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Comment Re:Risk of a flame war (Score 1) 309

I don't know. I stopped using Ubuntu when they took away the minimize button. I know they have corrected some of those early mistakes and Ubuntu is more usable than their early radical changes but having moved to Mint there was no looking back. The Mint team seem to have the same mindset as I do so I'm happy.

I was talking about is what Mint should do to help capture more of the Windows users, hence my comments about having the tools needed to resolve issues from the GUI as this is what migrating users are looking for. I think the tools they already have in place a pretty good for routine stuff, it more the difficult issues you run in to on some installs I think is worth focusing on.

Comment Risk of a flame war (Score 2) 309

At the risk of starting a flame war I think if Linux is going to get traction on the desktop it needs more thinking like the Linux Mint. I think both Windows and Ubuntu made the mistake of following trendy ideas at the expense of the user. When my elderly parents we faced with moving from XP to Windows 8 I moved them to Mint and they have been happy Linux users for years now.

The most useful thing for average users is making the GUI config tools easy to use by a lay person, and doing it without breaking the traditional config files people like myself are used to working with. In this respect I think Mint is suitable for large percentage of average users but the focus needs to be on the small but significant number of cases where it is not possible to get a system up and running properly without opening a command line window.

Comment Typical bullshit hype (Score 1) 157

Yes, it may be possible to hack some monitors but generally this is bullshit. I have worked on the development of monitors so know that most simply can not be hacked in the way they suggest. The first criteria of most monitors is they are cheap. The second criteria is they work. Once you understand that then you realise the only to hack most monitors is with a special programming card (some can be updated via an USB port). The fact is you typically have a low spec 8 bit micro controlling a high speed switch/amplifier. The I2C channel is typically connected to a EEPROM and can not be used to program the micro. The CEC is a custom UART type port that also does not offer ISP functions. The micro controller can overlay low res graphics but has no ability to read the actual high speed video stream because to do so cost money, see criteria one, and is not need for it to work, see criteria two.

The simple way to see this is bullshit is to ask yourself when was the last time you updated the firmware in you monitor?

Microsoft Brings ChakraCore to Linux and OS X ( 106

An anonymous reader quotes a columnist at CIO: A few days ago I wrote about Microsoft's revival of Skype for Linux. I called it "a big deal" -- less because of Skype itself and more because it signified Microsoft's recognition that Linux is a platform worth supporting... Now the company has done it again. At Node Summit this week, Microsoft announced the availability of ChakraCore for Linux. ChakraCore is the core part of the Chakra JavaScript engine that powers Microsoft Edge and Universal Windows Platform. With this move, Microsoft is putting one of its core technologies on a competing platform. This, more than any other Linux-friendly move the company has made, is a clear departure from the Microsoft of Gates and Ballmer that used its technologies to lock users into Windows...

While Ubuntu is the primary Linux distribution that Microsoft is using to showcase its ChakraCore technologies, the company said that the support should easily translate to other modern Linux distributions.

Microsoft's blog post says the experimental implementation runs not only on x64 Linux but also on OS X.

Comment Re:Meh... (Score 1) 365

Put it in gear to hold on a slope when your handbrake is broken is only going to work on the flat or very slight slope. Enough incline and the engine will turn over, just like when you bump start a car. On a significant slope it will move immediately but on a more modest slope it will move slowly was the compressed air in the cylinders leaks past the piston rings. Over an hour or so you car may roll several meters. Using a choc block under the wheels is a good idea in his case.

Comment Re:The devil you know (Score 1) 312

Actually the Chinese government are pretty open about it. The non-Chinese company I worked for in China had VPN connections to a free country and also to the USA. They were told they would be expected to install government supplied equipment on their internal network so the government could properly monitor their communications. It had not happen yet as of when I left their employ.

Comment Not a hybrid and not for everyone (Score 1) 55

The article states that the Maxwell X plane is a hybrid and goes on to detail it is electric propulsion and battery powered. That doesn't sound like a hybrid to me. I can only guess they either used the term in error or were think of future concepts.

Interesting I would guess pure electric aircraft make up the majority if you include hobby quadcopters in that definition. I mention that as I think the takeaway from the article is that electric aircraft are practical in some niche areas and NASA's work will widen those niches. The changes need for EV cars to replace ICE are evolutions in batteries and is already close to the tipping point, but It is going to take some truly impressive breakthrough in battery technology before your will see traditional commercial jets like the A320, 737, 767 or A380 replaced. My guess we are are years, not decades, away from cars going all electric but for aircraft we are probably still talking decades.

Comment What about the writer at IMDB (Score 1) 160

I note it is missing from IMDB and figured I could add it but occurs to me that there is issues with entering the writer's details. IMDB will assume the writer is a person. I guess the details of the computer that wrote the script could be entered. The date of birth or gender could get interesting. I think this is increasingly going to be an issue, Human writers could be upset that a machine is getting the same status, Until the machines reach the status of being sentient then maybe they shouldn't be listed in databases the same way as people?

It's funny how the simple act of creating an IMDB entry now has ethical overtones!

Comment Re:Why doesn't Google help defend the victims? (Score 2) 108

Surely there is no legal reason why Google can not provide support for a developer being attacked for using Google services, and every commercial reason to support the developer. If I was running Google I would be putting some of my best lawyers at the developers disposal at no cost to the developer. If the troll wins against this developer then I assume they would then go after every successful app at Play Store which would have a follow on effect on Play Store in general.

Comment Two common mistakes in posts here (Score 1) 271

Firstly the laws around bicycles and ebike are not the same in every country, state and city. Just because the law where you are restricts you in some way that does not make it true for people living elsewhere. The legal/practical viability of ebikes is going to vary from place to place.

Secondly many posters are thinking of ebikes as only bicycles with a small motor added, which is the most common type in Western cities but most ebikes in China, which the original article refers to, do not have peddles, they are scooter styled. If you saw one in a western city you would likely assume that it was a gas power Vespa or similar, not an ebike. The reason the scooter format is more common that the bicycle style is the load carrying capacity, you can put you shopping on the deck in front of the seat and more in the compartment under the seat. Of course the load carrying capabilities do get a abused in China. Often saw four people on one and loads that were oversized. Watched one girl transporting a wardrobe fall off when the wardrobe, laid horizontally over the desk, dug into the ground on a corner.

Comment Re:"the ban on motorcyle (s?) " (Score 1) 271

Try China where they will ride them anywhere and I mean anywhere they can physically ride to and feel they have the need. I often saw them being ridden in shopping malls. This also included motorcycles. But then again I saw small trucks using a pedestrian tunnel under a motorway. Driving and riding in a country with no apparent enforcement of even the most basic rules was both liberating and scary at the same time.

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