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Comment Re:The Wrong Plan (Score 1) 358

Actually, no it's not dishonest. You haven't given any data to prove that people will choose anything. Here in my town the transit system serves only a very small number of people. The reason is simple, it was poorly designed. But regardless, I'll not debate infrastructure. I wish there were more choices. Just don't make mine for me and don't lecture me about the choices I make.

Comment Re:ha ha ha (Score 1) 284

Start taxing imports from China at the rates we're taxed back. We could pay them back in no time, I imagine. China sucks, period. That we still do any business with them at all is in itself an atrocity.

Tienanmen Square meant nothing.

Comment And? (Score 1) 284

This doesn't bother me at all. We should expand that to the rest of the government and the private sector. I'm a capitalist but I draw the line at dealing with nations whose systems of government are rife with human rights atrocities. And yes, I'd include many middle-eastern nations as well despite their oil.

We long lost the ball on the notion that exporting capitalism would induce democracy. The Chinese have done one thing too well, managing to hold capitalism in a box and make it produce nice things for it without having it overly-influence it's populace. The game's over. Stop doing business with them and have some ideological fortitude.

Comment Re:The Wrong Plan (Score 1) 358

I don't want to ride the bus. I live in a free society. I can choose. And if I choose not to ride the bus, tough! If wind and solar are the answer they will/would already be pervasive. They're not. At this time they can at best be supplemental. Sure, we should use them but their not the answer yet. And I can't power by car with them. The salient point people seem to be missing is freedom. I'm all for conservation I'm all for alternatives. But not at the hand of a gun. The idea this can happen by next Wednesday is stupidity. Yet we have an administration that simply doesn't care about gas prices because it believes higher gas prices will push us to want something else. They're wrong. Proof of this will be when Obama starts campaigning for lower gas prices. Hey, he already is!

Comment Of course (Score 1) 358

This was the president who said he wished gas prices had not risen to quickly. His energy secretary once lamented that we need European level gas prices in the United States. This is why. They want to push America to other sources as opposed to letting them come naturally. Get used to high prices and unemployment if you vote this mental dwarf back into office.

Comment Re:Not so bad to have different systems. (Score 1) 2288

It's arbitrary anyway. It reminds me of when Princess Di came to America and a wealthy business man asked her to dance at a gala. The rest of the world, particularly Britain, was aghast because it's considered a faux pas in their culture. Well, she came here. Sorry. America is the only nation that is expected to adhere to other culture's differences both when we're there and when they're here. Give 'em an inch, and they'll take a mile! Whatever that is in metric.

Comment Re:Not bothered (Score 1) 1162

Someone told me once, "The best thing that ever happened to Voice of IP was cellphones." That can be debated but the premise was essentially the same. Once you get used to a lower quality, and I would add that quality becomes pervasive, then something better has an battle on it's hands. Blue-ray is more expensive and DVD's, streaming media, online movie rentals, and home delivery rentals are pervasively distributing DVD quality. Do I want to see the movie or do I want to see the movie on Blue-ray? I just want to see the movie. No one is going to ask you, "Did you see that movie on Blue-ray?"

Comment Hmm (Score 2) 1307

Let me tell you how this goes down in most corporations. If you don't, their security dept. simply won't give you what you want. They're likely to shut you out anyway. If you take it up the chain then you're calling attention to the fact that you have a non-hospital entity on the company network. This is/was a bad career move. You might get away with it and many do for some time. Given that you're running BSD is a plus as you're not as likely to propagate a virus. Unfortunately for you, IT already knows. So if you choose not to give them a login you might find yourself without an IP address. Or worse, without a job.

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