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Comment BeauHD (Score 0) 62

Why the shit do you always reference other posts that are sitting on the front page, usually only one article below, from every fucking non-related story? This is the first one I've seen where you referenced something that someone other than yourself posted.

Stop with your attempted click driving shit.

Comment Re:Study of Patents (Score 1) 124

I'm not for abolishing patents, but I am for reducing the length the patent can be held. Technology patents that last even 20 years are crazy these days with the pace tech moves. I'd say 5 year max on tech related patents. By then, the tech will be out of date anyways, but they become open for use. If a company is only coming up with one product every 5 years, they're probably going to fail.

Comment Re: The denialists need to be dealt with somehow. (Score 1) 331

So what's the worst case scenario if we actually try to cut emissions and work on the problem? We fuck it up and get cleaner air? I don't understand why so many people are so vocally objective to mitigating the problem.

Just for the sake of argument: Who cares where it started? Obviously, if it's natural, then (natural + human interaction > 100%) So we try to reduce our output. At the very least, we remove ourselves from the problem.

It seems to only be an issue in the USA where "Not my fault" has been the default position for everything from bad driving and car accidents, to who's president and AGW.

David fucking Koresh people, get a grip. Working on the problem can't hurt so why fight it?

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