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Comment Re:So no cable ripping, but... (Score 1) 157

CAT5 doesn't have the tolerance for 1GBps transmission while CAT5e does

Presumably you mean 1Gbps, but do you have a reference for that? 802.3ab defines 1Gbps operation over 100 meters of CAT5 or better:

Comment Re:Apples and Oranges (Score 1) 205

A few older gaming laptops had an HDMI input port that was hooked to the LCD, such as this one:
And this one:

I don't know of any that would feed the keyboard out though.
You could build something like this without the Pi:

Comment Re:Current gen vs last gen (Score 1) 144

The 970 was released at $329, over $100 more than the 1060.

How do you figure that?

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 will be available starting July 19th from a wide variety of third-party partners including ASUS, EVGA, Gigabyte, MSI and Zotac etc. with a starting price of $249. The NVIDIA-built GeForce GTX 1060 Founder Edition will be available for $299

$329 - $249 = $80

Comment Re:If they wait even longer... (Score 2) 66

because they're all based on Intel's previous gen chips (Haswell).

Haswell (4th gen) is actually 2 revs out of date, Broadwell is 5th gen and Skylake is 6th.
It seems the 13" rMBP has a Broadwell chip, but the top of the line 15" rMBP really isn't that much different, spec wise, than it was in late 2013.

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