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Comment Re:First descibed in 1834 by John Scott Russell (Score 1) 183

I do not think the compressed pulse can be transmitted any length in any fiber. Since the different parts of the pulse have different wavelength, dispersion would destroy the signal fast. Except maybe for vacuum. Traffic at different wavelength have many nonlinear interactions that are amplified if the signals travel all at one speed. Zero dispersion fibers (which is that only at one f anyway) have been abandoned for dispersive fibers to accommodate multicolor traffic.


Submission + - JUnit and GWTTestCase makes Ajax unit testing easy

An anonymous reader writes: Anyone who has developed an Ajax application can testify, testing Ajax isn't exactly easy. In fact, the emergence of Ajax has essentially invalidated a host of test frameworks and tools that weren't designed to test asynchronous Web applications! This article shows you how the Google Web Toolkit actually leverages its Java compatibility to make Ajax applications every bit as testable as their synchronous counterparts.

Submission + - Letter casts doubts on Yahoo! China testimony (

Saint Aardvark writes: "A hand-written letter, believed to be from Chinese police, has surfaced that sheds new light on the case of Chinese reporter Shi Tao. The letter "is essentially a standardized search warrant making clear that Chinese law enforcement agencies have the legal authority to collect evidence in criminal cases. This contradicts Yahoo's testimony to Congress in 2006 that they "had no information about the nature of the investigation." "One does not have to be an expert in Chinese law to know that 'state secrets' charges have often been used to punish political dissent in China," says Joshua Rosenzweig, manager of research and publications for The Dui Hua Foundation. Shi Tao was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his reporting on the Tianamen Square massacre."

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