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Comment It's used in Stack Exchange (Score 1) 144

I personally like Trello which is what is being used in Stack Exchange (makers of Stack Overflow and its ilk) http://blog.stackoverflow.com/...

We are an online company: we’ve been remote from day one and still to this day over half of the team (aside from sales) works from home. The only way to make that work is to keep the nexus of activity online: in chat rooms, Google Hangouts, Trello boards, etc. This keeps everyone on equal footing, whether you’re in the office or working from home.

The article was the one that introduced me to the tool and I am impressed by it. Though it still needs some explanation of how to use it. I suggest you look at Kanban but don't mention it as a methodology etc... just explain how to group the work and be done with it.

Comment JavaScript and HTML (Score 1) 648

If I had to prepare a curriculum I would probably be using JavaScript with JQuery and HTML for the intro course. The advantage of the language is the capability of quickly visualizing the application running with just a quick press of the reload button.

The use of JQuery allows us to bypass using CSS to make some visual changes to the HTML.

It will take a bit more preparation to create the template code that the students have to fill out initially though.

Comment Do both (Score 1) 119

I would recommend doing both. There are significant advantages of moving some of the development/test tools out to the cloud. However, it should only go as far as development and perhaps first stage testing which is probably what your CTO has in mind.

There's no reason why each development project has to pay for the physical space taken up by *shared* development tooling such as Jenkins, Common Git Repository, JIRA/Redmine/Trac and some database and application server that is used for functional testing.

However, a proof of concept system must be present locally even if it is a limited capacity otherwise you'd be wasting a lot of bandwidth going back and forth.

It would also help to design your application architecture so that you can theoretically run everything on a laptop (and provide a powerful laptop to do it). For the developers.

If your'e an IBM shop, you may want to look at JazzHub to manage things for you.

Comment Be professional (Score 1) 308

Normally the important part is things work on their target environment. So whatever approach you take does not matter as long as things will work.

If I am thrown into a new project, I start to do a few things if they are not available.

a) set up git and port the source code to my local git repository. This allows me to work in a version controlled environment that does not require me to show my intermediate work and experiments.
b) build it and make sure things do work.
c) create a test harness even if it is just to prove the welcome page works, I can add onto it as time goes by.
d) set up a coverage report to visually how the test cases flow through the app without stepping through a debugger (if you're lucky your language supports this, most of my projects are Java based so I have these tooling available)

Provide estimates. Don't say ASAP, always give a proper time, but not optimistic estimate. I tend to pad my estimates otherwise if something goes awry I would be accountable for them. I try to estimate based on a Jr. developer who is thrown into a project multiplied by two. However, if I do finish things sooner I let them know so the plans can change accordingly. If they want things sooner, still be firm and tell them that those are reasonable estimates given your analysis. They can choose to either accept them, try to allocate more resources (ideally) or kick you out (which is better than being burnt out)

Should your team grow, let other people know how you're doing things, there's no need to document every little thing, but be there to offer. Documenting everything you know will burn you out. As far as documenting things in detail go, I do make detailed install guides to get new developers up and running. However, that document ownership gets passed to the new developer for updates and refinements as things go.

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Submission + - Former Hacker: MS More Secure Than Apple, Adobe? (pcworld.com)

damagemanual writes: "A seasoned hacker believes Microsoft is now more secure than both Apple and Adobe.Marc Maiffret, who once faced FBI agents waving a gun in his face over his hacking exploits aged 17, now works trying to find security flaws in Microsoft's software and well as tackling malware."

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