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Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 312

I personally *despise* the episodic model. I'm all for the serialized one, and in fact, except Netflix's offerings, the serialized versions found on networked shows pale in comparison (in terms of serialization that is). I'm one of those people who really enjoyed the serializing nature of LOST (minus the disastrous 6th season). I absolutely never watch episodic television. I find it cheap, and non-artistic. In a perfect world, I'd like most TV shows (not all, but most) to end in 3 seasons: beginning-middle-end. And each season to comprise from 6-9 episodes: beginning-middle-end. Like a book.

Comment Suing everyone is SOP... (Score 1) 407

In a civil liability suit, you sue everyone involved, from the part manufacturer to the installer to the operator to the owner of the space being leased to the guy that printed the sign out front...

Why? Because, if you don't, the easiest oath out of liability is for all of the parties of the suit to point to the unnamed party and snow a jury. You sue everyone so they do their due diligence to demonstrate a lack of fault in deposition and then get you pointed to the party at fault. This is not new or unusual. It's sadly necessary.

Comment Re:Leave San Francisco (Score 1) 92

There may be several thousand scattered around, but the concentration of competence is high in the Bay Area. It's why companies continue to sprout up in Silicon Valley, hire the best, do well, make a fortune, etc.

There's value to setting up shop in other places, but they're still likely to be areas of concentration of skills. There are smart people doing great work in Seattle, Boston, Las Vegas, Raleigh, Fairfax, etc. But you're going to have to work a little harder to grow a little slower. It's even harder in Madison, New Orleans, Boise, Albany, etc. There are great engineers all over the place, but there are vast networks of engineers at the ready in the Bay Area.

In the Bay Area, companies can hire aggressively and move quickly. For any game with a big first-mover advantage, it's a smart place to play.

If I had a problem t-shirt-sized to 100-200 people, I'd be reluctant to start cranking on it anywhere else.

Comment Re: Microsoft deserved it (Score 5, Insightful) 122

Which is why a 90 day disclosure to public announcement deadline is a reasonable measure. If a bug can be discovered by a nice engineer, it can also be discovered and exploited by a malicious one.

People being mad about this announcement would be akin to people being angry about leaks from Trump's administration rather than the malfeasance uncovered, which would be, you know... Ludicrous.

Or Snowden, etc...

Comment Re: I understand your point, you're missing mine (Score 1) 197

The problem here isn't whether you can adjust shapers or rules for jitter and reliability.

The real problem is that Comcast (or any ISP) can decide to impose a consumer monthly cap and charge for overage, after which they can also *not count* Netflix against that cap while still counting Hulu or PlayStation Vue against that cap. Practical network management is a red herring to distract from uncompetitive business practices. There may be some naive non-experts who would want to jump into routing and low-level management, but that is a staggeringly small minority that could be easily convinced to stand down.

The real game is in market-changing billing practices that enter under the pretense of responsible network management.

Step one is to take an honest look at the vast distinction between those areas of concern and consider policy honestly and realistically. That is, by the way, something that I wouldn't anticipate in the near future from this administration or the FCC. The obfuscation is convenient and intentional.

Comment What. An. Asshole. (Score 1) 564

Like many, I championed his cause and firmly stated that he was being unfairly politically persecuted. But the reality is that he's just a douchebag that found a cause to stand atop and be the king of. It's just another power-play. He's as principled as a toaster oven.

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