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Comment Re:London financial hub threatened? (Score 2) 197

"the movement of capital" - what are you on about? Really? For reasons of compliance certain EU centric activities must be conducted within the EU. Banks are already moving jobs from the UK to the UK so that they can start the process of accreditation and remain compliant. Second. "Brexit" is the divorce. It takes two years. Then. Only then. Comes the negotiations for what role the UK will play in the EU. Passporting in the city of London will end before there is an option to negotiate an alternative. In the words of one analyst I know - you'll not see anything sudden happen. What you will see is that over time new projects will not come to London. Over 10 years you will find London slowly slipping in dominance.

Comment 300TB (Score 1) 60

I understand there are tools to work with these data, but even so, 300TB is a lot. Wouldn't it be better, assuming they want to encourage future generations of particle physicists, to open source the tools and provide better instruction on how one should manage these data? That seems like half the problem. No way will anyone in high school download 300TBs to play with. Even if they could, what would they use to play with it?

Comment In the long-long-term? (Score 1) 31

I'd be interested in the long term consequences of dialing up importin-7 - sure, recall of most recent events might be improved, but are they more likely to forget distant items as new information is stored? Brains are pretty darn sophisticated but still, without clever mnemonic tricks, memory is limited.

Comment Not quite (Score 4, Informative) 157

It would seem like AT&T are moaning about other contractors, like Google, removing AT&T equipment. This is nothing about trying to prevent Google from hooking up fiber. They kind of have a point as well. Who decides when something is legacy, needs retiring and removal? Sure, I hate AT&T as much as the next guy, I enjoy my ridiculously high speed fiber and feel sorry for those who don't have it. But at least read the article.

Comment Possible issues (Score 2) 239

There are games and there are games. And my guess is that games that map onto the real world more closely may have more intrusive effects than others. How could PacMan realistically affect real world functioning? You are guiding a blob of pixels around a maze, there are no real world corollaries to this. However, interacting with with photo realistic others in simulated environments could have a very positive impact. Take as an example some vulnerable kids who have learned to deal with others with aggression, then expose them to a simulated where game play success is only achieved through appropriate interactions, we might see positive effects in real world behaviour. At least this is the thinking of some developmental behavioural scientists... whose names and work I cannot at the moment find.

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