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Comment Re:It's ok (Score 1) 55

Actually, that's not net neutrality. Net Neutrality can be summed up in 5 words: A packet is a packet. I don't know what is so hard about this. Some people will say stuff like: you have to prioritize VOIP for 911, or real time emergency alerts, or whatever. Bullshit. A packet is a packet. If you throttle or prioritize, you're not neutral. Period.

Comment Re: Not surprised (Score 1) 297

10 to one delusion (misspelled on purpose) isn't what you seem to think it is. Take 100ml of pure water and drop 10ml of the "active" ingredient into it.
Then, take 100ml of pure water and drop 10ml of the previous solution into it. Keep repeating 8 more times. The resulting solution is just pure water.

Comment Re:WRONG:My program gets 'em automatically (Score 1) 121

Wait, what? You say your host file is ~3Mb. So instead of blocking an entire tld with a wildcard, I should be downloading a 3Mb (and growing every day apparently) every day instead of performing a single query? You've been struck down many times before, by myself and others, and you still spew this crap. Ahh, good times.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 917

What you do is combine all the current benefit programs into the UBI. Get rid of medicare/aid, social security, welfare, etc... Reabsorb the budgets that are used to run those programs, and combine the resulting funds into the UBI stipend. Employers can also subtract the UBi amount from what they pay to their workers so that the cost is offset for the employers as well. Say the UBI is 1k/mo. I currently make 5k/mo. My salary would go down by 1k since I would be getting the UBI so when it's all said and done, it's even for people who are working. There is still an incentive to work since I can make above and beyond the UBI if so motivated, but it also gives me the freedom to quit my job and seek alternate work if I so desire since I wouldn't starve to death while looking for work. Also, if this is paid to every man, woman, and child, then a mandatory percentage of the child's UBI (say 50%) can be put into an interest bearing account until the child reaches adulthood and has something to use to pay for college, start a home, buy a car, etc.

Not perfect, but I think this would help with implementation as people who are currently receiving various benefits would be able to transition almost immediately. As the transition progresses, the staff positions needed to run those programs could be cut back, and since those who would lose their jobs would also be receiving the UBI, they aren't impacted as much since they can still live while looking for other work.

Now figuring out the amount that the UBI should be is going to be the tough part. The numbers I hear getting tossed around is to set it at whatever the federal minimum wage is set at. Not goign to live in luxury at that amount, but it's enough to survive while also encouraging people to look for extra employment.

Comment Re:Something I've wanted (Score 1) 96

There is another solution to sites that use CDNs. They could host their own content. If you're at the point where you need a CDN, you have the income to afford it. I ran a (I thought) rather popular site from a dynamic IP in my house. Received over 1 million unique users per day, plus forums, downloads, source code hosting, mail, etc. I also hosted my own ad network on the same system. This was direct advertising that I hosted and vetted myself, on my server. Bandwidth costs are cheap. If I can optimize a core 2 duo with 1Gb of ram to run that kind of traffic, using a CDN just seems lazy to me. Some months, I cleared around $5k. My cost, not counting my own time? About $50/mo. This was in 2004/5.

Comment Something I've wanted (Score 1) 96

I've always wanted an option in my browser to only display items on a page if they are from * of the site I'm looking at. Cross site anything would simply stop working. Then, if a site is hosting it's own ads, it would display. No ad blocker required. It would also stop third party cookies, javascript, etc..

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