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Comment I don't mind (Score 1) 68

I don't mind having some software monitor my activity and provide opportunities to make like simpler. I quite like the idea. I have a huge problem with that information being sent off and collected in some far off place. I'm already quite spooked by the lack of privacy in Windows 10. But I'm also a bit spooked by Google and a bunch of other vendors who seem to expect to have access to quite personal information. I'm not a fan of big government - but this is one area I would like a bit more clarification on, if they are listening.

Comment Re:London financial hub threatened? (Score 2) 197

"the movement of capital" - what are you on about? Really? For reasons of compliance certain EU centric activities must be conducted within the EU. Banks are already moving jobs from the UK to the UK so that they can start the process of accreditation and remain compliant. Second. "Brexit" is the divorce. It takes two years. Then. Only then. Comes the negotiations for what role the UK will play in the EU. Passporting in the city of London will end before there is an option to negotiate an alternative. In the words of one analyst I know - you'll not see anything sudden happen. What you will see is that over time new projects will not come to London. Over 10 years you will find London slowly slipping in dominance.

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