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Submission + - Developer's notes about OpenGL ES programming (

diamond3 writes: "Here I want to share our humble experience in programming OpenGL ES 2.0 applications for Android. Following the link in this article you will learn about common performance pitfalls and optimization tricks in OpenGL ES, and our trial and error way of learning OpenGL. The article describes the common ways of optimizing rendering process, shader optimizations, texture compression concerns and problems with different GPUs. Everything is based on real applications available on Android Market."

Submission + - IPMI: Hack a server that is turned "off" (

UnderAttack writes: "A common joke in infosec is that you can't hack a server that is turned off. You better make sure that the power cord is unplugged too. Otherwise, you may be exposed via IPMI, a component present on many servers for remote management that can be used to flash firmware, get a remote console and power cycle the server even after the normal power button has been pressed to turn the server off."

Comment Walking pace... at what range? (Score 2, Interesting) 146

That "walking pace" stat could be very impressive if it were given with the proper qualification information.

For example, if it could detect an object moving at that pace over the course of a year at 1 light year away... I would probably not be as impressed if it could do it from 50 light years in a matter of minutes.

The Media

Submission + - David Pogue:advance gadget reviews are bogus (

Jordan Golson writes: ""New York Times gadget reviewer David Pogue got into an email back-and-forth with Valleywag after he was tricked into writing an article by advance misinformation on a pre-launch product. In theory, it's good for reviewers to test and write up products before release day, so consumers can make informed choices. In practice, Pogue and we wish the industry standard would change.""

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