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Submission + - There is no "Proper English" (

Pikoro writes: A recent article in the NY Times shows the argument for why there is no longer a "Proper" english.

Itâ(TM)s a perpetual lament: The purity of the English language is under assault. These days we are told that our ever-texting teenagers canâ(TM)t express themselves in grammatical sentences. The media delight in publicizing ostensibly incorrect usage. A few weeks ago, pundits and columnists lauded a Wikipedia editor in San Jose, Calif., who had rooted out and changed no fewer than 47,000 instances where contributors to the online encyclopedia had written âoecomprised ofâ rather than âoecomposed of.â

Scholarly linguists, Instead of having some rule book of what is âoecorrectâ usage, instead examine the evidence of how native and fluent nonnative speakers do in fact use the language. Whatever is in general use in a language (not any use, but general use) is for that reason grammatically correct.

Comment Smart Guns (Score 1) 584

"Smart Guns" may someday actually be something reliable... Currently they are so far from that condition that EVERY piece o legislation mentioning them exempts police, military, and anyone else that is responsible for defending "Those In Power" from any requirement to use them

Though the death threats and ignorance so far exhibited are just wrong... my family and I deserve the same reliability that TPTB's guardians do...

Springs, levers, and some moderately accurate machining makes for a weapon that goes "boom" every time the trigger is pulled... nothing less is acceptable

Comment Re:... or just don't take notes in class (Score 1) 191

We think way faster than any reasonably normal speaking tempo.

That gives time to process the lecture. Taking notes helps that process IF you aren't attempting to transcribe the whole thing...

Key bullet points, quotes, and references are a lot more useful than getting the whole nine yards on paper..

OTOH I type comfortably at speeds fast enough to catch all of the above on my laptop...

Comment Oddly enough (Score 1) 312

Some folks decide that management suits them better than engineering and move in that direction without actually giving up their interest in the nuts and bolts of the business.

Good managers are pretty rare in my experience, if you define "Good" as knowing the basics of the technical jobs of people they supposedly tell what to do...

Harder to find yet are managers that delegate appropriately to the lowest practical level, supervise unobtrusively, and see their primary task as making sure that talent is recognized, materials are obtained on time, and hard work rewarded

Funny thing... but THOSE managers just seem to get jobs done on time, have fewer errors, and keep corporate knowledge levels up by retaining the "good ones"

Good Engineers don't usually convert to good managers, but that doesn't mean that there aren't "Good Engineering Managers" that break the "Pointy Haired Boss" stereotype.

Comment Users have had this ability (Score 1) 173

for quite a while.

Where government needs to be involved escapes me completely

The ONLY reason I can see for this OR "The Internet Kill Switch" would be to interrupt communications and coordination between Citizens in case of the government doing something untoward and wanting to isolate a group/town/region from communicating with the outside world

I try not to be a conspiracy nut... but sometimes the only reasonable answer isn't reasonable at all!

Comment The Onion Router (Score 1) 1

Most of those using TOR insecurely don't change to a secure browser... mix using TOR and other channels of access, and generally do everything the TOR documentation tells them is a No-No...

RTFM isn't just a random group of letters...

Comment Simple enough; Private means Private! (Score 1) 508

I'll posit that Private Property is the difference...

The government has no authority to monitor my activities without warrant on sworn testimony of probably cause... any more than they have the authority to go through my personal posessions, writings, etc...

As a property owner, I have the right to do pretty much anything I desire... limit access, monitor activities, and record audio/video as I please

Even IF the government somehow defies that difference, I would object to any survelience system that wasn't completely open to the public with each and every feed... ESPECIALLY those in public places like courthouses, police stations, and other government buildings... avilable 24/7 to US Citizens...

After all with several million watching their favorite feed the likelyhood of a crime committed by ANYONE, whether a citizen, law enforcement type, or politician, going unwitnessed would be very small!!!

Comment Use of DRM is calling customers thieves! (Score 1) 684

The worst effect of DRM is it's insistance that EVERYONE is a Pirate, thief, dishonerable... however you put it, the COMPANY that adds DRM just doesn't trust it's customers

Sites like Baen Books have successfully released non-DRM books for years without piracy significantly affecting their, or the author's income... INCLUDING E-Book copies of an author's full collection bound into first run hardbound copies.

People who actually understand the implications of DRM are justifiably outgraged by being considered a thief simply because they want to BUY an artist/writer/film maker's work

Unfortunately some of them react in the most predicatble way... in addition to "voting with their wallet" they obtain non-DRM files for works they choose to enjoy.

The typical person, and despite all indications to the contrary I feel that includes me... tends to have an original book/CD/DVD as well as archival copies or use copies to enjoy while leaving the original safely stored...

Some of my favorite writers I enjoy so much that the signed hardbound book is on the shelf, a paperback copy loaned out to a friend, a digital copy on one of my tablets, and the audiobook on my phone so I can enjoy it while working/driving/relaxing...

Comment Uninformed! (Score 1) 404

Uninformed article trying to raise the ire of those equally ignorant... a manufacturing license covers any sort of action except full auto...

ANYONE can manufacture a firearm for their own use if they follow a couple of rules like "distinctive markings" and a rifled barrel.

The ONLY confusion is in the mind of those who think it's too easy...

CRIMINALS have had access to full auto weapons built in small shops as long as there have been machine guns... It's a BIG problem in countries that have total bans on firearms since it takes nothing more than the machines an automotive repair shop would need...

Comment Gold medals are special (Score 1) 230

They typically come with a federal land grant. A six by six by three foot plot in whichever military cemetery has room.

ze The Silver, and Bronze medals are usually a bit less costly.

The problem with this medal is that is "outranks" the Bronze Star that the guy holding the LASER designator is probably going to deserve for being on scene in person while the "driver" and "shooter" are sitting in an air conditioned box a few thousand miles closer to safety.

While the grunt and his LASER gun are escaping and evading back to friendly territory the heroes at home will be picking up their dry cleaning, stopping by the IGA to grab some milk and bread for the wife and spending the evening in front of the TV with the family.

On a particular hard day them might even hoist a few at the club in celebration of a successful mission...

Don't misunderstand me... It's great that the techies and stationary pilots are being recognized... It just seems strange to make that recognition count more for promotions than actually being IN the war zone...

Kinda like giving achievement awards for the Very Best Video Game Ever!!!

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