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Comment Re:Terrible decision, regardless of patent feeling (Score 1) 100

Not quite - the "total profit" part in the statute only applies to design patents.

And yet, just like the camera and folder organization patent and the cell phone video conferencing patent from Samsung, all the patents in question from Apple in this last particular case brought up by the Supreme Court were ALL utility patents, NOT design patents.

The '647 patent covers "quick links," which do things like automatically detect data in messages that can be clicked. The '959 patent covers universal search, such as what Apple uses in Siri. Patent No. '414 involves background syncing, such as syncing calendars, email, and contacts. The '721 patent covers slide-to-unlock, the motion used to unlock the home screen. And '172 covers predictive text.

Comment Re:Terrible decision, regardless of patent feeling (Score 2) 100

So that stood for 140 years (including the 1952 Patent Act, where Congress again said that the damages for infringement were the total profit).

You're totally right, of course.

Samsung should give all of its smartphone profits to Apple since it infringed on some of Apple's patents.

And conversely, Apple should give all of its iPhone profits to Samsung, since the court had also found that the iPhone had infringed on some of Samsung's patents.

Comment Re:My first thought... (Score 1) 367

If it's possible to lock someone inside a car — which is a really terrible feature, by the way — then how long before some car's AI flips out and drives off a bridge — into a river — with passengers inside...and locks the doors shut?

And you don't even need to go that far. Imagine if the battery goes flat, or if the door mechanism short-circuits.

In any case, I'm not even sure locking the door was even necessary, it sounds like the thief was sleeping in the car after a night of amphetamines.

Comment Re:Amateur Sys-admin deserves the time (Score 2) 133

It sounds like a shitty ISP anyway.

Based on what? Based on an employee leaving? Or based on taking legal action against someone who (may have actually) destroyed your business?

No backups. No control version system. No removal of old credentials when employee is let go. That and the fact that the business is now bankrupt.

Comment Re:Disturbing, but practical (Score 1) 414

If you see mosquito larvae infesting a pond, do you kill the larvae or do you wait until they grow into mosquitoes and bite you before swatting them?

Speak for yourself.

Myself, I store all mosquito larvae for at least two years, then I torture the resulting mosquitos and cross-breed them with more aggressive specimens, before finally releasing them two years later back into my own backyard.

That method may not be particularly effective, but at least it makes me feel good.

Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 98

If adoption of the OS comes even close to 50% in Russia, wouldn't that mean that it would be a viable (as in lots of apps) OS for the rest of the world?

It would be for countries closely allied to Russia:

Iran, Lybia, etc.

I'm not counting China because China already has its own Android custom version.

Comment Re:rofl (Score 2) 170

Yes, that's what the Navy claims in its official answer to the claims by the plaintiffs.

15. [...] Defendant denies that the licenses were limited to installation of BS
Contact Geo on a total of 38 Navy personal computers, and Defendant further avers that the
Navy procured concurrent-use network-installation licenses of BS Contact Geo.

By the way, avers means asserts. So the sentence should read as "Defendant further asserts that the Navy procured concurrent-use network-installation licenses...".

Comment Re:Don't single out Facebook (Score 1) 177

No, that's not the objection I was going for.

It doesn't matter if there is an occasional name collision, or if someone left a blank field as their first name.

My point was about convenience during pickups. The system doesn't need to be perfect.

If the system takes an extra minute or two for finding a passenger once in a while, it's not the end of the world.

Comment Re:Don't single out Facebook (Score 1) 177

Not a bad idea. And it adds a bit of privacy for the user.

Only the first name is being transmitted to the driver, and the passenger can already change that first name to whatever they wish.

That's enough privacy I think.

The driver doesn't need to know the name.

Knowing a first name does make pickups in front of crowded night clubs/bars easier.

People who take Ubers are not always sober, nor always fluent in English, but at least they know their own first name.

Comment Re:Don't single out Facebook (Score 0) 177

Facebook supplies the racial affinity of a user to its advertisers, for the purpose of exclusion.

On the other hand, Uber supplies the first name of a passenger to its self-employed drivers, for the purpose of picking them up.

What do you want Uber to do? Assign a randomly generated nickname or password to each passenger. And even then, that wouldn't prevent an Uber driver from visually noticing that a passenger he/she is picking up is black and male.

Comment Re:note: no actual discrimination (Score 1) 177

And if ad targeting is discriminatory for a specific product, then it's the advertiser, not the publisher, that's at fault.

By forcing the publisher to defend itself, the lawsuit is probably hoping that Facebook will be forced to disclose which advertisers are doing the same thing. After which, the lawsuit against Facebook can stop and the advertisers in question can be sued instead.

But it's not in Facebook's financial interest to throw their own customers (their real customers, their advertisers) under the bus.

Comment Re:Turkey and Kurds (Score 1) 94

Yes, the Sunnis are against Assad. Please tell me, when did I ever say otherwise?

My point was about why the US was arming and supporting religious extremists against Assad.

And whoever downvoted me, don't take my comment as an indirect support of Trump. It is absolutely not. When you've personally helped a drug trafficker escape justice thanks to your sister's professional connections as a judge, then you can't claim the moral high ground on drugs anymore.

I am surprised to read that Europe is dependent on Russian gas - I have read so many stories here on /. on how European countries have excess solar capacity and can't figure out how to consume all of it. Maybe run their grid right up to places like Kharkiv, Tallinin and so on and get as many Teslas into those countries as possible

In Europe, the goal is to replace natural gas energy with solar power (and other renewable energies).

But don't confuse that goal with the reality. The reality is that in Germany at least, solar power must not only replace natural gas, but solar power (and other renewables like wind power) must also replace nuclear power (which Germany has planned to have completely phased out within its border by 2022).

70% of the natural gas consumed in Europe comes from Russia. In Germany, that figure is more like 35% (with most of its own natural gas coming from Norway). But even that is not a closed system. If the Russian natural gas stopped coming into Europe, everyone would start bidding on the natural gas from Norway, and what little comes from Ukraine and Qatar (driving up those prices). And the same goes for the decision to abandon nuclear energy by Germany. The amount of energy that Germany can't replace from nuclear will have to either disappear or be imported from its close neighbors (driving up those prices). After all, solar power is great (and so is wind power), and so is the "Tesla" ( by the way, I hope you were joking on that one), but the excesses that you're talking won't come during winter nights, nor will they be able to serve all European power grids and all European cities equally.

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