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Comment Thank you (Score 1) 325

"Haven't you noticed, muslims are often completely insane?"

Fuck off. There is nothing wrong with Muslims or Islam you racist piece of shit.

If someone is committing a terrorist act claiming that they are doing it because they are a Muslim or in the name of Islam it is bullshit. Islam is peaceful. They are either lying about being muslim/islamic or they are a Zionist stooge.

Thank you, I had forgotten the "they blame everything on the Zionists" to add to the list of muslim insanities. You obviously suffer from a lot of them

Comment They are (Score 1, Insightful) 325

They sound completely insane

Haven't you noticed, muslims are often completely insane? So frequently one will attack people, saying that it is for Islam, but then everyone will say "it wasn't really, he's just insane". And there's the way that they go around murdering people n completely different countries just because someone drew a picture, made a film, or wrote a book they didn't like.

Comment Re:"Democracy" (Score 1) 230

You know what's fascism? Complaining about a free and fair election and trying to overthrow the legitimate government with armed force. "I don't agree with this" isn't what fascism means...although far too many people who are educated enough to know better are using the word that way.

In turkey the Military has (had) a role in preserving the secular state. A number of times they have overthrown governments moving towards islamic theocracy, then either immediately or in a few months held fresh elections. This time they lost. The muslims have won and turkey will inevitably go the way of anywhere the muslims have control and become a hell-hole. The dream of Turkey as a modern secular state is over.

Comment Biggest problem with basic income supply & dem (Score 1) 1126

The big problem that I have with basic income is that the whole idea is that so people can live a fairly austere life on just that. The thing is that if everyone had it then the prices for limited resources like housing, etc. will go up - just as they did when two earners per household became common. Unless the government controls things like house prices, utility prices, food prices, etc. it won't work.

I like the idea of a basic income, that as jobs become automated people don't have to rely om welfare, but I would be very uneasy with the government controlling prices of so many things. Unless someone can come up with a way of avoiding the extra income resulting in higher prices without massive state intervention, on balance I am against it.

Comment Well we all know what Muslims are like (Score 1, Insightful) 96

Their religion has made them incapable of rational thought or putting things in perspective. Insult someone, draw a cartoon, or say something that they don't like (even if it is patently true) and they go into an uncontrollable rage. Hence the law in muslim countries treats them more like a vicious dog or an ants nest than human beings, say something nasty and its your fault if they go on a killing spree.

Comment Muslim plot (Score 1) 983

The shootings were a muslim plot. The thing was with the video of Philando Castile and so on many whites were beginning to see that there is real injustice in the way that some police deal with minorities. There could have been a coming together and a call for improvement. Of course the muslims don't want this. Following the teachings of the hateful warlord Muhammad they want to drive people apart, attract black Americans to their own violent cult.

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