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Journal mcgrew's Journal: Um, what chapter is this?

Chapter One

        When I got back to my quarters, Destiny said "You should talk to Tammy."
                "Huh? Why?"
                "She's not a simple street hooker, she holds two PhDs, one in anthropology and one in psychology. She was studying the droppers when she got hooked."
                "How the hell could that happen?"
                "I don't know, ask her. "
                "I can't, I was kind of an asshole when I first met her. I had to of course, but that doesn't make me feel any better about it."
                "She likes you, John. She said that's one of the reasons."
                "Huh? She likes me because I was an asshole?"
                "She likes you because you aren't one of the knuckle draggers that would have let her on for a blow job. She said you had a good character, and I told her I wouldn't have been with you if you hadn't.
                "She's really nice, really. I like her. Lets have coffee with her tomorrow."
                "Uh, OK, I guess."
                The doorbell buzzed. "Who is it?" Destiny said.
                "Wild Bill Corpse. Jesus... them whores damned near killed me! But what a way to die!" he said, smiling wider than I'd ever seen anybody smile.
                "Did the robots finish moving the batteries?" he asked.
                "No," I said. "Is anybody but me hungry?"
                Bill grinned even wider. "I just ate! Damn, John, thanks! Hey, can I take a few with me?"
                "Get paper from the company and I'll do anything you want. But not without it, you know that."
                He laughed. "You thought I was serious? Damn, John, I'd never do anything to get you in trouble. Especially after tonight. God! This might be the highlight of my whole life!"
                "It'll be an hour before the robots finish," I said. "Lets eat something, I'm hungry. Come on, Bill, pussy isn't very filling. How about pizza?"
                "I could go for pizza," Desire said. "Bill?"
                "Sure. Got a beer to go along with it?"
                "Yeah, didn't I tell you? Have a beer and take a few cases with you."
                "Damn, John..."
                "Look, Bill, what you did for me on that Jupiter run... you know. I couldn't have a better friend. You could have been ruined but you stuck up for me anyway. Ain't many people I know would do that." I chuckled. "My Mom, um, probably wouldn't."
                A table with a sliced pizza and three beers rolled over to us.
                We talked and laughed and ate pizza and drank beer and had a good time and promised each other to keep in touch.
                Twenty minutes before they were scheduled to finish I went to the pilot room and turned the boats around and started accelerating. We had gravity again, even if it wasn't much gravity.

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Um, what chapter is this?

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