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Comment Re:There's a lot more iron much closer... (Score 2) 164

And there's some twenty million tons of gold dissolved in the Earth's oceans. Jules Verne made it the source of Captain Nemo's incredible wealth.

To put twenty million tons of gold in perspective, all the gold that has ever been mined by humans totals up to about 180 thousand tons. To put in another perspective: sure, it's gold, but at a concentration of thirteen billionths of a gram per liter of seawater it's worthless unless you have unlimited time and energy to extract it.

That's the problem with asteroid mining in general. Until the cost of changing an object's momentum goes down drastically it's not worth doing. If Pysche were a 1000 kg block of pure, refined platinum (market price: $34 million) you'd be hard-pressed to retrieve it and return it to Earth at a profit. Which is not to say asteroid mining is a bad idea; but first things first: you've got to reduce the price of interplanetary propulsion by a couple orders of magnitudes. One thing that never happens in a sci-fi asteroid mining scenario is the hero worrying about running out of gas. Propulsion in stories is always practically limitless and free of charge. Real propulsion will never be that good, but it could get good enough.

Comment Re: Corporate Arrogance (Score 1) 53

I completely disagree. I blame the Democrats for everything.

I don't blame the Republicans. They're just being Republicans. It's like blaming a rabid dog for biting someone.

But the Democrats brought all this down on us with their shenaningans and their insistence of coronating their queen Hillary instead of working to give us a candidate worth voting for. So a bunch of people voted 3rd-party, or sat at home, and we got this.

Comment Re:Corporate Arrogance (Score 1) 53

Yes, and what exactly is the problem with this? If you don't like it, don't subscribe to AT&T. I don't.

Personally, I use Ting. There's no activation costs at all, and I can activate my phone myself from their web site. (Not an employee, just a happy customer.) Why anyone continues to use the mainstream cellular companies instead of the MVNOs I have no idea.

Comment Re:The death spiral is continuing. (Score 1) 73

This is some seriously delusional thinking. Microsoft not critical or relevant? What are you smoking?

First off, IBM is still here if you haven't noticed. They got out of PCs, but they still do lots of other stuff and are a huge and profitable company.

But back to MS: they absolutely are critical and relevant, because everyone's PC runs on their software. That isn't going to change, probably ever. If Windows 10 couldn't convince people to dump them, nothing will. They might not have gotten anywhere in mobile devices, but that doesn't matter because they still have their Windows and Office cash cows, and those aren't going anywhere, and there's no threats to them (do you see businesses switching all their workstations to OSX or Linux? Nope).

MS is doing the right thing: cut employees, and cut all long-term investment, and just keep slapping some new lipstick on the Windows and Office pigs. Corporations in particular will happily continue to pay through the nose for MS's enterprise products, and consumers are happy to use Windows 10 with its built-in spyware and advertising which MS makes money from indirectly. MS doesn't need to invest long-term, they just need to keep milking their cash cows. They can do this indefinitely, because the whole Windows 10 experience has proven, without a doubt, that customers simply will not leave that platform no matter what, and no matter how much it costs them.

Comment Re:Not a single time traveler? (Score 1) 1343

I see references online for "Hawking has never been interested in how high his IQ is, but it has been estimated to be over 160.", which puts that as a lower bound, but not at 160. My IQ as tested in elementary school was over 160, so I suppose that doesn't seem super high to me. I'd guess Hawking's at much higher than 160. Without direct testing comparisons, there is a lot of "estimating" that goes on by various people, but pretty much anything over 150 is going to start getting into the realm where it tough for most people differentiate.

With ./ being a gathering of (in part) stereotypical nerds, I'd imagine the IQ distribution here isn't exactly "normal", either, but I'd also expect if you had a room full of people who earned over a Billion dollars, you'll likely find some pretty smart folks there as well, otherwise why doesn't everyone do it?

Comment Re:Perhaps globalism might be in fear for once. (Score 1) 1343

an HHS pick who passed laws to specifically help his stock picks (and I don't mean made it easier to trade stocks - he bought stocks and then helped pass laws that made those company's stock prices go up)

You really think someone with a net worth of $10-15 million would spend more than 10 minutes trying to make a stock purchase worth $2600 go up? What does he have to gain, a few hundred dollars if it jumps up 20%? Seems a lot more credible that his broker picked it as part of a basket of stocks and he didn't even consciously know about it in relation to the law in question, let alone create some giant legal conspiracy to make a couple hundred dollars...

Comment Re:Not a single time traveler? (Score 1) 1343

Based on his original SAT score of 1206, Bush's IQ was about 123. He also got good grades at Yale, which correlate with that as well. Also, whether or not you are defending Vietnam or Texas, or if your buddy runs the local guard air group, you still have to pass the same tests to go to and graduate from fighter pilot school in the military. Pretty sure that's what the OP was referring to.

Obama refused to release his specific school info, but we know the class average for his acceptance group of 67 was an SAT score of 1100, which would correlate to an IQ of 115, so that's the best info we have available for him.

Just because Bush spoke like a Texan, people make assumptions around intelligence based on his accent and choice of phrases, but don't let your regional prejudice override the actual facts available.

P.S. Trump's estimated IQ based on his Wharton acceptance is 156. Try not to be taken in by his carefully calculated public persona.

Comment Re:President Pussy-Grabber (Score 1) 1343

South Park did an episode about this when Tiger Woods was caught banging whores, and all the ugly women and fags just for the life of them couldn't figure out why rich and powerful men were banging hot young women. Eventually Obama had to make up a story that it was aliens making them do it or something. You can't figure out the whole "women want to fuck rich guys" thing, so which are you, a faggot or a fat woman?

Comment Hallelujah! (Score 1) 1343

I don't have any mod points right now to mod you SJWs down, so I'll just have to say, Hallelujah!

Every Democrat has a laminated "race card" that they play every chance they get. Now I have a "Kiss My Ass" card and I'm going to wear it over the next four (hopefully eight) years!

Mod me down if you wish, but I'm getting the last laugh. Change your diapers, dry your tears, get your thumbs out of your mouths, go to work, and shut up.

The Republic is safe again. Thank God Almighty!!!!

Comment Re:Not a single time traveler? (Score 1) 1343

How was Biden a buffoon? After Obama totally flubbed in his debate to Romney, Biden beat the pants off of Paul Ryan in his debate, making it look like maybe the two should trade places.

And Cheney was no buffoon either, in fact quite the opposite. It was GWB who was a buffoon, and Cheney seemed to be the evil puppetmaster running things behind the scenes.

Comment I'll probably keep it (Score 1) 25

We canceled our cable subscription about a year ago, and while I was OK with it my wife hated not having certain live TV channels. We'd tried Sling, but it was hit-and-miss on the stuff we wanted. Some channels, like BTN, aren't available at all on Sling. DirecTV is only a little more and actually covers the live programming we want.

Make no mistake, the launch was rough. I don't think they allocated enough hardware or bandwidth to handle their initial demand, so streaming cut out constantly. It's finally getting to be pretty solid, though, and I'd much rather pay Sling a few bucks than have anything to do with Comcast.

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