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Comment Opposite (Score 1) 140

The nanny-state would tend to mandate the WiFi stay locked for security reasons, or at least make sure people unlocking the WiFi were properly punished later by whatever means the state has (which are many).

In this actual case, it's private citizens calling for other private citizens for devices to be unlocked...

Comment More reliable, not less (Score 2) 164

One vector of "unreliability" the article talked about was iPhones "failing to connect to WiFi".

Let's just put aside the problem with equating network reliability with hardware reliability... there's a big difference in HOW both devices connect to WiFi, by design.

Apple in the last year or so changed iOS so that it will prefer to stay on a cell connection if it seems like the WiFi is going to be flaky or unreliable.

So the "WiFi failing to connect" is a result of the software making the network connection (you know, the whole reason why you are trying to connect to the WiFi in the first place?) MORE reliable for the user, not less... we all know by now sometimes the cell network is vastly better than a sketchy WiFi node.

Comment Re: Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1) 674

It doesn't matter what way things are going. These naieve ninnies need to get over their flower children fixation and realize that we may need to fight for our survival. If they are right, then there are ugly choices ahead.

There are only so many lifeboats on the Titanic.

You only exist because someone made selfish choices on your behalf.

Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1) 674

Zealots come in all shapes and sizes. I personally never had ANY delusions about EITHER party being anti-war. I think NO ONE in this country gets seriously anti-war until there is a draft on. Then suddenly people start caring about war.

Just consider who today's biggest war mongers are.

Comment Re: Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 5, Interesting) 674

Desertification along the 23th latitude has the same cause everywhere. It's called Intertropical Convergence Zone. Because the Sun stands highest in the region around the equator, temperatures are the highest there, and warm air rises every day, taking much water vapor with it into heights up to 20 km. Here, the water condenses, and each evening just before sunset, you have heavy rain along the equator, hence the rain forests. The dry air floats to the side, making room for more warm, wet air coming up. Around the equator, you now have regular winds blowing to the equator. They are called trade winds, and they blow from northwest to the south east in the northern hemisphere and from southwest to the northeast in the southern hemisphere.

The dry air in 20 km height cools and sinks down north and south of the equator, causing a girdle of high air pressure north and south of the equator. But because the air is now dry, having lost most of its water vapor above the equator, it heats much faster when it sinks down. Thus, air coming up from the ground due to being heated during the day, stops somewhere inbetween, because warmer air sinks down, and the convection stops where both meet. As the air is not cool enough for clouds to form, there is no rain where both streams meet. This effect is called an temperature inversion, because the normal layering of the atmosphere with air getting cooler if you get higher is inverted.

Luckily, the zenith of the sun wanders along the year between both the northern and the southern Tropic, thus at least once a year, those regions get heavy rains. They thus have two seaons: the dry season and the wet seasons. Regions closer to the equator sometimes have two wet seasons. The wet season gets shorter and less intense if you get closer to the Tropics. Outside the Tropics, there is no wet season, thus you have desertification along both Tropics.

Before you call me naive, please get at least some basic meteorologic knowledge!

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