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Comment Bad security practices and double standards (Score 3, Interesting) 71

My current pet peeve with LinkedIn is the weekly requests for access to my email contact list. Would you employ someone to work with technology who gave out their email password just to share their contact list? I emailed them to complain that if I didn't compromise my security the first time they asked why do they keep on asking? They bounced my email because they couldn't do a reverse lookup on my email server. Apparently a SPF record is not good enough for them, I need to have enough money to be able to pay for service that will allow reverse lookup. A real double standard considering they want access to my contact list.

While I am complaining, I am really tempted to bounce any incoming emails with a noreply reply address. Is anyone doing that yet? If I am prepared to accept their email I think it is only reasonable they should be prepared to accept my reply.

Comment Re:Can I filter this dross? (Score 1) 163

Wow, I got moderated as a troll for expressing a negative view formed after 30+ years of reading about hydrogen vehicles. I guess there is at least one person out there who actually thinks there may be a future of hydrogen vehicles. The reset of us will continue living in the real world. Go on waste your mod points calling this a troll post too. I wonder if in 2050 I will still be reading news stories about another hydrogen vehicle that has just demonstrated to prove how practical they can be. Me, I'm ready to put my money where mouth is and buy an EV.

Comment Being pedantic (Score 1) 31

This article is a classic case of where calling the Internet the internet actually matters. The Chinese government does not censor internets, but they may ask to install their monitoring equipment on your internet. On the other hand they do aggressively censor the Internet, which is what I assume this article about.

While I realise the popular press is not technically competent to understand their error I do expect better from stuff published on Slashdot where I would hope people actually care about the issue and would make the effort to get it right.

Comment Re:Pity the same was not true for USA companies (Score 1) 64

If you want to bundle certain Google Apps, notably the Play Store app itself, you are not allow to ship your Android device with any competing applications to the standard Google applications such as Google Maps or GMail etc. You must also include all the specified Google Apps, you can not pick and chose what you think is best for your product. The legal conditions for including Google Apps are very draconian, which is what the Russian were complaining about. They got a win on the issue but for the rest of the world it is still all or nothing when it comes to Google Apps. For a practical example Garmin can not ship a product with Play Store and GMail installed but with Garmin navigation instead of Google Maps. You will note that all Garmin Android based navigation products are lacking Play Store access. That s Google's choice, not Garmin's.

Comment Pity the same was not true for USA companies (Score 3, Insightful) 64

The Android product I work on can not have Play Store as we are not allow to include it because we use our own mapping software, not Google Maps. It is ironical that Russian companies can now complete with USA companies with an advantage when producing Android products. Maybe we should shift software development from the USA to Russia so we can offer a better product. Yes, I realise that last statement is flame bait, but how long until some people in management actually start thinking that way?

Comment Motorola D2 copy (Score 1) 857

In 1978 I build a copy of a Motorola D2 kit. It had a MC6802 running a 0.6MHz, 128 bytes of RAM, 1KB UVPROM, a 6 digit 7seg display and hex keypad. Drew the PCB designs up with a marker pen and had them etched as single sided PCBs. Hand drilled the PCBs myself and build it up. No other options as a 15 year old can't afford a fancy Altair 8800 and the IBM PC and Commodore 64 were still years away. Programing was done in machine code as an assembler needed another 2K UVPROM and an ASCII terminal, and who could afford that?

Later I got the system multi-processing with a 6809 running out of phase with a 6800. Later still I added a video interface and brought a 1963 Marconi TV studio camera and I was able to overlay computer graphics over live video, that was around 1980.

Comment Badly named (Score 1) 76

Am I the only person who has an issue with name including WiFi for what, I am assuming, is not a unlicensed service. The single biggest reason WiFi is so popular is people can self implement it at no cost after the initial hardware outlay. My assumption is with this so call Super WiFI is you will have to subscribe with someone who purchased the spectrum in the auction. Using the name WiFi in this context is only going to lead to consumer confusion.

Comment Re:For those people not in the USA (Score 1) 76

From memory it was T-Mobile but it was about 2 years back and the issue appeared to be because I had chosen the cheapest option they offered. I made the same assumption as you, until I couldn't register it. Things may have changed since then but I clearly remember my surprise that I couldn't use Google Voice because I walked into the wrong store for my SIM. My warning still stands, check before you buy a SIM.

Comment For those people not in the USA (Score 1) 76

I guess most people outside the USA are now aware that the USA is unique in that pay for calls made to you. As an outsider you may think it is just a simple case of double dipping, but actually it is a lot worse. I purchased a prepaid SIM on a trip to the USA with enough credit to get me thru a week there. When I have done this in other counties it has worked out well however in the USA it was a waste of money. I was aware of the need to register the number with their do not call service but for a short trip that did not help as it has a lag in being activated. The first time I need to make a call I found all my credit had been consumed by unwanted incoming telemarketing calls.

Also be aware that cheap prepaid SIMs in the USA may come with limitations. For example it you use Google Voice for number persistence you may not be able register your new number with that service depending on the account type and company.

Comment Patent searches for product purchases? (Score 1) 243

One problem with making a new product is the patent searches. You have to try and locate any potential patents you may be infringing before a product reaches the market place to protect from future infringement issues. The catch of course is you may still be infringing something you missed, and hit up for damages. It is PIA process.

My concern is if patents can be extended to control end users then how is a purchaser to know they are at risk of this? A buyer of printer is not going to do a patent search on a printer as it too much work to to evaluate if patents may apply to their potential purchase and if it could be used in this way. Even if you were to do this you could still be at risk of missing something. I just can't see any way this could be reasonable. There is just too many ways this could be abused and companies like Lexmark and HP have already shown they see no limits to how they control consumables purchases.

Comment Would be of limited use without additional laws (Score 1) 155

If the content in question was hosted on a server located and operated outside the USA then this law is going to have no effect on that content, but you can be pretty sure we will have some USA based lawyers making such demands anyway because they don't understand how the Internet works. My guess is if passed it will followed up by another law to force USA based ISP to block offshore sites with such content once law makers realise that not every website is actually in the USA.

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