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Comment What are the downsides to your Sodium Batteries (Score 3, Insightful) 139

I am very excited about sodium batteries.
As sodium is a much more environmentally friendly element to produce at large scale (my conjecture, I didn't look it up).

What were the roadblocks of using sodium in previous batteries?
I suspect whisker growth, but am not familiar with batteries enough to know other possibilities.

With the glass version, what are the big drawbacks to using sodium instead of lithium (if any)?

Thank you for your kind reply in advance!!

Comment How the hell is this still a problem? (Score 2) 49

Yes, CC and banks are dragging their heels. But the whole system is just bad. First, why does Arby's have Normal CC information?? Once it passes, the deal is done. I get having corporate accounts on file, but this is silly. Second, the damn machines shouldn't be giving Arbys any information, other than transaction time/amount/ and some transaction code(needed for refunding cash). Third, The cards should be sophisticated enough to handle a secure chip/pin system (not the sad version of today, but one that is legit)

Comment Re:I Would Rather Go To Theatres (Score 1) 341

I only bother with a theater if there is a social reason, or If the movie is eye candy. Doctor Strange is eye candy that wont translate well to the 2D Home Theater.
Otherwise I prefer to sit on the couch, and pet my hounds, answering my phone or the call of nature as I see fit.

Comment Re:"Likley grow" - Bullshit (Score 1) 275

Nope, coal is going to keep shrinking. For energy, natural gas is going to keep moving forward taking down coal. It doesn't have the heavy metal issues, and is reasonably cheap. Plus natural gas can be used for "peaker" power stations to supplement solar and wind-power.
Windpower in geographically appropriate areas is a pretty economical choice. I don't see any long term viability problems, the only real issue with windpower is that maintenance is an ongoing expense, but factored into the power produced, it still makes them once of the cheapest options per KWH

Comment it's a losing fight. (Score 1) 365

The diamond age will be here soon, and mined diamonds will be worthless. And that's great.
The amount of misery that has been caused by our want of shiny rocks is deplorable.
I want to see those that have profited on this misery to languish.
I've sullied diamonds to a dozen women, who decided to go a different way. This makes me happy.

Comment Re:News at 5... (Score 1) 451

That may cause some people to object, when your car mows down a bunch of grade schoolers, rather than hit the back of a schoolbus at a very survivable speed. Though I suspect that the problem will be self correcting, As the settings you choose will change your insurance premiums. That having a SUV with a save occupant from minor injury at any price setting, could prove to be crazy expensive.

Comment Re:I use cash (Score 1) 558

I gave up on that front.
I carry a cell phone.
I suspect that the govt tracks cell phone positions (gps and/or tower triangulated), and logs the data.
That is a really small amount of data to collect, and if done in bulk is amazing.
While some might think this is paranoid, I feel that our intelligence community would be incompetent if they didn't.
I also suspect that they have a data stream on most retail purchases. (also a small amount of data)

If I had that kind of data, I could mine the living hell out of it.
You could track the positions of burner phones, and know where the criminal elements live.
You then track their inter-actors, and see where they are going.
Then you can see where they are dead-dropping goods

It becomes criminal Sudoku

Best of Luck fighting the privacy war. Sadly I took an arrow to the knee.

Comment Reserve Currency (Score 1) 558

The Hundred Dollar Bill is used all over the world.. Keeping it around is a huge boon for America.
I can trade American currency for service in most parts of the world.

A good usable currency that works across the globe is good for trade, which in turn is good for peace.

While easy to use money is a good thing for smugglers and terrorists,
I suspect that making currency harder to deal with will help them grow far more.

Limiting the currency is probably a bad thing.

Comment Re:India vs. the Marshall Islands (Score 1) 276

It's a big ass dam dude, it's 5 times the size of the Hoover dam and stretches for over 600 kilometers.

The Three Gorges Dam generates about 10GW and displaced upwards of 1.5 million people. Total world energy generation from fossil fuels is about 10TW. So, if you accept the displacement of at least 1.5 million people for the Three Gorges Dam, you should be willing to accept the displacement of at least 1.5 billion people for fossil fuel consumption, right?

Oh, and the figure I read was 1.6 million displaced, but the article was a bit old.

Hence my statement of more than 1.5 million. In fact, it's probably several million, but Chinese propaganda likes to play it down.

For 10 TW of clean power I think that displacing 1.5 billion people is a damn bargain.

Comment There are existing crime ecosystems (Score 2) 310

They can't just move into running guns, as there are already criminals that do that, but their main buyers (drug pushers) are not buying, so it doesn't work.
So then there is human trafficking, black markets, illegal gambling, theft, counterfeiting, and extortion.
I don't think there is much growth potential in most of these fields.
And with police relieved from most of the interdiction work, there are more resources left enforce the other problems.

Comment He's Not Jean Valjean (Score 1) 1032

It's loans at 1970's college tuition rates. And the man made an agreement to pay them back. Even today there are affordable college options. He chose to take on debt. I've seen shrewd students get through their PhD's without a loan or family help. They weren't destitute, just disciplined. (I'm not remotely that disciplined, I had a good deal of fun with loaned money, and I'm fine with paying back my loans.)

And even with all that said..
I think the nation needs to provide 4 more years of free public education. An uneducated populace is not a good future for our economy.

Comment Dunning Kreuger effect (Score 4, Insightful) 809

I've sat through an upsetting number of tech interviews. Getting someone at the high end is a really horrible experience. People come in with very impressive resume's only to show no real skillset.

I don't think having some lack of understanding of encryption is a non-starter.
But I do want to see that someone has a good breadth of experience, and can talk about a good number of things at some base understanding:
How a file system works,
how a network works,
how memory works,
how a repository works,
how a software build works,
how to use editor functions far beyond what can be done by microsoft notepad,
how to use a regex,
how to make a presentation from data,
how to make a lamp webpage,
how to merge tables from multiple databases,
how to do statistical tests on data,
how to set up proper controls for experiments,
how to write. The other part is that bad applicants pervade the pool. Good hires get hired, and held onto -- Bad hires don't get hired, or get released back in the pool. If you want a good hire, there is a bunch of crap applicants to wade through, or you pay the cash to lure talent away from a lucrative job.

Oh the subject.. Eventually gave up on hiring a senior, and posted for a junior position, and got far better applicants than we ever saw for the senior position.

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