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Comment Re:IDK, but... (Score 1) 73

I mean, I'm aware the DMCA is awful. They should just do something about that.

It'd be nice if it were that easy, but the controversal parts of the DMCA are implementations of two treaties to which the U.S. is a signatory. The U.S. would have to revoke the treaty in order to remove the offending parts of the DMCA. To those that say it's the Republicans' fault that we have this law, please note that the DMCA was signed by a Democratic president and passed in the Senate unanimously - all 45 Democratic senators wanted this.

Comment Re:Fairness has a role (Score 1) 187

If drug companies relied on trade secrets, you run into the problem of allergies, of unknown interaction between different drugs and all other problems which can only be avoided if drug companies reveal the ingredients of their drug.

Your idea would cause drugs to become more unpredictable and thus less effective.

Comment Re:Subject (Score 1) 187

Interestingly though, European countries believe, they are paying the high drug prices to subsidize them for other countries. Which points to a simple fact: You aren't subsidizing drugs for other countries at all. If selling a drug in a country would turn in no profit for a pharmaceutical company, they wouldn't sell it there. You are subsidizing nil. If drug prices are high in your country, then you as the one who finally pays the bill for the drug, have not much negotiating power over drug prices, because a cartel of insurers, pharmaceutical companies and health care provider are setting the prices by haggling between each other.

For some reason, the U.S. recently voted someone into office who promised to dismantle any attempt to break into this cartel.

Comment What is up with airlines IT structure (Score 2) 67

This is not the first airline this has happened to, I think now something like three airlines in about a year? How on earth do all of these separate companies have the same problems where ANY breakage of the system mean planes with schedules pre-determined ages ago cannot fly? Is there some kind of Intuit Turbo Airline Manager software they all run??


This is probably the strongest demonstration yet that we are all living in a computer simulation.

Comment Let us rephrase (Score 1) 187

Should extremely targeted software be priced according to the broadest possible metric?

All of this should essentially be up to the software developer, to price things according to who their customers are in various markets.

Now what I have read about is some app developers out of a spirit of charity, making apps free in some extremely poor markets (like Africa and India) to help out the population there.

Comment Madness (Score 1) 302

Government provides better services for a fraction of the cost compared to capitalism

You are utterly insane and I do NOT want to subscribe to your newsletter.

That statement is so breathtakingly ignorant it boggles the mind. But not too much because believing that titanic lie is why California is the way it is, and is becoming moreso.

Comment Even programmers should know better though (Score 1) 126

I would say having a 32 bit number as some kind of ID for activity is not even a database design issue, it's almost a pure programing issue. Any programmer should know better than to keep a unique ID in some kind of 32 bit value... heck the "fix" to move to a 64-bit value is better but not as good as using a for-real UUID which is really more of a standard (and even larger than the 64-bit value), and also something any programmer should know about.

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