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Comment Re:Doesn't Matter (Score 1) 101

Obama's greatest fault was how long it took him to realize what was going on. Most people had realized all the Republican "negotiations" were a stalling tactic by the summer of '09, the fall at the latest. Obama didn't seem to get it until after the 2010 elections.

He may have thought that voters would punish the Republicans for blocking progress, rather than punish the Democrats for attempting it.


Submission + - Microsoft certifications won't boost your pay much ( 1

jbrodkin writes: Microsoft certifications are dropping in value and provide a smaller pay boost than IT skills related to Cisco, Oracle, EMC, VMware, IBM, SAP and Red Hat technologies.
"So many people have Microsoft certifications that the gap between supply and demand is not that great, like it is with other certifications," says David Foote of the IT research firm Foote Partners, who adds "you're talking about a company that has lost ground over the last several years."
Microsoft certifications provide a 5.9% pay boost, less than the 7.3% industry average, and have been dropping in value for six months.

Comment Re:Add Bill Maher to your list (Score 1) 832

To reduce allergies, please look into eating more vegetables and fruits

I think it's pretty safe to say that if eating more fruits and vegetables and taking more vitamin D cured your "allergies" they weren't allergies. Many people confuse allergies and intolerances, they're not the same thing. Allergies just don't work that way. The only way diet can improve your allergies is if you stop eating things you're allergic to.

The rest of the stuff you mentioned are good ideas for general health but none of them are actually a replacement for vaccination or a cure for allergies.

Of course, I might be a little biased on this topic since morons spouting the same bullshit have literally try to kill my wife by sneaking things she's allergic to into her meals because they're convinced that allergies aren't real or that a few drops of vitamin D will protect her from the effects.

Comment Re:re Increase or decline? (Score 4, Insightful) 746

In experimental science, this is not uncommon. Using different methods of analyzing the same subject is, in other words, using (relatively) independent methods to analyze that subject. Using multiple independent methods and combining their results is a good thing, because it avoids experimental error and potential systemic biases that exist in every observational setup.

That said, I don't want to get into an actual discussion about the actual paper in question because I have not read the relevant hacked personal e-mails with their full context and interpreted their significance (and I likely won't have time in the near future given the pressures of day to day life). I am not particularly inclined to start implying conclusions and accusations based off of an incomplete and shoddy reading of a few out-of-context paragraphs. I am neither willing to vouch for or defend, or attack a particular piece of research until I am reasonably well informed about how that research was conducted.

There seem to be many people, however, who are willing to do exactly that.


Comment Re:re Increase or decline? (Score 4, Insightful) 746

Not that suspicious in itself - I've often used the word "trick" to refer to a clever shortcut with no deception whatsoever. A quick search of my email shows several uses of it in this way.

I don't know enough about this to say whether there's anything dubious or not, but that quote by itself doesn't say much.

Comment Re:Maybe get some facts straight? (Score 1) 1078

This must be one of the worst cases of CYA that I have ever seen, I guess noone with a law degree felt like standing up for sanity rather than legal fiction. Customer expectations are disappointed by products after the sale each day every day in a million ways and almost none of those, short of clear product defects, are covered under warranty. Unless the customer has any grounds for a refund, there's no reason to not book that revenue. If you were to not give any free updates, those spurned users could create a shitstorm and kill your future sales but that would not undo the cash handed over at the sale. SOX is supposed to ensure booking accuracy, not business sanity. You can give your customers the finger if you just book it correctly against goodwill.

(Yes, I know that's not what goodwill is, don't let pedantry get in the way of a joke)

Comment Re:Film and TV producers also call for action (Score 1) 619

So the only reason you expect it to be English, is that you are arrogant. Wanna know who else behaves like this? The french.

No! The reason we expect it to be in English, is that we are lazy. It is true that the French are arrogant, but if you look up that word you will see that it implies an exaggerated sense of importance. Whereas the French have exactly that exaggerated sense of importance, Americans merely have a realistic sense of our own importance. Love us or hate us, you've got to admit, we run the fucking world.

Don't worry, though, we're juuuuust about to start declining. Check back in fifteen years when we are sucking our thumbs and crying about our imperial past, like the British. And THEN we will be arrogant, and the Chinese will be lazily demanding programming in Mandarin.

Comment Re:Silverlight (Score 1) 329

'which version would be adopted more'

That is and should be up to the users and the developers (really the developers) not up to some dictatorial for profit entity that has contributed some portion of the code in the original project.

This problem has been solved elsewhere. There is no conflict between releasing java as an open technology and trademarking the name "Java" at the same time. That is why there will never be a Microsoft embrace and extend Linux, or Firefox, etc.

There is no need to castrate the most powerful tool the community has. The fork.

Again, what you are proposing is what Microsoft called Shared Source and it was rejected by the community a long time ago. It wouldn't be any better coming from Apple, Google, IBM, or Sun.

Comment Re:"In the Process?" (Score 1) 256

75*.05 = 3.75
Which means you feel at most only 4 movies off that list are going to see the light of day?
There are 2 xmen movies, spiderman, superman, captain america, iron man 2, pretty much all guaranteed. You forget marvel is taking a shotgun approach to comic book movies, they're basically going to make everything and whatever is profitable gets made in to a sequel.
From this list I would say a good 15-20% are more or less "guaranteed" to show up in theatre, as its very unlikely that marvel will cancel anything and DC has to play some catch-up. Yes, they had a massive hit with dark night, but one major victory against all the smaller marvel little ones only holds up so long.

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