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Submission + - Good seating options for the intellectually engaged?

symes writes: Being someone who spends most of his life sat in front of a computer screen I have become conscious that what I sit on might have lasting effects on posture and so forth. What, in Slashdot's opinion, is the latest and greatest derrière tech out there?

Submission + - Can we please rethink the mod lables? 2

symes writes: Of the "Normal, Offtopic, Flamebait, Troll, Redundant, Insightful, Interesting, Informative, Funny, Overrated, Underrated" options available, I can honestly say I have never used Reduntant, Overrated and Underrated. I will usually lump Interesting, Insightful and Informative together, but tend to default to Interesting. Same with Troll and Flamebait — these just force dross below the hiden threshold so serve the same purpose. I would like to use Banal or even Vapid, but nothing seems to come close.

Submission + - UK seeks next generation of cyber security pros (

symes writes: The UK is short of cyber police and an online competition has been launched to attract capable applicants, from the BBC: "A national competition has been launched to find the next generation of UK cyber security specialists. The Cyber Security Challenge will put entrants through a series of online and face to face competitions that will assess their abilities. The prizes on offer include bursaries towards university study as well as places on top training courses. The challenge is being run to help fill out the numbers of skilled computer security workers Britain can call on. "Defending all of our interests in cyberspace is a relatively small cadre of talented and highly skilled public sector and private sector cyber security professionals," said Baroness Neville-Jones, Minister of Security. Lady Neville-Jones said the pool of available professionals had to grow and the Cyber Security Challenge was an "innovative" way to attract people to take up the profession"

The challenge has been launched as schools in the UK close for the summer and kids everywhere are looking for something to do — the big question is how long the site will stay up?

Submission + - Spanish police arrest Mariposa masterminds (

symes writes: "Spanish police have revealed that they have arrested three men responsible for one of the world's biggest networks of virus-infected computers" the story suggests that the masterminds were far from leet "The first member of the gang was arrested in early February, when he inadvertently logged into the network without disguising the address of his computer."

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