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Comment Re:Ignoring Customers (Score 1) 105

That's probably because no one can find it to buy, except at Verizon stores-- where service is mandatory. Google's online store has gotten them in over the months, but their notification system hasn't been notifying people on the wait list (like me, been on since November, 0 notifications, despite there being stock coming and going), and they're apparently getting in about 3/4 of a phone each time, because the shipments sell out in a matter of minutes. They appear to be sending over 99% of the shipments to Verizon, and keep fuck all for those people who want to buy it completely unlocked and outright.

Comment Re:"Actionable leads" (Score 3, Interesting) 760

I read the PDF, you dumb fuck. Death threats are illegal.

Yes, they are. Non-credible threats, however, have about as much of a chance of being prosecuted and achieving jail time for the person making the non-credible threat as Wu has of winning that seat in 2018.

If I threaten you by telling you some outrageous bullshit, like "I'll rip your head off like Sub-Zero!" the FBI is going to look at that and know it isn't actionable. Now, if I threaten with something much more credible, like having taken pictures of you going in and out of your house, and saying "watch your back, you never know when I'll attack", then the FBI (or local law enforcement) will see that as a much more credible threat, especially since it appears I'm already stalking you, and know where you live.

Those differences are what separate SJW logic from real logic. SJW logic dictates that even the most outrageous thing said to them ("I'll shove a nuclear bomb up your ass and detonate it!") is a real and credible threat to their special snowflake lives; and that they now deserve money from strangers because they're a victim. Real logic says: yeah, that threat is so toooooootally real. Like, fer sure, dude. *laughs and walks away knowing the threat is a fake*.

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