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Submission + - Working Round The 'Big Data Bottleneck' In Modern CPUs (

An anonymous reader writes: Modern CPU architecture is built to retrieve large chunks of data, to limit the number of time-consuming journeys between the central controller and the location of the data in memory banks. When you're fetching the first data block of a picture for Photoshop, bringing along the adjacent block makes sense, because you're probably going to need it. But when you're making ten calls to a 'sparse' dataset, where each of the items you want is resident in different memory allocation, and none of them have any relevant adjacent data, the architecture is fighting the intention.

Researchers from MIT have addressed the problem by creating a C++ extension that gathers these requests into one queue for each core, and then forces the cores to swap and negotiate which requests they can most efficiently handle for the minimum number of journeys to memory. In earluy tests, access to sparse datasets has been increased by up to four times using this method, and promises even greater increases with a dedicated architecture. Contributing researcher Vladimir Kiriansky explains why the teams called the extension 'Milk', and why the name also explains the challenge: "It’s as if, every time you want a spoonful of cereal, you open the fridge, open the milk carton, pour a spoonful of milk, close the carton, and put it back in the fridge."

Comment Re:aggression inevitable? (Score 5, Informative) 243

Can we assume that one day North Korea will attack something? I've always thought that they're just posturing, but this most recent "test" makes me hesitate...

I am much less worried about them than Muslim countries with the bomb. North Korean rulers are ruthless and power hungry but rational to the degree that they don't want to be wiped out in a counter-strike. Many Muslims would see a counter-strike as an advantage, with millions of people becoming martyrs and getting their millions * 27 virgins.

Comment I like the idea of a basic income... but (Score 2) 630

I like the idea of a basic income, but I don't know how it can be made to work without the government controlling a lot of other things. If you give everyone $600 extra I would bet that things like rental costs, utilities, etc. would just expand to take the extra money. We have seen how this works with the extra income with women entering the workforce. As soon as you have limited resources or monopolies the prices will increase as everyone will be able to spend more.

Unless you want to introduce rent controls, fair prices for utilities, etc. costs will just go up

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