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Comment Re:Where's my computerized credit card? (Score 0, Offtopic) 216

Mark't's post should not have been marked troll. Pull your head out of your ass moderator. Mark T was merely sharing his EXPERIENCE with us; not trolling. This Slashdot system is being ABUSED in order to try to destroy the user named Mark-t.


"Concentrate more on promoting (adding points) rather than on demoting (subtracting points). The real goal here is to find the juicy good stuff and let others read it. Do not promote personal agendas. Do not let your opinions factor in. Try to be impartial about this." "Simply disagreeing with a comment is not a valid reason to mark it down. Likewise, agreeing with a comment is not a valid reason to mark it up. The goal here is to share ideas. To sift through the haystack and find needles."

Comment Re:What is Australia thinking? (Score 1) 275

I believe the first quote ("That's not a knife, now THAT'S a knife!") is from Crocodile Dundee., which I imagine that particular Simpsons episode (that I don't believe I've seen) was parodying.

The knife/spoon I didn't see either, but Terry Pratchett wrote in Thud, "He not only wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, in fact he might even be a spoon".

Then of course the Matrix "There is no spoon."

Oddly, none of these are spoonerisms.

Comment Re:Cheaper solution (Score 4, Interesting) 351

Just give them cell-phones that can do that instead.
Make each cell phone have an emergency receiver.

The phone is more likely to be close to the person.
It has a greater chance of being charged.
People will not ignore it.

And the best part is that cellphones are spreading even in poorer countries.
Implementation costs would be minimal, just make sure every cellphone receives an emergency band.

(and being waterproof with a solar charger on the back would be nice too)

Comment Pot, meet Kettle. (Score 1, Insightful) 111

But then again, atheists should just be in the closet with the gays, right? Women should be grateful to stay at home and make us dinner.

It's a sign of being a member of a privileged class when you take offense at an outsider speaking up for themselves. Women and blacks who wanted equal rights to men/whites were treated in much the same way. Those in power regarded activists as "uppity" and wondered "why are they so angry all the time?". Some of us are angry and sometimes rightfully so. That doesn't mean we all are. Just because some individuals are obtuse and belligerent doesn't mean you should misrepresent the whole. Otherwise, atheists might hold up folks like Haggard and OBL as examples of theists.

Want atheists to be less outspoken? Treat them with the same respect you want (that sounds familiar, hrm). Or better yet, treat people like they WANT to be treated. Start with something minor like... knowing that atheism is NOT an ideology or even an actual group or movement. If someone says they are atheist... respond in the same way you would if they said they like to watch baseball. It has nothing to do with you. They can watch baseball, and you can watch football. It's not a zero sum game.

Unless it's the first word of the sentence or in a book title, just leave it lower case.

Comment Re:My battery died (Score 1) 206

I'm rarely one to shill a store or product, but I've used Batteries Plus stores for customers who are in the same exact situation you are in. I believe they are owned by Rayovac.

Typically their generic laptop/cell phone batteries end up being cheaper than the name brand units (although this isn't always the case). For people in your case, though, this is really the only option for a fresh battery for an older laptop, cell phone, etc.

They're a franchise much like Radio Shack so you should be able to find one somewhere near you.

Comment Re:Blame piracy (Score 1) 497

Saving games on something I don't control (and religiously backup) is not something I would do. I'm not putting any time into a game that my progress could be lost. Big companies don't back up like they should the Microsoft Sidekick fiasco was a perfect example of that. Plus Ubisoft has been known to release really buggy software so I don't have any faith that backups (or working backups) wouldn't be in their "fix later" file.

Comment Re:Apartment Wifi (Score 2, Insightful) 250

Anyone can get your WEP key with just a handful of minutes and a tiny bit of know-how. If someone knows enought to try changing its settings to make it better suit their needs, you can be sure they can crack your WEP key. Cracking WEP networks is particularly easy, and useful if you live next to the network in question.

Seriously people, stop using WEP unless you actually understand the consequences and can make an informed decision to ignore them.

Also, ethernet and wifi are significantly different beasts (though DVD quality probably shouldn't be an issue.)

Comment Re:Sad, but... (Score 1) 920

Because next people will be saying, "Why do we need to send another probe to Mars? Haven't we already done that. Why not use the money on project on something else more useful? Maybe an extra billion for program X."

Sorry, but out side of slashdot and a few other geeky sites, how many of the general public know about spirit and opportunity STILL being on mars and roving around? Next question, how many actually care

NASA's budget already is only $18B a year. The state of New York Dept of Health got $29B last year.

Comment Re:How can it NOT be mandated registration? (Score 1) 507

You can block ads... isn't really honest though is it?

I can render a web-page however I want. I can use a text-only browser if I want. HTML merely provides a recommendation for how the information is presented. Just because I visited your page doesn't mean I want to load a hundred different files from a dozen domains of dubious trustworthiness.

If you want to display ads, I'm fine with that, serve them as static images from your own domain... but don't expect me to trust some random domain. There's good reason not to cross the domain boundary.

Consider this, it's fully within control of the webserver to allow or deny access to anyone they don't want. If an administrator is really upset about adblocking they can just deny them.

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