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Comment All right. let us cut to the chase (Score 1) 13

Do you REALLY think that shop lady and the customers singing a rolling stones song inside the shop should pay the rolling stones (cartel association they belong to) a "performance" fee? This isn't changing the subject, it is THE subject at hand in the article. I need no more than a yes or no. This is as short and on topic as I can make it then. It has nothing to do with your code or my landscaping arrangements, nor anything else, today, an exact happening, in the article, the shop lady/shop/customers singing a song inside the shop, and some fee that they allegedly owe because they violated some law and the law allegedly says they owe it. So, yes, or no?

Comment Re:Cure is worse than the disease (Score 1, Informative) 310

I would rather see people educated instead of regulated.

Right. That's what this is. The changes are requiring the ads to *educate* the consumers regarding the strings attached to "endorsements". It's a really good thing, that will make it a little bit harder to lie or mislead people. Seriously, nobody is trying to take away your free speech or say that you can't endorse things all that you want. This is just about increasing the amount of truth in advertising.

Comment Re:Software patents are teh suck (Score 1) 219

Furthermore, I would suggest that the faster an area of technology moves, the less it matters how long the patent term is. A patent in such an area will quickly become obsolete. It's actually stagnant technology where a long patent term on a rare innovation is most valuable.

A patent is a wall in front of progress. The faster the progress, the more the wall arrests. The whole point of patents is to encourage people to invent things so valuable that others would rather pay to be let through that wall than have to go around it.

Software patents are like being surrounded by walls, as if in maze with no guaranteed exit, and all the walls have blurry edges, and some of them will solidify to a razor's edge for sole purpose of cutting you as travel along a path that has been clear for decades.


Submission + - Arizona Parents lose custody of kids over bathtime ( 1

sv_libertarian writes: "An Arizona couple had their children taken from them by Child Protective Services when a Wal Mart employee developing pictures on a memory stick found pictures of the children in a bathtub, and reported the parents to local authorities. The parents were able to successfully challenge the matter, and are now suing Wal Mart, among others over the matter."

Comment Re:Great advertising for new versions! (Score 0) 590

Destroying your competition by being better is ok, destroying by doing things like bribing the the governemnt has nothign to do with capitalism. Fraud is illegal. Partial capitalism? i think not, you may need some government regulation, but not a whole lot.

Most of our problems stem from government getting involved. The current economic mess as far more to do with the ability of fed to arbitrarily create money than any ponzi schemes. (Unless you consider the entire stock market the ponzi scheme, which maybe an argument can be made for)

Comment Re:Just deserts. (Score 1) 841

Exactly. Rather than complaining about WMP not going out of it's way to support iPod, Apple simply wrote their own Sync software. They had no expectation that WMP would put out an update that allowed it to sync an iPod. I simply don't understand the issue here. Palm should have never released a product without sync software, either their own, or an open source choice that actually planned to support the device. Instead, they relied on another competing vendor's and also presented the device as the competitors brand in that competitors software.

Microsoft didn't go out of it's way to make the iPod compatible with WMP, and no one expected it to. I would actually be shocked to the core if MS went out of their way to sync an iPod. Apple also didn't make it's iPod look like a Zune in WMP. If they had, you wouldn't have had time to exhale before a lawsuit was slapped on Apple. It simply doesn't make sense for competing vendors to support their competitors hardware.

There are third party products where it does make sense, but it does not make sense from a vendor that makes it's money from the hardware, not the software.

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