed to pretend they are also Dutch people that are perfectly well integrated into Dutch society. Now tell me why I should NOT vote Wilders (the Dutch Trump).

You certainly should vote for him. Your culture and way of life is at risk. They are not content to live unintegrated, they want to dominate.

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