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Comment Re: But not climate change research (Score 1) 45

If your paper confirms climate change, you are more likely to get funding.

If your paper confirms that GMOs are as safe as mother's milk, you are also more likely to get funding. Also, if your study shows that vaccines are safe, you are more likely to get funding.

Are those examples of confirmation bias too?

Comment Re:E.g. We can't use it if we can't cheat (Score 3, Interesting) 60

It's interesting, but some of the earliest accounting software I used, which was COBOL-based, didn't allow you to change any ledger once a month was posted and closed. I suppose it was possible to go into the actual database and directly alter records, but the underlying concept was that once a fiscal period was complete, it was inviolate, and the only way you could alter any closed ledger was to post adjusting entries in this period. This could be rather ugly, so you tried really hard not to do any major mistakes. Even end of the year adjusting entries were posted in the next fiscal year.

Since then I've seen a number of accounting systems that allow all sorts of monkeying around, including posting adjusting entries for a fiscal year within that fiscal year, even though you may be a couple of months into the current fiscal year. It seems common practice now, but a quarter of a century ago that was viewed as completely inappropriate, as it opened the door for fraud.

Comment Re:Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich (Score 1) 796

R6: Do not promote another candidate
R7: No negative campaigning

You believe that's the same thing as "no dissent or SJWs"?

Even a cursory look at that reddit shows that there's plenty of dissent. You're just not welcome if you're job is to shill for another candidate.

In the "TheDonald" reddit, "no dissent" means exactly that. If you have any divergent views (for example, if you support Trump but you don't believe Donald Trump Jr is a good surrogate for his father) you are gone.

No, they do not mean the same thing.

Comment Re: So basically ... the attack wins? (Score 5, Insightful) 192

They weren't hosting him for free, there's no such thing as free.

They were hosting him because it was good PR for them to be able to say "Yeah, we're capable of holding up this high value target's website just fine regardless of all the attacks he regularly comes under".

This is a tacit admittance that Akamai's business model has changed from high end bulletproof host to just another host that will not keep your site up in the face of a DDOS. This is rather unfortunate for them, because such low end hosts are widely available, and at a far lower price point.

I wish them luck with their new model as just another host chasing the low hanging fruit. They've sacrificed an incredibly important unique selling point for them - their reputation as a host that will keep you going no matter what.

Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 1) 407

learn to internet pls

I went down the list of the first page of search results that you cited. Not one single example of an elected official saying they want to confiscate guns. You will find other people saying that "This Democrat wants to take your guns away from you" but that's it. Even the NY Safe Act only covered a very narrow type of weapon, and confiscation was not part of it.

Now, should I assume that you are being disingenuous, or did you just fail to read your own cites?

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