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Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 1) 310

I'm not speaking of the right answer, I'm speaking of what teachers and councilors are saying to the students (many of the parents as well).

Perhaps they SHOULD be talking to graduating high schoolers about the substantial risks of student loans and the benefits of avoiding them even if it means taking an extra year or two, but they're not.

Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 1) 310

Stupid or inexperienced?

Even back when I was about to graduate high school, the message was clear that the next step is definitely to get into a school (any school) and you will be needing a student loan or three. That was a strong message from pretty much any and every "adult influence" in your life. And that was before helicopter parenting and other think of the children measures had removed many of the opportunities a teen might have to operate semi-independently where they would gain some experience that might help them see through the scam.

Comment Re:And Yawn! (Score 1) 14

A properly designed system shouldn't be highly dependent upon any kind of persistence layer, although if you follow the provider's example programs you'll tend to spread dependencies through your code. But a smart designer hides that all away deep down in some kind of abstraction.

A demonstration of exactly how little you are dependent on a vendor is probably a very good thing, if you're a big customer. Oh, we'll run *this* part of our product on the other guy's cloud service and boom. It happens. Shows the vendors who's boss.

Comment Re: So basically ... the attack wins? (Score 1) 203

Even a session wouldn't help. Many communications over the net are machine to machine. Also there's the whole solve the CAPTCHA by mechanical Turk (paid for with copied porn).

I wouldn't be surprised if within a year of setting up such a scheme, CAPTCHAs for certain websites would develop a very high failure rate.

How would a search engine spider the web?

Comment Re: Comment (Score 1) 237

Depends on whether they use the age reversing tech, see young Arnie in Terminator: Gensys or the young Bridges in Tron:Legacy.

These are some strange times we live in man, we got Elvis on tour with the TCB band via video, you have holograms bringing Ronnie James Dio and Tupac back from the grave, and you can have a 70 year old and his 28 year old self in the same scene interacting. Hell give it a couple more years and I really wouldn't be surprised if they put out a new movie with Marilyn Monroe or James Dean as that seems to be the direction we are headed.

Comment Re:Microsoft Update Catalog is my new hero (Score 1) 210

So you are literally arguing that command prompts are magic? Or are you arguing that you cannot read?

Because you don't HAVE to use the GUI if you do not want to, you can just run the scripts straight from the folder and simply throw away the GUI if you want as all it is doing is simply editing a script called "update" that is in the parent folder right next to the GUI. Throw away the GUI and run the script, which again you can just open in any editor and guess what? It does exactly what the GUI does, installs the updates with the conditional flags you chose. The options you choose? Again all just basic scripts with easy to read descriptors like "install DotNET" "InstallOfficeUpdates" and "MakeLogFile" and anyone who can read even the most basic script can read these quite easily as they are all laid out in classic "if this then that" script language with no attempts at any obfuscation.

So I'm sorry but now you are either just trying to sling FUD or you honestly do not understand how virii work and think computers are magical black boxes that some boogeyman can wave a wand and create a bug. Scripting is something anyone with any kind of IT knowledge or support background is not gonna have any trouble reading, the websites being called to download the updates are the Windows Update site owned by MSFT so unless MSFT gets their own update servers pwned there is no issue there, and once you have downloaded the updates no network or third party programs or even the GUI itself is required as it is simply manually installing Windows Updates from a command line.

Comment Re:How many of those... (Score 2) 108

Does this count the huge numbers that took the free upgrade, found they didn't like it (or just wanted to lock in the upgrade) and then went back? Does this count units sold to stores but not through to end users?

This is why I don't buy the numbers put out by companies, there is just too many ways they can manipulate the data to make it look bigger than the actual figures indicate.

Comment Re:So basically ... the attack wins? (Score 1) 203

Sorry, there's really no difference. An attacker can easily appear to be the browser of their choice.

Going to CAPTCHAs that would actually work would be as bad as shutting the routers off and going home. Are you really willing to solve a captcha every time a daemon on your system wants to do a DNS lookup of check in with a time server? Besides, they can actually be solved by putting up a porn site (solve the captcha, see the next image).

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