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Comment Re:WTF (Score 2) 249

Triple WTF
1. The news is incorrect. The conservative government were quick to say that this never was agreed.
2. Yes, not part of EU
3. Not really socialists. Labour party (maybe more like democrats) were kicked out of power. Norway now has a conservative government. (maybe more between democrats and republicans)

Comment Re:Classy use of Class (Score 1) 43

This is not marketing. Intel used to have a tick-tock modle shrinking the process down with a tick og tock every 18 month. Samsung chairman, as a response, said that Samsung does the same, only in 15 month. Now the poor engineers have to deliver this unachievable goal.

They can not do this, and they find some feature in the design that is 10nm. and call it 10nm class.

For comparison, the 65nm process has transistor gate length down to 25nm, pitch between lines over 120nm etc. So in reality, below 32nm there has been a lot of smoke and mirrors like redefining process linewidth.

Comment Re:Used to be a lot warmer. (Score 1) 393

If you argue that humans are ruining the planet, you are of course right.
- We are right now in the biggest and fastest mass extinction the world has ever seen. Except for when Theia sterilized the earth long ago.
- The rainforest are cut down at a high rate, and will vanish.
- 10 billion or more people will overload food supplies and resources
- Oceans are all overfished
- Natural resources of all kinds are depleted.

Global warming is the least of our concerns. Global extinction is quite likely, warm or cold.

Comment Helicopter lit up by 1000s lasers with no problems (Score 1) 275

This army helicopter is lit up by 1000s of lasers, and keeps flying. Are the pilots in the article winers? Or maybe they are just afraid that laser light is dangerous? As a pilot, I find the sun or moon much more annoying than any lasers have ever been. Certainly much less intense than the sun.

Comment Used to be a lot warmer. (Score 3, Insightful) 393

Used to be a lot warmer many times in history. Around year 1000, and for many generations, norsemen grew grains in Greenland. Antartica and Svalbard had tropical climate millions of years ago. It appears the earth was overall a lot wetter when is was warmer, which makes sense. Probably also a lot more violent weather.

Maybe a new ice age would be more devastating than a wet heatwave.

Comment The helium will leak out, and drives will fai(#)&a (Score 5, Informative) 175

Worked for an measurement instrument company building instruments that had to work in helium atmosphere. We tried for a long time to seal the helium out. Even to the point of filling the entire inside with glass filled epoxy to prevent intrusions of helium. In the end we gave up, and did a redesign to work in helium. solid metal seals will work, but pretty much any other seal will not.

Comment Raspberry guys incompetent as hardware designers (Score 1) 243

I hate to be swearing in church. Raspberry guys incompetent as hardware designers. They fumbled for almost a decade with nothing, and then found a complete system on a chip from Broadcom. All they had to do was to make a breakout board. They committed errors no professional HW designers would do.
- They did not know they needed magnetics in the ethernet interface, so the first run did not work.
- Picked a very poor chip for power supply that wasted a lot of power for no apparent reason .. and that is pretty much all the design that was done. The rest was mostly pinouts.

On the other hand,
My hat off for incredible handling of marketing, community interaction and many successes.

Comment Re:SDR Hardware (Score 2) 42

Or you can stabilize the temperature of the crystal yourself. We used to build crystal ovens to stabilize crystal oscillators at a constant temperature, and heat it up to 40C (or 50C depending on where you live) with some resistors. Use a thermistor and a regulator to control the temp.

Even without the oven, the R820 dongles on ebay from china gives you good stability after 10 minutes. You can listen to FM radio, Aircraft radio, old cellphones. I have one set up to receive aircraft tracking info as well as one for ship AIS. This gives me a nice map with view of all crafts in the area, with name, destination speed etc.

Comment Re:Why not Mach 22 (Score 1) 221

Nope, you're dead wrong on all points. Flight is far more efficient than a ballistic trajectory. Being in an atmosphere is actually really great because wings allow you to lift far more weight than your engines themselves are capable of. And there's no way to 'glide' in space.

Maybe you lack some understanding here. Take the international space station. It is using almost no fuel as it moves along at Mach 22. If you lower it into the atmosphere, and add wings to it, you will use a lot more fuel to keep it flying.

Comment Why not Mach 22 (Score 4, Interesting) 221

Why not Mach 22

If you first want to go fast, why not just use an intercontinental ballistic missile? It is really simple construction (read fuel tank with orifice), uses cheap fuel, and really need no fancy aerodynamics or control system. Just aim and fire.

The whole idea of pushing a vessel through air for hours and hours, wasting fuel, when it can glide with no friction a few miles higher seems dumb. It also consumes more fuel in total.

Comment Re:10 Mbits isn't enough (Score 3, Informative) 280

If you have 50Mbs you will not have any problems with decent video while playing a game. If you do, the problems must be somewhere else. Your hardware or network congestion/configuration, or many of you family members is watching porn in 4k 3D without your knowledge.

Netflix bitrate for 4k video is 15.6Mbps. Games are mostly under 0.5Mbps. If you run a game server, you may need more than 0.5Mbps.

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