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Comment Re: What is needed.. (Score 4, Informative) 367

Cobal is a crazy nuanced language that is hardware specific.

Absolutely wrong. One of the language's biggest selling point when it was first created is the source code is completely hardware agnostic. To demonstrate this, the developers compiled the same program (from the same deck of punched cards) on three different brands of computer, ran the program with the same deck of input data and got the exact same results. The only change they had to make was one card in the Environment Section, and all that card did was specify the target machine.

Comment Re:Smartphones are great driving aids. . . (Score 1) 344

I also use Waze, but I prefer a dashboard mount. You can use it to report accidents or stopped vehicles but most of the time that takes your attention off of your driving. My phone's been used for that once, and only because my passenger did the reporting while I kept my eyes on the road.

Comment Re:Not exactly direct evidence (Score 2) 156

I'll admit that I have my doubts, because it seems to have been postulated simply to make our observations match our predictions and because it appears to be defined as "something that has mass but can't be detected any other way." I wouldn't be at all surprised if somebody were to come up with a theory that explains the data without invoking Dark Matter and managed to prove it by observation. Still, if this does turn out to be Dark Matter, it would satisfy my objections. It's potentially a major step forward, and I will be very interested to see what comes of it.

Comment Not exactly direct evidence (Score 5, Informative) 156

From TFA, "...researchers were able to identify distortions of distant galaxies as they are influenced by a large, unseen mass, such as dark matter." That means that what they have are images that appear to imply the existence of Dark Matter, and are hard to explain any other way, not that the images actually show us Dark Matter. That doesn't mean that it doesn't demonstrate that Dark Matter exists, it's just that the images aren't as cut and dried as the article's headline implied. It also means that there's still wiggle room for those who are certain that it doesn't exist. Still, it's a great step in the right direction.

Comment Re:OS/2 Warp 4: Better than modern Linux. (Score 1) 93

It's quite sad that an obsolete OS from 20 years ago can still challenge a modern systemd/GNOME-3/Linux installation.

The problem here is that you're using that bloated resource-hog of a DE, Gnome3. Get rid of it and try something lightweight, such as Xfce, and you'll be surprised how much better things are.

Comment Re:Charging a battery to charge a battery . . . (Score 1) 99

YMMV, but here in the US that's gonna run $35-40, much more than "a cup of coffee and a waffle".

Before you decide how cost effective this is, you have to consider how many passengers there are on the average trip. If the answer is 100, then the fuel cost per passenger is only $.35 or so, much less than it would be if they all had to drive cars over a bridge, especially when you factor in the fact that the ferry company's buying their fuel at wholesale rates, not retail. And, if you take a look at how full the ferry's are during morning and evening commute, they become even more cost effective.

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